10 Butt Workouts

These 10 “sandwiches” won’t add junk to your trunk!!   #1. the “HAM” sandwich Butt workout   the “HAM” Do this circuit 4 times~ it […] Read More

The MAC and WRAP Legs

The “MAC” and “Wrap” +Legs! So…yesterday I got caught up on my video demos for our booty sandwiches!! I did the MAC and the WRAP […] Read More

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts

Category: Sports Tags: Standard DB dead lifts   Outline: Form Transcript: Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts Basically you want your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep your […] Read More

Barbell Romanian Deadlifts

Category: Sports Tags: exercise hamstrings barbell dead lifts buffmother michelle berger   Outline: Grip Demo Transcript: Romanian or Stiff Legged Type Deadlifts, Barbell On the […] Read More

Pushup Progression

BuffMother — July 06, 2009 — Michelle Berger, BuffMother www.buffmother.com shows how to do push ups from VERY easy to hard Category: Howto & Style […] Read More

Bench Press Video

BuffMother — September 04, 2009 — How to Bench Press by BuffMother, Michelle Berger. Michelle brings you through proper form, key tips, several workout sets […] Read More

I got stood up by a hot man

My DH pullled a no show at the gym…he got caught up in a conference call for work…so I had a good workout without him. […] Read More