Ctrl + Alt + Delete REBOOT!

Ctrl+Alt+Delete is what I feel like doing to the past week of my NONEXISTENT fitness life- I have not worked out at all since last Tuesday!  a recent record of inactivity for me…NOW, It’s time to RE-BOOT and get focused again.  My ankle and bladder are both doing much better and overall I feel better the rest was worth it and very helpful.  During the down time, I’ve made progress on my taxes.  I’m hoping to have them completely done by the end of the week!  It will be a HUGE load off of my mind.

My fitness Re-boot plan has 2 main goals for the next 2 weeks (I’ll be Boosting)-

1. REHAB ankle- focus on keeping to progressing towards becoming 100%- meaning I can’t challenge it too much but It’s time for me to start increasing it’s flexibility, strength and balance again.

2. REGAIN my fitness level- I’ve only been injured for 2.5 weeks, but fitness loss happens fast- I need to get back to consistent gym workouts and be sure to re-establish coordination, speed, agility and skills for football.

Beyond these 2 main goals- The rest of my Mindset will revolve around the fact that I am “Boosting”-

“Boosting” Mindset and Key Actions:

¢Work out for a stress release; “something” is better than nothing. 
¢Body is poised to build muscle, so use it!
¢Any and all cardio is great, just get moving
¢Maintenance of weight loss from Buffing- take a break from your caloric deficit and aim to maintain
¢Take an extra day of rest if needed; work out only 3-5 days per week
¢Rest a bit more- slow the pace
¢Realize,  “It’s just my hormones”
¢Boost your metabolism- eat to fuel your workouts
¢Maintain your weight loss
¢Cut back on workout frequency or duration
¢Take the Purple Hormonal Timing Boosting  Pill (Supplement)
Please also remember the 2011 Super STAR Success contest is finishing up– last day is April 2nd- entries due April 11th~ we’ve had some awesome success stories!! Can’t wait to see who wins the Prize- a 3 day visit with ME!  I’ll be taking my stats and pictures on Saturday 🙂


Have a great day!!



Whew! I am beat~ and we are in the midst of an ice storm. ICKY!!

Anyhow…I just wanted to recap my past couple days- EATS have been PERFECT! that’s GOD for sure due to it being cycle day 26 for me.

And my workout mojo has been good too…Although my workouts have been about half as intense as usual due to my sciatic.

Tuesday I just did my testing;

Wed I did 10 mins on the elliptical then about 30 mins of stretching and some rehab exercises, then about 20 mins of VERY light weights:
Torso rotation machine
Abductor machine
Adductor machine
low back extensions

i then did a good run on the tready…after 6 mins warm up I did 15mins straight at 8 MPH (7:30 mile pace)- so that was 3:45 half mile pace x4 Continuous, lol!

Then today actually went to my MMA class which turned out GREAT! I was the only one there so I had an hour of 1 on 1 form training…we really focused on that! Then I went to the gym and did some 15mins on the r-bike, lots of stretching and a few abs,  some knee extension, calf rotation machine and smith butt squats.

My hips are sore from yesterday but my BUTT still seems to be improving, however NOT FAST enough for me. I can SEE MY BUTT is getting flat already from not being able to do an aggressive leg workout!

I hoped to test my 1/2 outside in my neighborhood tomorrow, but this ICE will prevent that!  Maybe next week!

My plan for tomorrow is to stay sane and try to get in a back workout.

Sleep tight, I am heading to bed!

Love ya,


Sweet Squattin’ Saturday!
I was so happy today at the gym when my squatting went well…as many of you know I’ve been in “rehab” mode for the past several months with my lower/back hip area. After months of working through pain in March and April I totally STOPPED squatting and doing Dead Lifts so that my back could heal. It almost killed me not to be able to squat, but~ now I am back at it and feeling quite good. I am still a lot weaker than where I was prior to the injury but I am feeling and seeing the effects of being able to do Squats and Deads again!!!

my workout for today:

warm up u-bike 7 mins

Some abs between those sets-
Ball sit ups 20 reps x 2 sets
Decline sit ups 40 reps x 2 sets

Dead lifts
95×10 to15 reps x4 sets (various foot positions)

Barbell Lunges
followed immediately by Bulgarians

2 sets light quite a few reps

Ran intervals on treddy– mostly at a 3% incline
easy mins at 7
hard mins at 9, 9, 9, 2mins at 9, 10, 10

then some Abductions and knee extensions then my time was up~

My son’s football season is in full season now, so we were tieded up with that yesterday and this afternoon. Later we are going to my SIL’s house for a little tiny b-day celebration for her :)

Have a great day!
p.s. today is c-day 28 and I weigh 127#…can’t wait to have a SUPER awesome final week for our Super STAR contest!!!

Fun Day!

What a fun day~ It was fun for many reasons:
1. I got to spend some extra time talking to my DH today in route to an from his job (his car is in the shop)
2. I got to buy my kiddo a sonic “whacky pack” for them today–Tia thought the word Whacky was funny!–so do I!
3. I got to workout with my DH, sorta– not actually together, but we were at the gym at the same time
4. I went shoe shopping– the only kind of shopping I tollerate– and I bought a pair!
5. I had fun talking on the phone about BuffMother! My favorite topic!

My workout was good–OH an I am DYING from my sore butt today–those lunges and Dead Lifts–totally killed it!
I lifted a weird upper body mix today:
R- bike warm up
Chest press machine
4 sets…can’t remember weight- I don’t usually do this machine other than for warm up prior to bench, so I wasn’t really focused on the weight
Incline flys

Standing barbell military
right shoulder pain– i have a tricky rt. shoulder that I have to keep in check
lateral raises, front raises, hammer curl –mix of about 2 sets

tricep push downs
one set of cable raises between
10×10 each arm

pull ups
8, 8

Lat pulls (cybex pull down)

Seated rows– oh my poor sore booty
90x20x1 set–my pain was too great on my bottom half to do any more

run total of 4 min warm up
10 mins medium/hard 1 mile at 8.6 mph or a 7:03 min mile
good enough since I have a hard killer Track workout tomorrow

Then abs- old school sit ups- seriously for like 2-3 mins straight…next time I need to time myself
Bicep curls on hammer machine
45×15 (5 full, 5 short, 5 full motions)x2
shoulder rehab rotations- 10# db x 10×3 sets


I am Back to the TRACK!!

My first day at the track since May of 1996—so over 10 years away from a LOVE of mine.

Track was a Love of mine until it all ended with a knee injury that took 10 years of my life to REHAB, lol! Not only did my knee need rehab, my mind needed it also. The confidence I once had when I stepped on the track had been shattered by constant pain, doctors saying I would never really run much again and surgery. Many of my hopes and dreams were gone, and part of me was totally lost.

BUT today October 31st, 2006 I recaptured a part of my soul!!

I stepped on the track and ran a GREAT workout and an now WHOLE!

What a victory! Thank you Jesus for allowing me to live my dreams

Here is the low down on my Track experience:

I arrived at the track at 12:30 and was 100% done at 12:30 , it was cloudy, breezy and cold around 40 degrees. I had eaten half of an Atkins bar at 8 am and a banana at 11 am.

10- 200meters with a 200 m walk/jog in between of 1:30 to 2:30
1. 36
2. 35
3. 36
4. 35
5. 34
6. 34
7. 33
8. 34
9. 32
10. 30!!!

A successful first one under my belt—on to improve those numbers!

Loving Life,

The ZOO and lunges

My day was consumed by rest, housework, a trip to the ZOO and yes my 100 lunges…

I was bummed when we got to the Zoo…I forgot the camera! Oh well, that’s the way it goes…the kids loved it and it was a good day.

I am GEARED up for this week and looking forward to what God has in store Smiling

Here is the plan (buffing, maintain muscle, rehab/rest shoulder/back):
Monday- Legs
Tuesday- Intervals and lunges
Wednesday- upper body, lunges and intervals
Thursday- legs
Friday- intervals and lunges
Saturday- intervals and lunges and maybe some upper body
Sunday- off

Then the next week, start lifting a bit more with my upper body again. By then my shoulder should be in great shape.

What is your plan for the week?