Help! Kidnapped by Hormones!

I feel like I’ve been kidnapped and taken to some cabin where technology is not availiable.  I’ve barely been online today- which is odd for […] Read More


The weekend we by so fast!! this Contest is going by FAST! and I am loving feeling FAST!!! Friday- i had a GREAT run.  I […] Read More

Totally Terrific!

Life is Totally Terrific!! for me~ Except that…2 days in a row I’ve caused a computer glitch and lost my entire blog post! ACK!!!! I […] Read More

Sunny Day & I Hungry!

First off I have to tell you…. I got to see the infomercial on actual TV for the first time today!! AND It was amazing…I […] Read More

DH and I are Buddies~

I am so thankful for my DH~ we are total buddies and had a blast “hanging” out together today! We’ve now been together for almost […] Read More

Thursday’s Killer leg workout!

I have been busy with birthday stuff this week…so I feel like I am behind on all of your happenings and I can’t believe it […] Read More