Talking Thursday :)
Whew!! I’ve been talking a ton today!! I woke up talking to my girls and son about being sure to smile for “picture day” at school today~ they were all so cute!!!

Then I went for a walk/talk on my phone with my friend Denise, she is always so easy to talk with~she’s a very cool lady!!
We talked for quite a bit about gobs of stuff including Silpada Jewlery…they have some cool stuff!~ she’s originally from Omaha…I have so many friends from Omaha it’s amazing!!

After conversing with her for quite some time, my DH came home and I had to chat with him for quite a bit~ I love him …then it was time for me to head out to my facial…so I chatted with a friend Karen there who actually competed in and won her first figure title this past weekend–I helped her a tish with it and let her use my suits.
BY the way Missy~ another friend of mine competed in that same contest (I was her posing coach).
Then during my facial I talked almost the entire time about so many things, lol!
After that I got the chance to chat with our BUSY TripletMom Jessica~ she’s ready to hit it hard and get uber buff for her contest that’s about 6 weeks away!! Go Jess!!

Next came my workout~ where I talked to a client I trained back about 5 years ago, Angie…she is such a sweetie! And then I ran into Denise who I had already talked to that morning at the gym and ended up gabbing for another 30 mins or so with her and a cop who was there~ AMAZING things I learned in that conversation about local crime–EEEK!!

Then I got home ate and got set for a long call/interview for business….and after a bit I have a training conference call, so my talking is not over yet for today, lol!

For my workout I did a short workout–
6min warm up on r-bike…then:
Lots of abs and push ups to start
Incline flys
Bench dips
Cable flys
Tricep push downs
more push ups
then done!

I am very excited that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! This week has FLOWN by!!!

Fired up FRENZY!!

It’s a Fired up FRENZY in here!!!
I really value EXCITEMENT!  Isn’t it fun to be excited?  Getting excited doesn’t always happen by accident, we have to go after it and stir ourselves up for things.  Excitement is one of the coolest emotions…think about how FUN it is to talk to someone who is excited vs. someone who is “blah”…I really value EXCITEMENT!!
Today I am exited for so many things~ I am excited for the sunny weather, for the UFC TUF finals tonight, for the BIG things happening in my work life, for the new contest, for Jess who competes next week!!!  I am excited to “play” with my kids now that school is out!!! I am EXCITED!!!!!! …and I plan to make that excitement visible on my face and through my words and body language–because IT will rub off on others and make them EXCITED TOO!!!!
It is so fun to see all the great excitement to start the contest on Monday~ we are going to have a FUN 10 weeks!!!
I had a great Friday- filled will “to do’s”…but I made myself get out for a run last evening and it was perfect!!
Then this morning I went to the gym and did a leg workout~~ I feel GREAT!!!

I have a flight out tomorrow for a Monday Meeting, but I will be checking in and I will starting the contest with all of you!

My Biggest goal is to be VERY involved here in the Rally Room and with personally helping many of you succeed on your quest to be a SuperSTAR Success.  I’d like to provide as much information as possible through posting tips, exercises, videos, etc…my other  goals are mainly MAINTENANCE and overall fitness.  I am quite happy with my “look” at moment, but it can always get better :snicker:
AND for me my DIET is always a work in progress…so DIET will be key for me these next 10 weeks.

Let’s get after it ~
I know we can reach our dreams!!!

***Join the Rally Room!!

Where is everyone today??

Could it be that today is “tired Thursday”  ?

I see a bunch of you online, but no blogs…are you so sore your fingers don’t work?

I am FEELING GREAT today myself!!  I am thinking about all the fun things coming up!!

The ARNOLD get together!!

March 1- our first official “BuffMother!” day~I’ll write up a great post about this in a minute!!!  By next year I expect this holiday to be HUGE!!

March 10th- our “BBB” contest~ I am all over this one myself

EASTER~ my kids just love easter and so do I.  I’d love to do some bunny pictures this year with the kids :)


CONTEST season- Trisha in about 3 weeks, Lisa’s April 18th, Deb, Jess, Leslie, Jeanette, Shana and maybe many others!!!
So much FUN!!!!  to get BUFF for!!!
Let’s have a great day!!!