Chest Tri Interval workout: 4-10-07

Had a great workout today~ Warm up r-bike: 6 mins Bench 45×15 95×10 115×8 120×6 105×10 Incline flys 35’sx10 40’sx8 attempted 45’s- no go 40’sx6 […] Read More

12 days till Christmas!

Hello!! I’ve been away one day and I have missed you terribly~ You all are so important to me!! Well….so are you wondering what I’ve […] Read More

I am on Cloud 9!!

Superdeee dooper day to you!! I am so excited, YOU CAN’t EVEN imagine 🙂 Saying I am on cloud 9 is an understatement. My DH […] Read More

Chest tri day

Well hello! I was a powerhouse today …not really as I am weighing less than I have in the recent past during my “boosting” and […] Read More

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

Happy Friday!! I was like a Kid in a Candy Store today at the gym… To make a VERY long story short…I was a member […] Read More