ENJOY!~ Shine in 49: Day 14

Now is the time to ENJOY…

Your LIFE,
Your Friends,
Your Family,
Your Passions, etc…

Now is the time to ENJOY!
But how?  That was my question to myself today.  Somehow my life has turned into a big list of “responsibilities” and “to do lists” that are too often empty and not enjoyable.  THAT’s not good!
I want to enjoy life; I want to even be able to enjoy doing chores….I definitely want to enjoy spending time with my loved ones!  What steps do I need to take to re-ignite my JOY in life?  Well…the first step I took was to “google it”!

Here are some of the top tips I found on “how to enjoy life” that struck a chord with me:

  1. Focus on your “why”- my why is to know and serve God;  and to help give women HOPE.
  2. Connect with loved ones- family and friends
  3. go outside- for a hike, to read, to write, to run, to play
  4. NEW- learn something new, eat something new, go someplace new, meet a new friend
  5. create a DREAM list- what have you always DREAMED of doing…take actions towards those dreams
  6. Music- listen to it, hum it, sing it, play it, etc..
  7. Slow Down!  Breathe!
  8. QUIT…quit doing things you really detest doing
  9. LAUGH!!!  watch AFV~!

I am off to implement these…hope you ENJOY the rest of your Day!!


p.s. we change up workouts next week-
here’s a link to the PDF if you need it