HI! My resolve today is to work all day on my taxes…But first I wanted to share a couple links with you about the MTHRF […] Read More


“All-OUT April!!” Is ON!!…I am going all out on my running this month~ prepping for my first 5k race in 10 years~ eeekk!!! What’s your […] Read More

Weekend is ON!

Tonight Gunner and I got in our 4th lifting workout for the week, YAY!!  He’s already getting stronger and says he’s gained 7 pounds (not […] Read More

Time to get TOUGH! ~ S6 Day 4

Time to get tough…cuz’ it’s “Tired Thursday”! Thursdays are notoriously the most “tired” day of the week for my clients and myself – that’s why […] Read More

Dumbbell Lat Rows

Michelle Berger explains how to do a simple dumbell lat row exercise. Great for at home workouts. Category: Entertainment Tags: how to back exercise […] Read More

SuperStar Success 2009 – Tammie A., Finalist

Name: Tammie A Number of children and ages :  Four- ages 12, 10, 8 and 6 Age: 46 Today’s Date: 12-2-09   height:  5’5″ weight: 151 […] Read More

Holy Tired Thursday!

I was sooooo tired yesterday morning and then I realized It’s TIRED THURSDAY! Thursday is one of the hardest days of the week PERIOD! I […] Read More

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Quick day!

Hi Ya Ladies…. Today flew by! I have been keeping myself REALLY busy this week and I know that I will only get busier! Here […] Read More

Sleepy Sunday Oct 1st

October is I am Proud month—so being Oct 1st…let it get the positivity rollin’ I am Proud of myself today for getting to church…we’ve missed […] Read More