Monday’s Journal~

I’m posting this just as some of my  Journal for  accountability…I’m stepping it up a notch this week in the diet and workout arena– time […] Read More

20 days to go!! LEG plans~

20 days to go in our 21 day: kick the habit contest!…. I SO EXCITED about this contest and all the great goals my BuffSisters […] Read More

Back on TRACK~ LEGS!

HI all~ well…My day yesterday went off track somewhere around noon, lol! I was TIRED and DONE by 6:30….so I didn’t get my workout done, […] Read More

Wrap up for the week and WHAT IS your plan???

Hello!! Happy Sunday—I am a bit bummed…we missed church today, so I feel like I am missing something– The weather this weekend has been beautiful- […] Read More

Super Leg day !!

Hi ya everyone, I am 2 months away from my contest and I am SO EXCITED. I ordered my suits today and I sent in […] Read More