BELIEVE!! (week 05 coaching topic)

This week’s coaching topic is about Belief!! We all have things we believe deeply in.  I challenge you to increase your BELIEF level this week!! […] Read More

Daddy’s orders~

Daddy’s orders~ or should I say my SUGAR DADDY’s orders today were to REST and NOT go anywhere. So I am trying to be a […] Read More

Naughty or NICE? November My theme for the month is have I been “Naughty or NICE” today? I have to say I was pretty nice today…I spent quite […] Read More

POA~ week #6 consistency challenge

I believe in the power of REST!  In looking back at this week, I had a GREAT one.  I took a couple extra days “off” […] Read More

Wild Day~ great leg workout!!

Aloha, I feel like I am in Hawaii, suddenly it is almost hot here…seriously it was close to shorts weather here today!! My day started […] Read More