BELIEVE!! (week 05 coaching topic)

This week’s coaching topic is about Belief!! We all have things we believe deeply in.  I challenge you to increase your BELIEF level this week!! You need to BELIEVE!
In this video I assign a “homework” task for you…
Here’s the video:


A few of my Beliefs:

~I believe… in Jesus! My Christian Testimony

~I believe… I LOVE YOU ALL!! It is fun to have such great friends like you~ and it is really fun to realize I truly LOVE YOU!!

~I believe… thistles have beautiful flowers  Isn’t that amazing…that a horrible icky weed like thistles can have VERY beautiful flowers?! I was running outside today around the yet to be built area of our neighborhood and the lots were full of TALL thistles…and noticed how pretty the purple flowers were on them. God probably made them that way as a reminder that even things (or people) in life that poke us, hurt us, stick us, cut us, etc…. still can produce beautiful flowers!!

~I believe… in the power of REST! In looking back at this week, I had a GREAT one. I took a couple extra days “off” of working out, but made my workout days count and It was great despite it is usually one of my roughest hormonal times (c-days: 19, 20, 21, 22) of the month!!! I am pumped about it~ I followed my own advice and RESTED more than I usually let myself REST and it keep myself HAPPY, unstressed, productive, loving, patient and healthy! In addition to the rest I was a good girl about taking my “boosting” supplements and they always help with keeping my hormones balanced. Soooo, I feel great! and ready to hit my LEG workout today HARD and have another super week of Boosting!!

~I believe… in Adrenalin~ I love thrills and wild rides- watching wild fight, wild sports etc…I am an adrenalin junkie and I’m excited for the adrenalin to come this week!

~I believe… in PURPOSE. WE ALL have a purpose for our lives…do you have a vision of what your’s is? I know mine…it is to HELP WOMEN- as simple as that! I’d like to help every woman in the world have HOPE- I want to share the message that YOU have the power to change YOUR body, life and legacy.Does that sound do-able? LOL! I BELIEVE it is!!Now, I have not always had this VISION for my PURPOSE…it has taken time, effort and GOD’s timing to reveal it in my life. I’ve only had a CLEAR VISION for my purpose for the past 2-3 years. Until then I was searching and honestly more than a little frustrated…I had an uneasy feeling, I knew I was supposed to do something, but WHAT??I really believe that God put me through every part of my life for a reason…even the bad parts. I now see how things that seemed bad at the moment, have turned to work for my favor NOW. I’ve also gained a ton of WISDOM through my struggles and my triumphs. Without the past 32 years of my life I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be ready to attack my PURPOSE.A couple books that helped me in finding my purpose are: the BIBLE, “Reduce me to LOVE” by Joyce Meyer and “The Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson Keep on Believing and keep striving towards your PURPOSE…YOU HAVE ONE!!

~I believe…in PAIN without it we don’t know the joy of being pain free, lol!
NO PAIN, NO GAIN is also true~ if you want results you have to push into some pain…lactic acid pain, the pain of sacrifice, the pain of having to take ANOTHER shower! ON AND ON…. PAIN is an important part of life!I
~I believe… To WIN no one needs to LOSE~I read that statement somewhere last week…and it STRUCK me! I am very competitive, and LOVE to WIN…AND I also LOVE seeing others win. HOWEVER, there are times when I catch myself in a contest with someone wishing that they would LOSE~so I can WIN. I DON’T want to EVER think that way.
That’s why I LOVE that no one has to lose in order for ME to win!! We can all win~ woohoo! WooHoo!

~I believe… in leading by my actions…case in point my workout today. I don’t ask my clients to do anything I am unwilling to do myself. SOOOO…Since, I am on the same workout schedule as one of my clients LISA of NE, I decided to do the same workout as her today. The friendly “competition” really helped push me to excel and be relentless! Thanks LISA!
~I believe… my day was a good one! I am rather sore…I guess that’s what happens when you don’t workout for a week or so, lol!

I believe in relationships…we are made for this purpose. The reason God created man was so he could have “relationship”…that is AMAZING! And makes me realize that the HAPPIEST times of my life have been when I am actively seek out relationships with other people. I am a very independent person and have at times a tendency to isolate myself from interacting with others. It is my natural “I can do it better by myself” attitude. However, it is not very fun nor is it very rewarding when others are not involved in the process or the reward. That’s why I love the Rally Room! It keeps me in relationship with others and gives me a place to easily give my energy away through encouraging others!! I love the RELATIONSHIPS I have been blessed with in TEAM BUFFMOTHER!!

Some GREAT Belief Quotes:

Mark 11:23,24 Jesus said ” I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this Mountain, ‘Go throw yourself into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.”
“You’ve got to believe you’ve got it, before you get it”- Joyce Meyer

“As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities.” -Voltaire

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”-Oprah

“God didn’t have time to make a nobody, only a somebody.I believe that each of us has God-given talents within us waiting to be brought to fruition.”~Mary Kay Ash

“Four things for success: work and pray, think and believe.”
-Norman Vincent Peale

“You can do it if you believe you can!”-Napoleon Hill

Keep on Believing Ladies~

Daddy’s orders~

Daddy’s orders~ or should I say my SUGAR DADDY’s orders today were to REST and NOT go anywhere. So I am trying to be a good girl and comply.
I’ve had a bit of Lung Crud since last Saturday and He is afraid that I’ll end up really sick if I don’t rest now~ I am actually quite tired because of it, so his advice to REST is not so hard to take, lol!

I expect to be back in full force tomorrow~ So YOU need to get in a good workout for me until then…

Your buddy,
Michelle Marie

p.s. I just so happened to get this article in my inbox today– Good INFO:

Lung Fitness for Flu Season

Everyone dreads getting sick in the wintertime, but some people find themselves unusually vulnerable to respiratory infections… most particularly those who have asthma or a history of bronchitis. Yes, we all know about flu shots and washing hands and avoiding crowds, but did you realize there’s lots more you can do to fortify yourself — and your respiratory system in particular — even before the sick season kicks in? Andrew L. Rubman, ND, Daily Health News contributing medical editor, had advice on getting fit to fight the flu.

First and foremost, he said, remember that the better shape you and your respiratory system are in, the more you’ll be able to tolerate exposure to germs without falling ill. Anything that weakens your immune system — such as eating poorly, not getting enough sleep, or stress — increases your vulnerability to whatever is going around. And previous illness makes it worse. Not only does illness deplete energy, but with severe respiratory infections (and other diseases too), there may be scarring and some tissue damage in your lungs that leaves you weaker and more vulnerable. Dr. Rubman also noted that more often than we realize, an illness may not be fully resolved, even after you feel better. “There may be underlying colonization with mold organisms in the respiratory tract as well” he said. When researchers at the Mayo Clinic cultured patients with chronic rhinosinusitis, over 90% showed positive culture for fungus, including mold. Mold infestation in respiratory tissues weakens the structure and capability of the lungs, allowing easier colonization of potentially infectious bacteria.


Emphasizing the importance of working with your own doctor for specific dosing, Dr. Rubman says the following supplements can be helpful in supporting lung health and immune health…

Indian Tobacco

This botanical remedy has a history of use for conditions such as asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis. Today, he may prescribe Indian tobacco (also called lobelia, it’s not really tobacco at all — the leaves have a tobacco-like taste) as a preventive to strengthen lungs and a treatment for respiratory ailments. Note: Lobelia is potentially toxic in large doses and should be taken only under the guidance of a health care provider with experience in botanical medicines.

Selenium: Nature’s Inflammation Fighter

This essential trace mineral has potent antioxidant properties to protect the body from inflammation and damage caused by free radicals. It fortifies the immune system to do battle with microorganisms. Research even suggests that a high intake of selenium is associated with a reduced risk of death from colorectal, prostate and lung cancers. While the usual dose is 200 mcg a day, Dr. Rubman frequently goes further, prescribing a daily dosage as high as 400 to 500 mcg, taken in three doses, as a preventive during flu season.

Vitamin C: The Antioxidant Vitamin

This antioxidant-packed nutrient remains a major player in immune system maintenance. Research demonstrates that vitamin C can significantly boost antimicrobial activity, including the activity of natural killer cells that hunt down and vanquish germs. Supplementation with up to one gram (1,000 mg) daily can be helpful and is usually well-tolerated, notes Dr. Rubman. Note: New studies suggest that vitamin C may not be safe for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Fish Oil: A Rich Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Tuna and salmon (preferably wild) are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Eat these three times a week. Look for fish oil supplements with the highest levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which ideally should make up more than 50% of the total dosage. (Caution: If you take a blood-thinning medication such as warfarin, speak with your doctor before taking fish oil supplements.)

Mullein: A Velvety Smooth Throat Soother

When patients complain of a scratchy throat or congestion and sense a respiratory problem coming on, Dr. Rubman often prescribes mullein. This herb contains mucilage, a substance that soothes irritated respiratory passages, along with saponins that help loosen mucus. Laboratory studies have shown that mullein can kill many viruses on contact. To make a cup of mullein tea, add one to two teaspoons of dried leaves and flowers to boiling water and steep for 10 minutes. Strain before drinking.


Respiratory disorders of all kinds, including flu and pneumonia, are more apt to develop when foreign particles are aspirated or inhaled into the lungs, including from chimneys, wood stoves and fireplaces. This causes inflammation, which leads the delicate mucus membranes lining the respiratory system to become swollen, irritated and more susceptible to infection.

It’s important to make an effort to protect your lungs from this environmental assault, especially during the winter months when flu season is in full force. Consider, with your physician’s oversight, taking antioxidant supplements for protection: In one study, children with asthma who took vitamins C and E were less likely to experience breathing problems from air pollution than children who did not.


Exercising the lungs may help fend off disease as well. Many tend toward “shallow breathing,” failing to fully inflate the lungs with air or clear them completely, says Dr. Rubman. This limits the exchange of gases. Dr. Rubman suggests using the intentional breathing of Pranayama yoga to strengthen your lungs. Here’s how…

Sit up straight, with your spine, neck and head in a straight line. Do so cross-legged on a floor mat, small pillow or rug, or — if you find that uncomfortable — just use a chair.

Close your eyes and relax. Meditate, or visualize yourself in a peaceful environment — for example, lying on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves.

Take a full, deep, intentional breath, filling lungs from the bottom up. To make sure you are doing this correctly, place your hand on your stomach and feel this area (which is above and behind the diaphragm, a vital muscle for respiration) expand before air fills the upper chest.

Inhale for a count of three… exhale for a count of six. As time goes on, with practice you will be able to gradually increase these counts (ideally, at the same one-to-two ratio).

Do this for 10 minutes once or twice a day.
Note: I asked Dr. Rubman about the various breathing and blowing devices that promise to increase respiratory capacity. In his view, unless you have ongoing respiratory issues, these are a waste of money. Deep breathing achieves the same results, and for free.


Dr. Rubman said it is important to remain well-hydrated, drinking plenty of water and other fluids all year, but especially during flu season since fluids moisturize the mucus membranes and help keep nasal discharge thin. Dehydration can lead to dizziness, disorientation and even vulnerability to shock. Decaffeinated herbal teas, broth, diluted fruit juice and sparkling water are all good choices.


Recovery should focus not only on resting so you will feel better, but also on improving your underlying function to better resist the next challenges. A professional nutritional consultant or physician formally trained in nutrition can be helpful in making certain you are completely over the illness and ensuring you get strong for the future.


You can’t reduce your risk of illness to zero, even with all these precautions. Recognize that flu and pneumonia can be serious and their complications potentially life-threatening, especially in older people. If you suspect something is wrong — for example, if you have chronic chest pain, a persistent cough, shortness of breath or green or yellow sputum — see your physician promptly for proper diagnosis and treatment.


Andrew L. Rubman, ND, medical director, Southbury Clinic for Traditional Medicines, Southbury, Connecticut,

Naughty or NICE? November
My theme for the month is have I been “Naughty or NICE” today?
I have to say I was pretty nice today…I spent quite some time doing several nice things for others today~
#1- My son wanted to bring his Football Championship medal to school today…he looked all over for it, but to no avail..I found it for him and then he lost it again prior to getting to school; He was VERY SAD! 🙁  When I pulled into the garage- I found it on the floor of the garage.  SO guess what I did?  the NICE thing: drove back to school and brought it to him :)
#2- I poured some quality time into several of my friends lives…that’s always nice!
#3- I read several books to my DD’s
#4- I was nice to myself and got in my workout late– I got started at about 9:15 tonight.

So…today I was nice, so SANTA can put me on his good girl list- whoohoo!!

Here is a quick run down of my workout:
Warm up- r-bike 11mins!! this is my first real warm up in about 8 weeks!! YAY!

Lower back extensions paired with assisted pull ups – 3 sets
Lat pulls paired with bicep curls- 3 sets
Leg extensions paired with bicep curls – 2 sets
Shoulder press paired with knee ups on roman chair- 3 sets
Seated rows paired with situps/oblique twist at end- 2 sets

That was it!
Now I am off to bed~
Hope you had a NICE day!

POA~ week #6 consistency challenge

I believe in the power of REST!  In looking back at this week, I had a GREAT one.  I took a couple extra days “off” of working out, but made my workout days count and It was great despite it is usually one of my roughest hormonal times of the month!!!  I am pumped about it~ I followed my own advice and RESTED more than I usually let myself REST and it keep myself HAPPY, unstressed, productive, loving, patient and healthy!  In addition to the rest I was a good girl about taking my “boosting” supplements and they always help with keeping my hormones balanced.  Soooo, I feel great! and ready to hit my LEG workout today HARD and have another super week of Boosting!!

Here is my POA for today- and I’ll be back with my POA for the week soon:
Watch Veggie Tales- ESTER movie with my girls
Workout at gym- all by myself!! KILLER LEG DAY!!
Clean house again for at least and hour
have some R&R with the Family 🙂

Fun HUH?  YES, as Philippians 2:14 says “In everything you do stay away from complaining and arguing” and I believe I will!!

Have a super SUNDAY GALS!!

Now for my RECAP and POA for week #6-
Tue- lower and run
W- off
Thurs- upper and run
F- off
S- run
Sun- legs (squats two heavy sets 175×2 plus 155×6 and CDL’s- tweaked back)

Mini-challenge: worked out twice with my SIL
obstacles- none
I encouraged my SIL

M-recover my back tweak off
T-upper and run intervals
W-Lower either today or Thurs
Thur- off
Sunday off

Diet goal- much of the same, but starting thurs I plan to enjoy my B-DAY all weekend!!

Mini-Challenge-to try on your bikini daily this week- I LOVE IT, I plan to strut around in my bikini this week!!  Yeah baby~

I am optimistic this week will bring GREAT EXCITEMENT and fun!!

Belief quote for the day:
“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”-Oprah

Wild Day~ great leg workout!!

green shirt/boots


I feel like I am in Hawaii, suddenly it is almost hot here…seriously it was close to shorts weather here today!!
My day started with an hour of driving: to school, to the car shop, to Trav’s work, to preschool, home–a break then off to the gym–then the reverse of that this afternoon!
While I was home today I was on the phone working, making travel arrangements and getting PUMPED for my trip to NYC–which will be next week–oh and did I tell you?? It is my first time there

Okay, enough complaining, lol! I really need to stop that habit

This afternoon, I got my package of cool clothes from VS for my trip to NYC…a couple things were too small and neither pairs of my shoes fit, so what does a good girl like me do? Order more stuff!! I still need to get some good shoes, but maybe those will be easier to find at Dillards here? of all shopping shoe shopping is the BEST, plus I could hit Finish Line for a new pair of SHOX…
that may be a good plan!

I had a GREAT workout day at the gym today, legs–my most favorite body part–hot sexy legs–BOOOYAAA!
Warm up r-bike 7 mins
and 2 sets of 90# leg press about 30 reps each set with some calves afterward

45×15 full

Dead lifts
135x10x4 all conventional really focused on using glutes to explode the weight up

Seated rotary calf
135×20 knees slightly extra bent
180x10x3 legs more straight

Walking lunges
60’s on back x15x2 up and down posture

went tanning…so I look GOOOOD in NY!!

Knee extensions* paired with core work

hanging sit ups- 2 sets, the first super concentrated on slow eccentric
lower back extensions- 1 big set of about 50

More walking lunges
60#x15x2 leaning forward posture (called Russian lunge) to stretch/activate butt even more

That was it!

Keep on shooting for the stars~