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I am a proud MAMMA!

I am a super PROUD MAMMA!!! Last weekend I had a a FUN!!!! FUN!!! FUN!! weekend~ Two of my Team BuffMother!leaders LISA and SHERRY both did an AWESOME job by placing first and second in the NANBF Bluff’s Classic Figure competition I was so happy to be there The experience was just wonderful!

I’ve trained both girls in the past, Sherry early this spring and Lisa all the way UP to the contest!!!
It was really fun to show how amazing my Hormonal Timing program works for contest prep…she is a living example of how you can TRANSFORM your body by working with your hormones.

Here is a picture of Lisa a year ago…

And here are some from last weekend (10-6-07):

AND to top it off I got to hang out with another one of my clients and BuffMother! leaders, Lori during the contest!! It was GREAT!!

If you are wondering what Hormonal Timing is…in just a few weeks my book Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved by BuffMother! will be in my store for sale.

Thanks everyone for all the support you’ve given Lisa and Sherry for this contest, I know it helped them SO MUCH!!!

Here are some more pictures from the contest~

Female Fat FURNACES!!

I am building my body into a BEAUTIFUL, Symmetrical, CURVY, Lean, BUFF Female Fat FURNACE!!

I had a good leg workout yesterday- BIG focus on BIG MOVEMENTs!
That is the key to getting results. The foundation to my training program has revolved around using my BIG muscles and sticking to mostly BIG movements. Auxiliary exercises are not nearly as effective as the MAIN ones.
So keep that in mind when you are working out. THINK “what is the BIGGEST hardest exercise I can do right now for the BIGGEST muscles on my body?” And then do them…you will be amazed at how much more results you will gain.

Please read MUSCLE BURNS FAT! for more understanding about this concept.

Thursday was a BIG Movement LEG Day- for my BIGGEST potential Fat FURNACES…Then Yesterday my focus was my 2nd Largest muscle group…my BACK!! Did you know that your back and legs contain over 70% of your entire muscle mass? AND since MUSCLE BURNS FAT~ you need to BUILD them into the most active muscles on your body…in order to that you have to LIFT HEAVY! NO more foo, foo weights! They only work the muscle you have and are nothing more than glorified cardio. Go for the weights that CHALLENGE your muscles and you will be surprised at how much leaner you can become!

Here is my Back (back, shoulders and bi’s)workout:
Warm up r-bike (rather hard)- 10 mins ready article about mineral supplementation and weight loss—both chromium and calcium are GREAT!!

Lat pulls- works: back, sh, bi’s

Seated rows- works: back, sh, bi’s
90×12 exaggerated stretch and contraction

Behind the head (not a bar) Hammer Iso-lateral pull down machine- Back, sh, bi’s
70each armx6x2
45 each armx10

Iso-lateral hammer shoulder press
35each armx10x2
45 each arm x6

Pull ups assisted
Close grip focus on bicep also
20×6 with 5 second on the negative
30×4 with 5 seconds on the negative

Roman Chair
Knee ups on bench
25 slowx2

One arm DB lat row

Elliptical- arms off handle running motion- good posture!
3 min warm up
2 min hard at level 13, 1 min easier at 11 x 5 total
1 min cool down

1 monster set of walking lunges
55# bar on back today my butt is sore

Now today…I ran again!! Good steady run of about 2.5 miles…knee good, lungs good– then I did abs and right Now I am going to pump out 40 pushups!

Have a STELLAR SATURDAY and remember BIG MUSCLE FOCUS for the most effective efficient workouts!


Her Biceps

This is a Bicep Shot for all of my dear friends on .

I don’t have many great bicep shots, but I thought this one was cute! What is the facination with female biceps anyway?? I think back, legs, chest 🙂 tell a much bigger story about a person’s fitness level. I do have to admit I like Male biceps…

bicep shots by Executive Imaging Posted by Picasa