28 Days of Christmas: Day 8

XMAS Day 8- LEGS again!!!  Build your FAT FURNACES!!!

See day 1 for workout details~

This morning I commented on a blog about slow weight loss and that inspired me to talk more about MUSCLE today:

here is my comment~

“Weight loss is always hard, but I do agree it’s harder with age.  Do you know why? HORMONES~ not just the estrogen and progesterone ones, but the ones that are typically thought of as MALE hormones: testosterone and growth hormone.  Those are stimulated to be released when you do certain types of exercise= Lifting heavy and intense anaerobic or lactic acid cardio…and also through diet, for example when you go from a fasting state (buffing) to a higher caloric intake (boosting).  I know that in my own fitness when I focus on stimulation my body’s “anabolic” hormones, I can get LEAN!!!

Keep working hard and remember to work WITH your hormones and you will see you body respond!


And here is an EXCERPT from one of my articles about building muscle that BURNS FAT:

How do I go about building muscle?
Muscle in women deteriorates at almost every stage of life. This is why we must weight train!!!!
Weight training rebuilds your lost muscle and therefore rebuilds your metabolism. BuffMother!’s weight training philosophy is based on:
  1. The Basic Big three
  2. Challenge
  3. Change
The Basic Big Three:
What do I mean by the big three? There are 3 larger main muscle groups of the body and my lifting program is centered around them. Metabolism will be affected most if these 3 muscle groups are emphasized since they comprise the majority of the muscle mass on our bodies. The basic big three are your legs, chest and back.
          1. Legs (and butt)
Leg muscles are the biggest strongest muscles of our body and in order to have a great metabolism you must not neglect lifting with these potential “fat furnaces”. The vast majority of women don’t realize how strong and powerful their legs can be without getting bulky. I understand that most women have a fear of lifting with their legs because they often carry a higher amount of fat in their legs and therefore fear adding bulk to their lower half through strength training. As women we don’t have the levels of testosterone necessary to build big bulky muscles! So don’t think that if you lift with your legs you will make them significantly bigger. Initially a small amount of muscle growth will occur and before you start loose your fat on top  and inside of this muscle, you may notice a slight size increase, but this is temporary. You will soon notice how your legs gain new shape, firmness and a leaner appearance. All of which is caused by these muscles becoming more active and therefore burning more fat!
Let’s talk about the area that all women are concerned about, your butt. It must be dealt with head on. Meaning you must make a huge concentrated effort to reshape the behind that inactivity and age has destroyed. Butts require squats and lunges!!! Lots of them and with weight. No amount of donkey kicks, step-ups, abduction or adduction exercises will do the significant work that must be done in order to reshape your butt. These exercises are great auxiliary ones and are helpful initially and in complementary sense to a leg weight training program, but on their own they will not do much. Legs and butts are strong muscles so in order to change their looks we have to challenge them. This requires using heavier weights and intense contractions.
Most modes of cardio or aerobic exercise utilize the legs. These exercises do great in toning the muscles of the legs that are used during these aerobic sessions. However, they don’t hit all the muscles of the legs and butt and for the most part they don’t build them. Instead they are what we call catabolic. This means they lead to the breakdown of these muscles. For instance look at a marathon runner. They look sickly. They are some of the most aerobically in shape people and they do a lot of working out with their legs, but there muscles are tiny and they have gross butts. So let’s take a lesson from this. Aerobic exercise is very important for health issues, for stress relief, for conditioning the muscles we have, but bad at building muscle! Strong, active leg and butt muscles burn fat!
2. The Chest
I don’t mean your mammary glands. I am talking about your pectorals. The muscles all women need to embrace. I’ve been there. Pregnancy and breast-feeding do nasty things to a woman’s breasts. The looks of a woman’s breast goes beyond the mammary tissue, it lies underneath in the pectoral muscles. Remember what I had said about pregnancy robbing our bodies of muscle. This means the muscle that once lifted our breast now is gone, and it too needs to be rebuilt. If you want to give yourself a natural breast lift, build up your chest! It will not only help those saggy boobs, but also Boost your metabolism! Strong ,active chest muscles burn fat!
3. The Back:
Oh, I forgot about you back there! Most women are absolutely unaware of the huge potential fat burning muscles they have on their back. Our backs are full of muscles. There are tons of them holding our spine, ribs and shoulders in place. These muscles are very important to our health. How often do we hear about back and neck pain? Unfortunately it is rampant. I truly believe that weak back muscles cause much of the pain. Lifting with your back requires proper form and extreme focus on the muscles you are working. Strong, active back muscles burn fat!
Challenging yourself:
Muscles are very smart. If challenged to the limits of their capabilities they realize that they need to rebuild themselves even stronger. Then when faced with that same challenge they will be able to perform at a higher capacity. This is the key to understanding your weight training program.
You must find a way to challenge your muscles. Lifting the same weight every time you perform an exercise will maintain what muscle you have, but not change them. I don’t know many people that like spending an hour in the gym to stay exactly the same. We all crave to improve ourselves. So we must challenge our muscles by lifting weights that are challenging. There is nothing complicated about it. Just make sure you find yourself slightly challenged by your lifting program. Challenge yourself.
Change it up:
Change is good. Your muscles get used to the same thing over and over again. They get bored just like you do. Boredom causes your muscle to not respond just as it causes you to not want to do your boring workout. Don’t be afraid to change:
  • Try some new exercises
  • Change the number of sets and reps of your exercises
  • Increase or decrease your rest time between sets and workouts
  • Change the order of your exercises
Just remember to keep the basic big three muscle groups as the foundation to your weight training program. Change will help you stay focused and your muscles will keep working hard to burn your fat!!!!
Here are some supplements that I have used in my quest to build fat burning muscles:
l-glutamine, l-lysine, l-tyrosine, creatine, NO2 (AKG) products, CLA, Gamma-O, DHEA, fish oil, St. John’s Wart, caffine, whey protein, casien protein, sugar free Red Bull, Lubriflex, Move Free, Gaba etc. Exactly what I take depends on how I feel, where I am at in my Hormonal Cycle and what I am trying to accomplish within my fitness goals. There is a lot of money wasted on sports supplements that are ineffective, so do your research before purchasing anything.

SSS Week 04- MORE ON Buffing


MORE ON Buffing- “the first half of the month”- Sweet happiness –2 weeks…

-Hit it hard –shoot for overall weight loss (chances are you are motivated and post boosting phase so you have lots of strength and energy)
-Return to a lower caloric intake- rapid weight loss level- 10x’s your goal weight is about right
-Be relentless in your workouts, hit them hard and intense

Basically- we all know that during the first half of the month our motivation are high, we are typically much more happy, focused, and often times more driven- feel thin, energized, fti, satisfied, etc…-this is when we often start new programs, shoot for higher goals and feel good about ourselves…AND knowing that it is our hormones triggering these positive thoughts and feelings, will allow us to capitalize even more on this happy time of the month–

SO! it is like very smart to push ourselves and plan to workout a ton and diet hard—your body will respond amazingly and you will see huge progress made during your buffing phase…During buffing we typically do what we planned and that is so gratifying and creates huge success.

HORMONAL TIMING takes this into account–you need plan on making progress during these 2 weeks…give it your all and expect to see results in all the ways you measure success.

NOW physically there is a ton of cool and not so cool things going on in our bodies during this time.

#1- your body is in a “catabolic” (breakdown) mode–you have less hormones in your system including estrogen, progesterone, and TESTOSTERONE….so we need to be aware of this and do what we can to protect our body from breaking down too much…HOW?

This is part of why we have less trouble than controlling our diets during PMS–our body doesn’t have any reason to preserve–so we see weight loss- HT uses this fact to your advantage—but, we don’t want to lose all the muscle we built during our boosting or get sick from a reduces immune function—so that’s why you need supplements.

Also it is mentally it is easier to do “cardio” during this phase so up the frequency of your cardio/interval workouts…maybe try a different workout split…think buffing your body—when you buff your car it takes a lot of movement and perfecting type moves…get the same attitude towards your workouts!

#2- Your body needs a caloric deficit to lose weight. Your metabolism is cranked up after your boosting phase and will respond to the quick cut in calories once you start buffing. Studies have shown that in just 2 weeks our body adjust and adapt to its caloric intake and activity level—so be focused and get all the weight loss you can in 2 weeks.

#3- Buffing has to have a strong MENTAL focus on the “perfect” diet and workout routine—you need to take time every day to plan your attack in order to keep your focus high . You need to have a couple more servings of green veggies, cutting your carbohydrate intake to the minimum. Keep in mind that this is just for 2 weeks and you can do anything for 2 weeks.

#4 Buffing is NOT a license to starve yourself—you still need to keep your protein levels high and be very smart to eat only nutrient dense foods tabs on yourself
You also need to make sure to keep fueling your workouts properly. You will not have good workouts if you are always in a fasted state. There are many advantages to doing cardio in a fasted state…and/or extending your fast during this phase.

#5 One final interesting finding is that during the second week of the month you will typically ovulate—this may be like a little mini pms time for you 1-3 days of lackluster performance and possible water weight gain. Be staunch through this and you will have 3-4 more good buffing days after it.


Happy Buffing~

p.s. if you missed last week’s coaching on Boosting– check it out here~

Let’s talk about HORMONES! SSS Wk 03

SSS week 03- Let’s talk about HORMONES!

Boosting- “the second half of the month”- PMS –2 weeks…

Week #3 Coaching Session– all about “Boosting”

-Maintain what you attained during buffing – try to keep the scale steady if you are shooting for overall weight loss (chances are you will gain a bit of weight, know that it is just water weight and will come off as soon as PMS is over—make sure to chart this info so that you can be aware—knowledge is powerful!!)
—if just shooting to build muscle allow yourself to gain up to 2-5 pounds (you will have to up your caloric intake more than just 300cals for this to happen)
-Return to a bit higher caloric intake- maintenance level
-Allow yourself a bit less of intensity and relax more during your workouts and overall

Basically- we all know that during the second half of the month our motivation levels drop, we are typically much more emotional, stressed, and often times slightly depressed- bloated, tired, crampy, gassy, full of pains, etc…-this is when we often “quit” or “give up”…BUT knowing that it is our hormones triggering these negative thoughts and feelings, will allow us to work through these tough patches–

SO! it is like we are fighting against ourselves if we plan to workout a ton and diet hard–it takes sheer guts to stick to our aspirations during this time of the month…THUS we typically fail to do what we planned and that compounds the stress and negative emotions.

HORMONAL TIMING takes this into account–you need plan on working out less, being less intense, being less likely to stick to your low calorie “perfect” diet, etc….

NOW physically there is a ton of cool and not so cool things going on in our bodies during this time.

#1- your body is in an “anabolic” (building) mode–you have more hormones in your system including estrogen, progesterone, and TESTOSTERONE….so why not use those hormones to BUILD yourself some fat burning muscles?

This is part of why we have such troubles controlling our diets during PMS–our body wants to build–so instead of totally fighting it- use it to your advantage–get aggressive on your lifting workouts and hit some PB’s (personal bests)–trust me you will!

Also it is mentally it is easier to lift than to do “cardio” during this phase so up the frequency of your lifting workouts…maybe try a bigger split…think boosting your metabolism by building your body into a fat burning machine, by building your muscles!

#2- Your body needs a break from its caloric deficit. Your metabolism will thank you. My goal in all of this is to be able to eat as much as I want and maintain my thin appearance and be comfortable and confident at all times. If you are constantly living on a low caloric intake your body adjusts and learns how to be efficient with its energy usage and soon your metabolism slows and over long periods of caloric deficits your body keeps chugging, but at the expense of your health. Your body will be not getting enough nutrients to fight off disease, properly recovery from just everyday life and will in essence eat itself. Malnutrition is very common among women—we are vain and would often times rather be thin than healthy. Just look at the incidence of osteoporosis—which is basically caused by malnutrition. Studies have shown that in just 2 weeks our body adjust and adapt to its caloric intake and activity level. Our body is an amazing machine and learns to function at optimal levels no matter what the conditions. This is called adaptation.

#3- Boosting is MENTAL break from the “perfect” diet and workout routine—you need to take an extra day off to relax. You need to have a couple more cheat meals and a few more treats. Think of Hormonal Timing as a long term solution, long term we all need to be able to live, laugh and love life!! SO why not do it when our bodies naturally want to relax more?

#4 Boosting is NOT a license to throw all diet and fitness out the window—you still need to keep tabs on yourself—keeping your caloric intakes reasonable and making sure to keep up with your workouts. You will not go forward if each time boosting rolls around you go completely backwards. There are many advantages to working out through pms…stress relief is the biggest one…also as I mentioned before muscle building and FAT BURNING is increased. So if you can manage to get in some good interval or cardio sessions they are very effective.

#5 one final interesting finding is that during the week prior to your period women burn up to 500 calories more each day—DUH? No wonder why we are so hungry during that time of the month! So know that if you can just make it through to the “other side” you will see the fruits of your labor.

Alright ladies you know the drill—ask away and I will do my best to answer any questions you have—and tomorrow we will dive into buffing a bit more—then from there we keep on learning—PLEASE, MAKE SURE TO BLOG YOUR JOURNEY and IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS POST HERE, please don’t e-mail me or pm me, THAT WAY EVERYONE WHO HAS THE SAME QUESTION CAN LEARN THE ANSWER.

Keep on rockin’ this contest!! Man I can’t wait to see the results—

Love ya,


Check as many as may apply to describe what effects your hormones have on you.

Accident Prone Aggression & Violence Paranoia
Hyper sexual Are thirsty Asthma
Attempted Suicide Backache Bloating
Blurred Vision Boils Breast Engorgement
Breast Tenderness Bronchitis Bruises Easily
Capillary Fragility Child Abuse Cold Extremities
Cramps Weeping spells Dark circles under eyes
Depression Difficulty in Concentrating More frequent Diseases
Dry Hair Dry Skin Epilepsy
Excess use of alcohol Exhaustion-Mental/Physical Eye Irritation
Eye Puffiness Facial pallor Fainting Spells
Fatigue Feelings of being crazy Feelings of Panic
Flu & Cold Food Cravings Frequent Urination
Frustrations Fever Gall Bladder Symptoms
Gas Greasy Hair Hair Loss
Headaches Herpes Simplex No 1 Hoarseness
Hypoglycemic Hysteria Bladder infection
Infection Infertility Insomnia
Irritability Joint Inflammation Joint Muscle Pain
Lack of Appetite Leg & Muscle Cramps Lethargy
Lowered Libido Migraines Mood swings
Motor Coordination Poor Dream Recall Runny Eyes
Runny Nose Self Inflicted Injuries Sinusitis
Sleep Disturbances Slow Digestion Sore Throat
Spontaneous Abortion Stiffness Sudden Anger
Traction Upper Respiratory Problems Water Retention
Weight Gain White Spots in fingernails Nympho Mania
Vaginal hyper secretion Night Sweats Yeast infection
Flatulence Migrane Ovarian pain
Weight gain Feelings of Isolation Stress