Weekend News!

HI Ya’ll,

It’s a rainy day here in Arkansas…cool too, 54 is supposed to be the high. Very weird considering Thursday it was in the mid-80’s. That’s how it goes here though. You never know what the weather will be like one day to the next.

Anyhow, thought I’d share some updates with you:


#1- On November 11th I will be hosting my first game BuffMother’s Hot Holidays on; they have asked me to become one of their “celebrity” host…a very cool honor!

Be sure to check it out, it’s a great concept to PUT your MONEY where your Mouth is, You basically BET $30 that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days and then follow along with the game striving to attain your goal. If you do lose the weight you get your money back, plus possibly more because all the winners SHARE the pot… and that works for extra motivation!!


I’ve also started a group on DietBet: you can join for free! Let’s be sure to REPRESENT Team BuffMother there! We are such an amazing FORCE of POSITIVITY!!



#2- Be sure to read and comment on today’s featured “SEXY” posts:

6 to Sexy~ day 20: Rest is SEXY

Romantic Movies = Sexy


#3- I uploaded this short video with 4 tips about revealing your SEXY ABS yesterday Please comment and share


#4- I am close to making the decision to develop an APP…Please let me know what kind of items you’d love to see featured on it. So far I’ll be including workouts, diet, some meal plans, access to the Rally Room, shopping options, an INTERACTION board where we can “talk” and a camera for you to upload progress pics, etc… is who will be developing it for me.


I have more “stuff” to talk about, but not quite the time yet to share. Loads of stuff going on to help us help more people!! Go Team BuffMother!!


I’m off to ride my bike then CLEAN– the “deal” I’m swinging with my DD’s is to clean for 3 hours then our reward will be to go to a MOVIE!


Should be good, have a SEXY SATURDAY!!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Filthy Friday

My house was/is filthy…so I’ve been cleaning all day.  Got more to do before I have to go pick up my DD and her friend for a sleep over.  But I will get in my workout after I get them.
Been hanging out with the DH a lot this week…he’s just put up my new workstation. It’s so beautiful. I’ll upload a pic.
TGIF ladies!! -Michelle p.s. ya’ll are doing great on the EVERY DAY in MAY!! it’s so fun to hear how many of you are still 100%!! YAY!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Loss of a Goal

Well…this past Sunday I decided to “QUIT” working towards my 800m Masters track race goal for this year. The timing just didn’t work out for me to be able to complete it this year…I was sad about the LOSS OF MY GOAL.  I felt lost and confused for a couple days.  It’s Wednesday and I’m over it now!

I have other goals and dreams to pursue that have taken it’s place and I feel better off as a person for attempting to do the race.  I truly learned a ton over the past 2 months of training:

  • Ketogenic diets are applicable to athletes; more and more endurance athletes don’t fuel with “carbs”
  • I am old, but doesn’t mean I can’t regain my speed or endurance with effort
  • I like to challenge myself yet, I also like workout that aren’t always filled with “performance” pressure
  • I learned that track for kids HAS TO BE a fun group activity, not a pressure cooker with a drill sergeant mom
  • I learned about the USTAF programs and how I can become a certified track coach/club
  • I reaffirmed that GOD comes first in my life, family second and “work” a distant 3rd or even 4th
  • Lactic Acid Threshold and VO2 max testing is really underutilized in athlete training in my area
  • Track clubs are NON-EXISTENT in my area…everyone seems to be running LONG races.  My question is “why so far???”

The past couple days have been busy with kids and my MUFFLER falling off my van!  CRAZY TIMES!

I did manage to get a couple workouts done, my hair and nails done and some work completed.  All in all it’s been a good week!!


I’ll be checking in on your blogs in a bit…but first I have to bring my DD to guitar!

Love, Michelle

Fit Skill Set

I am just sitting here watching the birds, the rain and the grass litterally growing in front of my eyes! Everything is suddenly GREEN!  I may even need to mow my lawn this weekend??

CRAZY how quickly seasons change!

Seasons in my life change quickly also! It seems like I am always “adjusting” to the new routine, the new circumstance, a new set of goals or interests.  Life is anything but STATIC!

I take pride in knowing that through all the change I’ve encountered over the past  almost 10 years I’ve manage to keep in shape through it all!!  I’ve been consistently FIT and overall HEALTHY!

I truly hope an pray that YOU too will learn the SKILL set needed to continually stay fit and healthy as you progress through the seasons of your life!  Keeping a constant awareness that your health is not automatic, you must fight for it.  It’s a battle!  You can’t let your guard down or you’ll lose ground…you must be on the offensive!

Yesterday, turned out to be a nice day– I spent the morning organizing things for our Gathering in VEGAS!! I can’t wait to hang out and get to know the TEAM BuffMother ladies who are going!! Our goal will be to simply have fun!!

Then yesterday afternoon, I went out on a “Date” with my DD Gracie!  She had a tough orthodontist appt first and then I had a work errand to run, but after that it was all fun!!

We ate at Olive Garden then hit the mall, Target and then Krispy Kreme!  It was a good bonding time in celebration of her STRAIGHT A report card!!

Gracie got some earrings, a bow, 2 lace headbands, 2 pairs of shorts, a shirt and a bikini. I got a hat, some earrings, a purse and 2 ear cuffs.

When I got home I did a mini workout~

Lunges paired with shoulder exercise

5 sets of 20 lunges total; 3 sets lateral raises, 3 sets shoulder press and 1 sets front raises between sets

Please chime in on today’s contest post ~

I’m off to get some orders shipped, go get groceries and get in my workout~ I’m hitting the gym for a mish, mosh of back and legs–HEAVY SMITH LUNGES BABY!! Then after school it’s off to the races again– Guitar lessons and Awana.
Let’s have STELLAR DAY ladies!!



 The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Kim our “28 Days of Chirstmas Winner!!”

28 Day Christmas Challenge Contest WINNER!!
HI!! You are the WINNER!!
Congrats and thanks so much for your SUPER participation via my BuffMotherPage on facebook!! You were a stand out during the entire contest and I love your willingness to share your passion for fitness with the world!!
Thanks and Congrats~
Michelle Berger
Kimberly Of NY
I am 41 years old
I have 2 children (13 and 11)
  1. How do I feel the 28 days of Christmas Challenge helped me during the crazy holiday season?
    The contest helped through a lot of stress this time of year. Gave me something to focus on instead of worrying about things I wasn’t in control of right now. I am someone who loves     to give gifts. Deciding, finding, and giving a gift is one of my favorite things to do. We had to cut back a lot this year, so I was unable to ‘give’ as much as I would have liked. The     contest helped me deal with the situation and focus on things that matter more than monetary things. The kids stepped up and helped as well. A great holiday!
  1. Summarize my performance in this contest…
    I realized early on during this contest that even though I was working out most days I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I could. Reading other Buffmother posts helped me see that.     So I began looking for and planning tougher workouts. Now I am trying new gadgets and heavier weights. Trying hard to think outside the box and give it all I got. Thanks,     Buffmothers!
  1. Are you happy with your results?
     I was very consistent and on track with my workouts throughout the challenge. Had a strong start with my eats, but had trouble Christmas week. Getting back on     track as type this. This is my 2nd contest and I always feel that my results could have been better. I put a ton of effort into the contest, but there is always something I could have     done differently or better. Always a work in progress. So overall I am happy with the things I have learned along the way, but I can do better each day.
  1. Encouraged by? Denyse W. and Suzi V.. I love our dynamics as a group. We work well together for accountability and encouragement. Inspired by? Robin W.. I love her enthusiasm, dedication and sense of humor. She has been a great addition to the group. I look forward to seeing how far she can go.
  1. I shared my pics most days on the Team Buffmother and the Buffmother sites. Lots of fun!
  1. In closing: As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the contest. It is an amazing thing to have so many wonderful women to discuss common interests with and help those women when they need a word of encouragement. I enjoyed the workout proof pics. A great add on to this contest. Gave us a chance to show a different side to ourselves, open up and be creative. The occasional questions you passed along to us was helpful to me as well. They made me pause and think. I started a separate journal to keep those answers to look over when I need to regroup or refocus. I’ve made so many great friends these past 6 months. Can’t thank you enough, Michelle Berger, for changing my life. I have my goals set for the new year and a renewed focus on what I want from my life. Thank you!

Here are several of Kim’s “workoutproof” pictures from the contest~

Forgot to post day 1 here, too. Stats done this morning. Eating lots of protein and veggies today. Looking forward to fruit as my treat later. Waiting for DH to come home for some P90X plyo. Wonder if he will come home. Lol! See ya’ll later:)


#workout proof 2…p90x plyo style

#workout proof 3. Love my photo helpers 🙂

#workout proof 5. Almost didn’t happen, but abs are done!!

Hot weights instead of yoga today. Very warm workout with the wood stove going. #workout proof 6 legs and abs day.

Added more reps to my burpee workout challenge. My shoulders were on fire!! Also completed 30 squats for the squat challenge. #workout proof 8, part 1. Everyone keep up the great work!!

Tried something new for abs. DH took video. #workout proof 10. Total of 5 exercises. Love them!

Workout felt great today (except for IT Band)…I am stretching daily. Squats with bicep curls in between sets and ab intervals. Gonna feel it tomorrow. #workout proof 12

Love, love, love Zumba Sentao! Especially with my favorite instructor. #workout proof 13 — with Anna Rivelo.

Ladder drills with DD for some outdoor fun. #workout proof 14

Got ’em! Love my Sassy Socks from Heather Dobbs O’Callaghan. So warm and snuggly. Have to keep an eye on my DD…she wants them:) Thank you so much! #workout proof 16 bis/tris maxed out #buffing phase #Buffmother


#workout proof 17…leg day. #Buffmother and my new favorite shirt. Keep up the great work girls!


Yoga and squat day here with my snowman guy 🙂 #workout proof 18


Abs and squats day! #workout proof 20. Eeked out my workout…feel a little better now. Have a great day!

Elliptical, abs, and 100 squats for #workout proof 23. Sassy socks make working out lots more fun :))

P90x cardio workout. Was finally able to push myself harder. Feel great! #workout proof 22

Was feeling stressed this morning, so I kicked booty with a shoulders, back, bis, abs, and squats workout. Nothing will stop me now. #workout proof #buffmother

#workout proof 27 of shoulders and tris, squats, abs, and a little cardio. Finishing strong!

Sucked In!!

I keep getting SUCKED INto being on my computer– I’m getting off it right after I post this.  Instead I need to get SUCKED INto cleaning my house!! All the while SUCKING IT IN (my tummy that is, lol)!!

Yesterday, I got in a modified leg workout as I brought TIA (my 9 year old DD) through a workout: a circuit #3x’s through Squats Lunges Abductor-V’s Laying side leg raises Sit ups

then I squatted more and did some bulgarians then I played catch with Gunner (football)

Today, I broke into the 120’s for weight = 129.6, YAY!! On my wait to pick up Gunner from Football camp,  I ran around town for 21minutes– and here in a bit I’ll do a back, shoulder, bicep lift + 20 mins extra cardio. TIA wants to lift on the bowflex, so I’ll use that a bit today too!

See you tomorrow~

Love ya,


18 Days to Go~ THANKFUL!!

Hi Ya Ladies,

18 days left to go and I am thankful I’ve done so well towards my habits this week!!
Today’s “TASKs” are located here:


Be sure to keep engaged– we are in the HEAT of the battle- CONSISTENT focus is needed if you want to BREAK the HABIT!!
Today is my DD’s Birthday!!  the Twins are 9!! holy moly~ how did that happen?
Anyhow lots to do today so…here’s my workout plan:

I’m  benching today! not as heavy as Monday  since I am buffing now:

Warm up 5 min

Bench 4 sets of 10

paired with Tricep extensions
4 sets of 10

Incline Chest press
3sets of 10

paired with tricep push downs
3 sets of 10

Cable flys
2 sets of 10
abs between- old school sit ups

pec machine
2 set of 10
abs between- knee ups

2 sets of 10
abs between sets- ab wheel

and 20 minutes of intervals on the BIKE or TREADMILL

I just love intervals, lol!!




We have just 18 days left to BREAK THE HABIT~~ An integral part of growing, advancing and becoming a better person is learning to truly be Thankful.  If you are not thankful for what you’ve already been given, how on earth do you expect to get more!

You have so much!! Be thankful for it!

Your tasks for today are to show gratitude in 3 ways:

1- Send a thank you email to a leader, celebrity, author, or a personality that has impacted you. Simply tell them thanks!

2- Write an thankful list: Jot down 3 things that you appreciate.

3- Celebrate and be thankful for the little victorys that come along as you move towards breaking or attaining your goal. Write down 3 of them now!

Today’s workouts~

Beginner: STRETCH for 10 minutes–a rest day of sorts–

Here’s a link to a stretching routine of mine-



Intervals and ABS

BuffMother! Interval Training: 20 mins

*If you don’t feel exhausted by the end, increase the intensity of hard and/or easy min.

3 minute warm up

1 minute hard; 1 min. easy…repeat 7 times

3 min. cool down



Passive Abs
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches

I am so thankful for the honor to help you on your way to success!! Thanks for letting me into your life~ You are on your way to being a BETTER you!!


MB Blog: Thankful Thursday!- day 4

BuffMother's picture

Thu, 2012/02/09 – 12:12pm — BuffMother

Today’s task was to be thankful–

here’s my task completed–


I’ll be emailing a lady I admire Heidi Baker- she’s a missionary in Mozambique…her story is amazing and she’s literally changing that whole country by taking in it’s orphans!  She’s a true example of what God can accomplish through a person if we seek Him and Love HIM!

Hi this message is for Heidi-
I am not a person who has many heroes but You are one of mine.  I see God in you and I see that you are doing His Mission. It’s so inspiring!!
I first saw you on a couple years ago and initially thought- “oh my! that’s a bit over the top as you spoke in tongues and were worshiping your Papa”…but I couldn’t turn you off.  You were showing such true authentic LOVE.  Something I’ve never really seen in a woman like you.
Since that first introduction to you- I’ve read one of your books, watched your dvd documentary and excitedly watched all your messages in!   Thanks for sharing your light in OUR world and not just on the mission field.
In God’s Love,
Michelle Berger


I am very thankful today for:

My family, especially my twins.  It’s their birthday–9 years old! What amazing surprises they were in my life!

My new home~ I love having land and twice as much space in my home.

My BuffSisters on Team BuffMother…I never thought I could have so many amazing women friends!! Thanks for being my friends!


My victories that I’ve already made are:
not indulging in piece of pizza when DH was eating it on Tues
not breaking down and eating the bun on my first ever “5 guys” burger yesterday
cleaning my kitchen late on Tuesday night when I would have much rather been watching JUSTIFIED!! I love that show!!


EMAIL for day 4; 18 days to go!!

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Thu, 2012/02/09 – 7:02am — BuffMother

18 days left and I am thankful I’ve done so well
towards my habits this week!! How have you done?

Today’s “TASKs” and workouts are located here:

Be sure to keep engaged– we are in the HEAT of the battle-
CONSISTENT focus is needed if you want to BREAK the HABIT!

I am so thankful for the honor
of helping you on your way to success!!


Weekend is ON!

Tonight Gunner and I got in our 4th lifting workout for the week, YAY!!  He’s already getting stronger and says he’s gained 7 pounds (not sure on that, but he is up to 114!)…I’m so proud of him and his effort. He’s going to be a big strong boy by this football season!

Anyhow, The kids are so fired up that the weekend is here and so am I!! I’m going out for dinner tonight: Tomorrow is watching some football, a bonfire,  the UFC and more football on Sunday will round out my weekend!!

In addition to the fun stuff one of my DD’s has a birthday party, so that’ll mean some driving around- I also would like to get in a solid squat workout.  My new gym doesn’t have a free weight squat rack, so I’m planning to go to my old gym or get in a good workout at my house on my squat rack!  THESE LEGS NEED THE WORK!!

Today is cycle day 3 and my first weigh in was horrid!! I was holding tons of water and weighed 132–eeeeekkkk!! But by 5pm tonight I weighed 129 again~ Whew!  I hate hormone bloats!  Anyhow~ buffing officially starts on Sunday and I plan to hit it VERY HARD!  Time to push myself to the limit, no more pussy footing around!!

Peace out….

It’s time for me to go OUT!!


Rollercoaster Week

My Birthday week was tough on me…I did have a GREAT Birthday Day an loved it, but at the same time I struggled.  The thing is I don’t want to get old, but I know I have to.  I want to be accepting of my age- I want to age gracefully, YET….I fight it!  I know that 36 is not exactly old, but it sounds and feels a whole lot older than 35.  Oh well…nothing I can do about getting older- it’s just part of life!

Monday- Down day…I was in a funk!  Had a super lazy bug…did some “gardening/weeding” as therapy.  I had NO WORKOUT and I didn’t get any of my “work” done that I had planed on doing, except that I did have a great coaching call with Brenda- she’s gonna rock the stage in a month in Norfolk!!  That night we went shopping- had to get one piece suits for my girls’ for fun/field day at their school…we found some nice ones at Dillards.  We also hit Target, where I bought a few shirts and a pair of shorts.  Including my b-day outfit:

Tuesday **My Birthday**- UP day…a great run with hill sprints- total of 36 mins (incuding some walking recovery) in honor of my 36th b-day I was “HIGH” after this and finished with 3 sets of abs.  My body was feeling great and I weighed in at 124!! I felt Sizzlin’!!  After school I took the kids out for dinner at Johnny Carinos, I had a yummy pecan crusted spinach salad. Then, that night my girls had to sing at the local minor league baseball game, The Arkansas Naturals.  The whole deal is kinda a school fundraiser (scam)…we had to pay to get the kids into the game so they could sing, lol.. It cost us $40 to get in and half of that money went to our school.  The funny thing about it is that was for 5 tickets and my DD won a prize for being a top seller. The prize was a behind the sceens tour of the facilities.  So we all got to go see the press box, the suites and the batting cages. After the game Travis was able to take me out for a little birthday celebration!! We were both TIRED but I’m so glad we got to spend some time OUT together. The day was also such a blessing because of the HUNDREDS of birthday wishes and blessings I received.  I felt so honored and happy to be rewarded with such love!! It’s so true that if you give love out, you get it back hundred fold!!  I am so thankful to have amazing friends who LOVE ME!!

Here’s a pic of the kids and I prior to our dinner:

Wednesday Down and UP day. It was down because my birthday was OVER …and I needed to get back to life/work, yet I couldn’t find my focus.  I’ve been having such a hard time focusing on my day to day work responsibilities.  Summer is here and the last thing I want to do is be behind the computer.  I have a few FUN business things in the works… it’s hard for me to be patient while waiting for them to formulate.  I guess I’m in a “transition” stage once again.  I love change and all it the excitement it brings, but at the same time I am so darn impatient that I struggle with the “transitional” period.  Anyhow…I didn’t workout on Wednesday, but I did train a client.  Which was the start of my UPWARD swing to the day.  The afternoon brought great work news for Travis’! God has really blessed his work!  As a celebration …I took him out for an AWESOME Steak at Bonefish…we had a good time!  I am so blessed to have such an amazing MAN!

Thursday– Down day- “tired Thursday”…need I say more, lol!  all the GO, GO, GO of the week caught up with me.  My energy was down and despite many good things happening.  I was down due to some disappointments during the day. Once again my lack of PATIENCE is what hindered my day from being GOOD.  I think I need to PRAY for patience!

Today to FOREVER!! UP day!!  I am UP and determined to be UP today!! We are fired up and determined to be patient and excited for the good and bad things life, change, business and transitional stages bring with it. With God’s help I am determined to stay UP (JOYFUL) through all of life’s circumstances.

My plan is to make every day an UP DAY!!

Let’s do it!!

Love ya,


Honeysuckle Whiff

On the drive home from busing the kiddos to school I got the most marvelous “Honeysuckle Whiff!!” YUM~ I am in love with honeysuckle!

How are my HOTT MOMMASITA’s Today???  I am GREAT!!  Just wanted to fly-bye really quick- yesterday my DD, Gracie, who has a chipped molar had to be at the dentist @8 and then again for the filling at 10…So my morning was spent “waiting”.  I’ve felt so good the past 3 days, YAY!!

Cycle day 1, 2, and 3!!  they seem to be GREAT ones for me- cday 4 is usually a bit more “tired”.  I’ve droped 3 pounds (130 to 127) since TOM  came and I feel so much leaner already! I’m also still kickin’ it in my EVERY DAY IN MAY challenge- I’ve made it everyday except the 2 when I was sick


Time to HIT IT!! I have 3 weeks left in the “Sexy in 70” contest…and until my Birthday!!!…that’s just 21 days!! ARE YOU READY to be SEXY for Summer??  I plan to be!
Today is a big day- thanks to our sweet April Ramirez ( I have a radio interview at 10 so…I’ve got to get prepared!
Pray for it to go well and if you get a chance you can listen live or catch the podcast of the show later:

AND let me tell ya, I had a great leg workout yesterday the highlights were:
Squats: 2 sets of 6 reps @`165
Dead lifts 3 sets of 10 @135 including 1 set of conventional form
Leg extensions: 1 set of 10 #170
Leg curls: 2 sets of 8 @90#

I am off to prepare!! PRAY FOR ME please~

Let’s rock week #8!!