Track and SANDWICH day :)

Had a good mother’s day– took the day off of workouts, but I was certainly actively resting.  I did a good amount of raking, other yard work and walking.

The Contest post for today-

Today’s plan is to hit the track in after a bit- I need to run and run fast!

I’ve not tried to run at the track during the school day yet– so hopefully I can access it   I also have to “film” the HAM butt sandwich today along with a couple others so you can “see” what I mean by the sandwich acronyms, lol!

I’ll do my REAL leg workout tomorrow!


In other news~ I got my period yesterday. It was a whole 28 day cycle again– LOVE IT when my cycle makes it the whole 28 days~ I weighed 128 yesterday and today I have some cramps but I expect they’ll pass after a bit.


Anyhow, I’m off to have a GREAT DAY!!

Love ya,

p.s. I got the videos done~ please like, comment and share them

the “HAM”

the “SUB”

Got it done!

I got in a ton of sleep last night 10 hours- I had a rough cday 1 yesterday- lots of tummy/back cramps! and then got up- had some coffee and whey- then went for a run!

i did 1 min on:off intervals at 4,6,8, 10 mins and then ran steady for 5 mins to recover some- then did 4 more intervals at 16, 18, 20, 22 mins. A couple times I had to walk a bit in there…but ran for a total of 24 mins in all.

And then I came home had a half of a protein/carb bar and some preworkout drink called “RAPTOR” by NRG-X labs to fuel me for a good chest tri workout:

Warm up
Chest press

135×6 all me!!!
155×4 help for all
135×4 +2 with help

Incline flys


Bench dips
20, 15

sit ups- 1 set of 30 reps

We may play some tennis later…but for now I have some work to do.

I am happy that I got it DONE!


p.s. today is cday 2 and I feel so much better- I weighed 130 with all my clothes and shoes on this am- so I am guessing I’m at around 127-128

"All Star" Leslie of TX

“All Star” Leslie of TX

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Leslie’s Testimony:

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40 days to FIT!! Day 23 & 24 WEB work!

Sorry I missed out on being my normal “interactive” self online yesterday; I’ve been working hard on my Website’s Store…I am rather proud of how much of a TECHNICAL Genius I am becoming, lol!!

I also had to run several big errands yesterday, which meant my computer time was cut short  and I missed my workout~ SHEESH!! how did I let that happen??  My only explanation is that “ITs JUST my HORMONES!!”.  I felt the effects of cycle day 24 yesterday for sure!  NOT anything too Bad (like being crabby, stressed or depressed) but I did have a total lack of focus…everything I tried to do took 10 times longer than it should have.

This is a short week for the kids at school too, so My “work week” has been cut by 1 day…which means I need to get a lot more stuff done today!  I’ve already got my workout done~ YAY!!  I did it right after getting the kids off to school:


warm up r-bike 7 mins

warm up- bar- stretch- bar some more…I was really stiff!!
135x10x2~ this is the highest I’ve gotten to recently~ still being VERY Careful with my back

95x15x4sets various stance and forms

walking lunges
45#bar on back x15x2sets

Smith Butt Squats

Smith lunges on step
one set of hanging sit ups here.
70×10…felt a bit of a back strain here so I opted to be safe than sorry (not sure if it was from the lunges or the hanging sit ups??)

Leg extensions
50x10x2 sets- one leg at a time

Sissy Squats
15repsx2 sets really squeezing glutes

That was all…I took NO-EXPLODE first thing this morn despite knowing I shouldn’t~ I can’t take it as a pre-workout, I get tummy issues and cramps from it.  I can however take it after workouts as long as I’ve already eaten something…I’ve decided that I’m not going to buy it again.  It’s the only creatine product I’ve ever used that’s created this kind of tummy issue for me. There plenty other creatines that work better for me.

BTW- I had a SUPER powerhouse upper body workout on MONDAY evening!

Gotta go shower, eat and work!

Back to LIFE!!

Back to LIFE!!–first post contest workout!

Well I woke up this morning feeling BLESSED!! I had all my little kiddos and DH surrounding me and realized I have a GREAT life!!
Thank you JESUS for all of my BLESSINGS~~ including all my lovely BuffMother friends. I am so fortunate to have such a super group of ladies who share in the common goal of leaving a LEGACY of Buffness through their lives. YOu all ROCK!!

So now as I return to the responsibilities of LIFE after vacation–dishes, housework, laundry, cooking, etc…I am determined to “slow down” and strive for PEACE in my life!

That’s just what I did in my workout today–lowered my intensity and just let my body recover from all I have put it through over the past 3 months of intense exercise and diet.

My workout went like this
20 min of r-bike
knee extensions 3×20
Sit ups on incline 2×20
lower back extensions 1×35
abductions 2×50..’sx20
knee ups 2 sets
no weight bulgarians 1 set of 20
hack squats- focus on booty- 50 reps

15 min of cardio on the upright bike

Then 45 pilates class–this felt good, but I kept on getting cramps in my feet!! OUCH!

I don’t really feel like I worked out, but that is fine, for me for now–soon I know I will be back at it full BORE!

I am off to shower finally and mentally prepare to go to wal-mart with 4 kids 🙂


Crazy Days!!

OHHHH! Man!! I am so glad yesterday is in the books…things were crazy Smiling

I did get to workout with DH, but he had a flat tire, so I had to pick him up from work. SO I am car-less this morning.

Our workout was like this:
warm up on r-bike 10 min
135×6(with some help)
I felt really strong on bench…becuase it had been over a week since I really did it, rested muscles are stronger,lol

Incline Flys
one set of bench dips to failure

Incline press machine
70×15 – don’t like this machine

Incline smith
50×15 wasn’t happy here either…chest is fried Sad

Cable flys
one arm at a time
17.5 x10x3sets

Tricep extesions
over head…paired with on arm cross over pull downs
3 sets

run on tredmill- 4 min…stomach cramps…ate too soon close to workout…I need about 3 hours from eating to running, I have a very sensitive tummy Sad

So I did my intervals on the upright bike…they were hard since my legs were tired from legs the day b4

So there you have it…here at noon my DH is gonna come get us so that we can go do back, shoulders and bi’s and then I plan to run outside later.

I am leaning up very visibly…my abs are showing better daily…this morning my weight was 128, only 4 weeks to go!
Practicing posing is paramount for me at this point, I gotta showcase the goods the best way possible.

Well gotta go, I just heard a crash in the kitchen!!!
p.s check this out