Track and SANDWICH day :)

Had a good mother’s day– took the day off of workouts, but I was certainly actively resting.  I did a good amount of raking, other […] Read More

Got it done!

I got in a ton of sleep last night 10 hours- I had a rough cday 1 yesterday- lots of tummy/back cramps! and then got […] Read More

"All Star" Leslie of TX

“All Star” Leslie of TX Leslie’s fitness goals and challenges are a bit different than many of myclients. She wanted to have more curves and […] Read More

40 days to FIT!! Day 23 & 24 WEB work!

Sorry I missed out on being my normal “interactive” self online yesterday; I’ve been working hard on my Website’s Store…I am rather proud of how […] Read More

Back to LIFE!!

Back to LIFE!!–first post contest workout! Well I woke up this morning feeling BLESSED!! I had all my little kiddos and DH surrounding me and […] Read More

Crazy Days!!

OHHHH! Man!! I am so glad yesterday is in the books…things were crazy Smiling I did get to workout with DH, but he had a […] Read More