Grand opening and CONTEST!!

It’s been and exciting past few weeks for TEAM BUFFMOTHER!! We have a NEW RALLY ROOM!! and New Contest!! Http://
7 years ago Tomorrow, March 1st, we launched our original Team BuffMother Rally room!!  It’s been an AMAZING 7 years! It was only natural that March 1st would be our official “GRAND OPENING” the new Rally Room please JOIN US!
Once you join the site, please visit this POST for a special GRAND OPINING Coupon code that will get you 50% any order on!…t/313871913813089021
IN addition to the GRAND OPENING Celebraion, we have he “Six to SEXY” contest starting Monday, March 4th. Participation is free and completely within the new rally room!!
Contest details:…t/312464485498560678
Thanks so much for all your love, support and encouragement. You are the reason TEAM BuffMother is AMAZING!! Love, Michelle Berger

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


Recommended Materials~ SSS contest: wk 00

Recommended Materials for the SSS contest~

  1. “Hormonal Timing” &”After Baby ABS” books- available in printed and eBook versions

  2. “SuperSTAR Success (SSS) JOURNAL”– downloadable

  3. Workout training plan: Beginner  12 week program with diet

  4. SUPPORT via www.Team BuffMother– free basic membership

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*these plans are NOT CUSTOMIZED


FREE Downloads~




Once you complete the 10 week SuperSTAR Success Program be sure to submit your results entry form you’ll get a FREE BUFFMOTHER! shirt

…PLUS~ You can be a BuffMother! Success Story Like these ladies and many others:

NON-labor Day PARTY!! and SSS!!!!

I’ve always wondered why Labor day was called LABOR DAY…It should be “NON-Labor Day!”  I am trying to trick myself into thinking I am NOT laboring, but I am~ I am getting set for our SSS Contest…we are just a week away from the START DAY! and I’ve got some work that has to be done for that before tomorrow.

I will be sending this out tomorrow to over 4000 people~ but I figured you may like to “hear” the news first~ I’ve also posted much of the same information here in the Forum.

HI Team BuffMother!
I am so excited about all the Super NEWS I have to share with you this month.  I’ll try to make this simple by including just the FACTS with links to more information.
1. As a way to SAY THANKS~ I am giving A BIG 20% off orders on when you use the coupon code:
BTW~ I’ve just recently updated my store, please check it out!
2. We have a BIG CONTEST~ starting 9/14…the second annual “SuperSTAR Success” 10 week Contest.  It’s all about helping you be CONSISTENT! and be HOT for the HOLIDAYS!!
More info:
3. I am traveling to Omaha, NE on 9/26 and 9/27 for the 3rd year in a row…to watch 2 of my favorite BuffMother Friends (Deb Gray and Brenda Herrod) compete, to do a book signing and to give seminar.  Please come see me!
More info:
4. Do you love YouTube?? Then you’ll love my new Video Coaching!!
I am launching it in conjunction with our SSS contest..if you sign up now using your coupon code it’s less than $100.  It’ll arm you with all the training tools you need to succeed!!
More info:
5. Have you visited our Rally Room recently?  We’ve updated it and are continually improving it’s features.  Please, check it out for FREE!
More info:
I have more items I want to share, but figured I’ll leave it at 5 items for today!!
Let’s have a SUPER SEPTEMBER!!
Your friend,

Hope you are enjoying all  your HOLIDAY FESTIVITES, SUPER HERO STYLE~

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