Half-Way Done!! SSS wk 06

HALF WAY DONE in the SSS contest!! be sure to fill out the halfway done report in your Success journal– answer questions, be honest and […] Read More

Try on your bikini DAILY!! SSS week 06

This week’s mini challenge… SSS contest~~ WEEK #6 Mini-Challenge “try on your bikini DAILY”~ The reasoning behind this challenge is to get you looking at […] Read More

New giveaway- Photo Contest

AHH!! Oh this week has been a weird one for sure!! I am feeling good today– sore from my leg workout yesterday, but that’s good!! […] Read More

4 hours of dancing burns fat!

Hey ya ladies!! I went out dancing last night and 4 hours of it really does help you burn calories, lol.  I also had my […] Read More

Movie Star?

Hey, hey, hey all my BuffSista’s!! and welcome NEW BuffSisters!! This contest promotion is going GREAT!! thanks so much for your support and help in […] Read More

SuperSTAR Success 2014~ Sign up NOW!!

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Busy starting the 90 day contest!

HI, Tues, Wed and Thursday were FULL DAYS for me on this 90 Day Dr. Tammy Challenge– more info is on www.projectfabulous.com and on KNWA […] Read More

Time is Flying!

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Sexy Final Week!!

HI Ladies!! I hope you are as fired up as I am about our final contest week!! I was “offline” yesterday~ So I’ve posted two […] Read More


I am so excited…I get to have a massage this morning!  AHHOOOM!!! For now, I wanted to be sure you see today’s contest post- Just […] Read More