Going “DARK”

In spy movies, I just love it when the spy goes out on a mission and has to go “dark”…they are invisible to their support team and just out there on their own in the danger.  Well, I am going “DARK” for a few days– my vacation mode is on and that means little to no computer time!  I need the break from time to time.

Anyhow, I’ve been keeping super busy as I prep to leave– I feel pleasently prepared.  However that could change as I start packing, lol!! I always go into hyper drive when trying to pack for a trip– too many options of what to bring, wear and pack??

Okay, in other news….I remembered something about myself this week.  I find the most success in my eating when I eat 3 bigger meals daily vs. 5-6 smaller ones.  There are several reasons why:

1- I can eat MORE at 1 setting– I like eating bigger portions 2- I don’t get overwhelmed with the prep/eating time when eating more often– it’s takes too much focus for me– I’m not that focused, lol 3- Mentally, I don’t feel like I am dieting when I eat fewer meals. 4- I have insulin resistant issues– so eating less often helps my insulin to go down sometimes which actually allows me to burn fat 5- I dislike eating early in the morning– I like eating my first meal about 3-5 hours after waking up– extending my “fast” helps me burn some extra fat and gives me a chance to do fasted cardio from time to time

6- it’s less stressful to my digestive system.  I digest better when my enzymes are strong (utilizing them less often)….my body feels less stress from eating less often

Here’s an interesting video that explains some of what I am talking about:



So, just now at 9:15 I had a good breakfast of 2 whole wheat blueberry pancakes (not typical for me to eat grains),  with butter and real maple syrup, 3 small strips of pork bacon, a “Carnivor” choc protein shake in water= CCFP and I’ve had 2 cups of coffee with half’n’half.

My plan is to use this fuel as a pre-workout meal— I’ll be hitting the trail for a hill workout after it digests– at about 11:00

Alrighty, we’ll I am off to do some laundry, run, pack, lift weights, get my son’s hair cut and then RELAX before I fly out early tomorrow.  I’ll be back Monday!!  Please, pray that I don’t hurt myself skiing!!

Love ya,


A Peek

Howday and a Happy Friday do you!!

I had a great day off of workouts yesterday~ A rest was good since I had such a full day. My DR. Appointment went well…we had a very interesting talk about fitness, diet, nutrition, diabetes, etc…Now I am set to go in Mon morning to get a blood panel run. I also had a really quick but good parent teacher conference with Gunner’s teacher. He’s got all A’s Again!! And his teacher seems to really like Gunner!!

I have yet to do my workout today- I will get it done in a bit…a run and upper body are on tap- I think I’ll just do it at home again. I’ve been enjoying that this week.

I’ve been trying to figure out where all my time goes?? I’ve taken some time to investiget it and thought I’d share it with you “A peek into my daily life”:

Workout- 1 hour 5 times a week on average- sometimes less, sometimes more
Work- 5 to 10 hours daily (limited nights and weekends- no Sundays usually)- lots of computer time: rally room, emails, face book, orders, business management, etc… + stuff like orders, product development, training programs, website maintenance, bills, taxes, videos….
Family time 24/7- this is a big time variable in my life- hours spent directly, only on my kids is at least 3 hours daily- but more often times up to 6 hours- which doesn’t seem like much after how crazy my existence was just 7 years ago- that was seriously 18+hours a day all about kids! I also strive to spend bonding time with my hubby- *SEE FOOTBALL and UFC
Clean/cook- 2-3 hours daily
Organize- 1 hour daily
Shop- 3-4 hours weekly
Phone Calls- 2-4 hours daily
Football- 15 hours weekly, maybe more??- way too much time here!! I watch a ton of football on TV- both College and NFL + NFL All Access, other talk shows, and Sound FX or NFL Replay- I also watch my son play and cart him to practice
UFC- 2-4hours a week is spent watching fighting +1 hour a week dreaming about being a fighter, lol
Surfing the Internet- 2-4 hours daily researching, shopping, following up on items, much of this is work related but many times I get side tracked
Sleep- 8 hours is a must for this lady
Devotion Time- 15 mins to 1 hour daily- God time, prayer, watching sermons, church, reading bible, reading other Bible base books, I am at a point in my life where I could do this 5 hours a day! I want MORE!!

As you can guess, this is a guess-timate and not all inclusive. I also have to spend time on things like showers, eating, primping, waiting, etc… You can also see that I do have “time wasters” in my life–but is it a waste to relax a bit and take time to bond with my hubby??

Anyhow- I sure hope you have a great weekend!! You know what I’ll be doing (UFC and FOOTBALL)



40 days to FIT!! Day 23 & 24 WEB work!

Sorry I missed out on being my normal “interactive” self online yesterday; I’ve been working hard on my Website’s Store…I am rather proud of how much of a TECHNICAL Genius I am becoming, lol!!

I also had to run several big errands yesterday, which meant my computer time was cut short  and I missed my workout~ SHEESH!! how did I let that happen??  My only explanation is that “ITs JUST my HORMONES!!”.  I felt the effects of cycle day 24 yesterday for sure!  NOT anything too Bad (like being crabby, stressed or depressed) but I did have a total lack of focus…everything I tried to do took 10 times longer than it should have.

This is a short week for the kids at school too, so My “work week” has been cut by 1 day…which means I need to get a lot more stuff done today!  I’ve already got my workout done~ YAY!!  I did it right after getting the kids off to school:


warm up r-bike 7 mins

warm up- bar- stretch- bar some more…I was really stiff!!
135x10x2~ this is the highest I’ve gotten to recently~ still being VERY Careful with my back

95x15x4sets various stance and forms

walking lunges
45#bar on back x15x2sets

Smith Butt Squats

Smith lunges on step
one set of hanging sit ups here.
70×10…felt a bit of a back strain here so I opted to be safe than sorry (not sure if it was from the lunges or the hanging sit ups??)

Leg extensions
50x10x2 sets- one leg at a time

Sissy Squats
15repsx2 sets really squeezing glutes

That was all…I took NO-EXPLODE first thing this morn despite knowing I shouldn’t~ I can’t take it as a pre-workout, I get tummy issues and cramps from it.  I can however take it after workouts as long as I’ve already eaten something…I’ve decided that I’m not going to buy it again.  It’s the only creatine product I’ve ever used that’s created this kind of tummy issue for me. There plenty other creatines that work better for me.

BTW- I had a SUPER powerhouse upper body workout on MONDAY evening!

Gotta go shower, eat and work!