Cold hard truth!

The cold hard truth hit me last night regarding my diet…I’ve been a super slacker and I am a carb addict (have been for ages…but I’m in a relapse!).  I ended up eating way to much dairy and gluten for my poor tummy to handle yesterday and ended up with a tummy ache all night and part of this morning.  The distance between what I KNOW works for me in my diet and the ACTUALLY DOING IT is way to far right now!! The cold hard truth is that I need to put much more effort into my food choices.

In order to break my current carb addiction I am going very low carb for the next couple of weeks– it’s going to coorelate perfectly with my buffing phase and hopefully catapult me towards a successful training period for the Warrior Dash.  There’s just about 58 days of training left befor the event!!

My plan to run yesterday never happened…my DD was still sick, so I spent the afternoon at the DR’s office with her.  She’s doing better today– NO FEVER FINALLY, so she’ll make it to school tomorrow, YAY~!!  Today’s cycle day 3 for me, I have more energy than the past 2– I have slept and insane amount the past 3 days!  I guess my body likes to make up for the BAD SLEEP it gets during the last week of each cycle….

My plan for today will be to get to the gym EARLY so I can tan and run on the treddy before my son arrives for our lifting session.  We have legs on tap!  It should be a GREAT workout!!  Here’s the tenative line up: Leg Press, Knee ups on bench, Walking lunges, High Knees, Bulgarians, Laying side leg raises, Smith Lunges, Butt Squats, lower back/booty extensions.

Low, Low Carb will be tough, but I need to do it to “reset” my body and mind!! Time to be HONEST and face the reality of my own weakness!

I can do it!!


12 days till Christmas!

Hello!! I’ve been away one day and I have missed you terribly~ You all are so important to me!!

Well….so are you wondering what I’ve been up to–
Yesterday: I got my hair cut, highlighted/lowlighted and worked~and rested it was my day off of workouts. Now my hair is shorter than it has been in about 3 years, whaaaa! I am having hair cut remorse, lol– it looks good, but I just like my hair LONG. I was doing stellar on my diet until last night–silly christmas sugar cookies!! 1 cookie, led to 2 cookies, led to popcorn which led to an ice cream sandwich! OH MAN~ I am such a carb addict! :chocolate:
Last night we watched the UFC Fight Night on Spike–LOVED IT!! One of my FAVS Diego won in a stellar fashion, it was really fun to see! :hi5: I can’t wait until the next fights on the 30th–they will be a BLAST to watch!!

Today: it is Gracie’s birthday! She is 5 today!!! UNREAL…I worked all morning, and then worked out. FEELING GREAT!!

I did 15 mins on the r-bike warm up
paired circuits style workout

push ups 20

Bench dips (slow and controlled)
8repsx5 sets

push ups 10

Tricep extensions with bench bar
Incline Flys

Incline Hammer Press
Cable Tricep push downs
85x9x2 (these were more upright, slower and controlled)

40# assisted (I do this because of a bad shoulder) x10x3
3 sets

Cable flys (both arms together)
Cable bicep pose down

Chatted for 10 mins with Travis’ boxing trainer about UFC, Tough Man Contests, Natural vs. Made Athletes, Elite athletes and “Heart”–some deep stuff

Then I got on the stairmill and did 20 mins hard– felt GREAT!

So far on my eats very good
Now to keep them good for the rest of the night!!! I can do it!

I am off to shower quick, clean my HOME, bring Gunner to wrestling, call my Mom and MIL, get Gunner from wrestling and then tonight I promised Gracie that I would sleep with her–wish me luck on that one, lol.

Have a good Thursday night yourself!