Birthday Busy

Why is it that kids birthday’s make life so hectic?! My son just turned 16 yesterday and it’s been go, go, go, double go ever […] Read More

Miss You!

Holy Cow, I miss you all sooooo much!! I have been the busiest that I can remember this week! I have a million and 1 […] Read More


I am home!! YAY!! I’m so happy to be HOME!! This is an odd homecoming for me– my “re-entry” has been SPECTACULAR!! I’m rocking it […] Read More

One Month!

I’ve got one month before my birthday~ so the count down is on, but honestly I am not in a “DIRE” mode to get in […] Read More


This week has not exactly gone to plan– the time prior to a trip never does, right? So yesterday I got my nails, hair and […] Read More

Not just BUFF… Beautiful too!! ~Shine in 49: Day 38

I’ve got 15 days to go until my birthday~ whoohoo!!! Why is it that I get so fired up to be fit for my birthday […] Read More

Practice Makes Perfect!! ~ Shine in 49: Day 13

  Practice makes perfect~ I was just thinking today how little I knew when I first started lifting, I was so uncoordinated and weak…I was […] Read More

Now on to Christmas!

Now that my Daughter Gracie’s birthday is done, I can think clearly about Christmas!  Yesterday I got in a good intervals/cardio workout Here’s how it […] Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-17

I uploaded a YouTube video — BuffMother! birthday shoot # GSP, Henderson & Brock!! Fingers crossed!! # Check this video out — BuffMother! birthday […] Read More

I love Friday's!

I just love, love, love Fridays!!! Friday was an exciting day in the Berger home. 2 of my daughters, the twins, had a “Sock HOP’ […] Read More