Gearing up for legs!

Yesterday at the gym a I witnessed a wheelchair bound young man working hard with a trainer trying to do the leg press.  I was inspired and so very thankful that my legs work….there is NO EXCUSE for me to complain about leg day!  I am getting ready to hit them hard!! SO THANKFUL I CAN!! My workout from yesterday was focused on BACK mostly, but I also did some shoulder, legs, abs and stairmill.


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This morning, I started working with a new client. She’s fired up to get STRONGER and I am excited for her potential!!  If you are looking for some guidance with your training, I offer online and in person training.  ALSO, here’s an easy idea for a workout…Do these 10 exercises- 3 sets of 10 for each move or you can do them as a circuit of all 10 in a row repeating the circuit 3 times. Click the links if you need help, there is a video tutorial for each with some tips:


I’m off now to do legs, including my JUMPSTART exercise for today.


Ab/Butt Connection: “Fab Abs” Day 24

I talk a lot about how EVERY part of our body is important to our health. BUTT, there is no denying the fact that your ABS are connected to your BUTT.  Much of the same exercises that work your BUTT also work your ABS!

Day #24’s Fab Abs challenge is for you to Please try the following EXERCISES to FEEL the AB/BUTT connection yourself:

  1. Y Stretch-
  2. Showgirl-
  3. Adductors-
  4. Flash-dance-
  5. Running ups-


Be sure to work hard, we have just 4 days to go!!

WHOHOOO!! Whittle that waist!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Sweet Squattin’ Saturday!
I was so happy today at the gym when my squatting went well…as many of you know I’ve been in “rehab” mode for the past several months with my lower/back hip area. After months of working through pain in March and April I totally STOPPED squatting and doing Dead Lifts so that my back could heal. It almost killed me not to be able to squat, but~ now I am back at it and feeling quite good. I am still a lot weaker than where I was prior to the injury but I am feeling and seeing the effects of being able to do Squats and Deads again!!!

my workout for today:

warm up u-bike 7 mins

Some abs between those sets-
Ball sit ups 20 reps x 2 sets
Decline sit ups 40 reps x 2 sets

Dead lifts
95×10 to15 reps x4 sets (various foot positions)

Barbell Lunges
followed immediately by Bulgarians

2 sets light quite a few reps

Ran intervals on treddy– mostly at a 3% incline
easy mins at 7
hard mins at 9, 9, 9, 2mins at 9, 10, 10

then some Abductions and knee extensions then my time was up~

My son’s football season is in full season now, so we were tieded up with that yesterday and this afternoon. Later we are going to my SIL’s house for a little tiny b-day celebration for her :)

Have a great day!
p.s. today is c-day 28 and I weigh 127#…can’t wait to have a SUPER awesome final week for our Super STAR contest!!!


Well we made it for a FUN little walk this morning–I pushed 2 of the girls as my 3 year old, little athlete, Layla rode her barbie tri-wheel like a mad woman–It was so FUNNY!! Tia the other twin thought so too, she was laughing at her like crazy.

She looked like the wicked witch from the wizzard of oz–hunched over petalling with all of her mite!

Now the twins are in the tub, then Gracie, then off to the gym~I am leaving them in the drop off childcare so that I could do lots of work…

Afterward I went and said a quick “HI” to the girls and did a quick workout….I felt guilty since they had already been in the childcare for almost 3 hours.

here is my workout- a total of 40 mins

r-bike warm up
knee extensions paired with leg press
full squats paired with leg curls
Dead lifts paired with smith lunges
abductors paired with adductors
basically 4 sets of 10 on everything

now at home while watching the little mermaid and folding laundry

25 min on r-bike—may do more here as the next load is ready to fold
and some high rep(15-30 reps) lifting:
db stiff leg dead lifts
db squats
laying side leg lifts

Well I am off to get supper and workout more, lol!