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Do you still send out Christmas Cards?

I am thinking about sending out Christmas Cards this year. I think it’s time to reconnect to some of my family with a simple, NON ELECTRONIC, genuine beautiful Christmas Card.

When I was a kid I remember going card shopping with my parents, they poured over boxes trying to find just the right message and images that captured our wishes to our loved one on this most sacred of holidays.  It’s so easy to find cards these days. No trudging to the store in early November to ensure a good selection. And no heartache if the picture you love so much doesn’t have a message that resonates with you.  You now can order online and CUSTOMIZE the message yourself. Check out for the ones you see here and the ones I show in this little video promo:

Happy Holidays and MERRY Christmas!!

Rootology cured my allergies

Hey!! Just wanted to post quickly about a new supplement I love.  Rootology Rocks!!
The last couple months I’ve been taking Rootology and it’s seriously cured my allergies!!

The great thing about this natural cure is there are no nasty side effects.  Traditional allergie meds left me tired or aggitated with little to no relief. Plus, often times I’d feel dehydrated and get an upset stomach from them.  Rootology has not given me any side effects and the great thing is you don’t have to take it daily. Just take it when you have symptoms and with in minutes, boom, allergies gone!

You seriously should try it! Purchase on their site or on amazon.
Here’s a short video~



Rootology is a blend of 13 concentrated herbal extracts that support against sneezing, congestion, sinus pressure, runny nose, itchy watery eyes, and headache. Visit here for more info

It’s thrifty, good quality, easy to use, impressive and perfect for a healthy family lifestyle.

natural relief of allergies
quick working
backed by great science and a great company

In one case, a friend of mine said it made him feel a bit jittery when he took it without food.  I have not felt that at all. If you feel that be sure to take it with food and avoid taking it close to bed time.

The review criteria for Rootology:
Pricing- 5 stars (16.99 for 40)
Quality- 5 stars
Ease of Use- 5 stars
Impression-Practical Stylish- 5 stars
Healthy lifestyle/Family Friendly- 5 stars


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You are NOT a Superhero

Hey it’s Michelle and I have another fit marriage tip for you.  Today, my message is clear, you are not a superhero!!

You are not indestructible;  you are not a superhero!
Don’t ever think that just because you wear the badge of marriage that you are
not to be able to succumb to any temptations that would ruin your sacred vows.
My point is this, If you go through life thinking you’re indestructible when you aren’t
you’re going to find yourself in situations that may hurt you. Situtations
that may hurt your spouse and ones that may actually really, really damaging that
marriage of yours!  Please don’t the don’t believe you are exempt from temptation, don’t believe it for a second!  You’re not a
superhero,  you’re not indestructible!
Instead make sure that you’re wearing your protective gear. By that I mean constantly
being on the lookout. And constantly check yourself, ask yourself
…am i acting out in a bad way?
….am I am i doing something that I shouldn’t be doing?
….am I promoting this relationship with this person that maybe is a little sketchy?
or am i may be flirting too much with this certain person?
Just because you are wearing a wedding band do not think you’re indestructible,  everyone is is tempted from time to
time but if you think you’re indestructible you may just give into that temptation and sin.
No one goes into marriage thinking,  “oh I’m going to be an adulterer, for sure.
yeah,  that’s what I’m going to do it I’m just gonna go and cheat on my
spouse like crazy!”
No one thinks that right?? Yet it happens all the time!
My suggestion is to accept the fact you are human and  realize you do have the potential to cheat within you…but you won’t because you
will be on guard at all times for it’s potential. That way you are not blind-sighted by the situation.
I put my guard up all times, I stay strong and I recognize I am human however I will not fall, I will not sub-come to these stupid temptations.
I’m gonna be honest with myself,  so I’m going to stay above board!
If everI feel for a second that I’m tempted beyond what I can handle
I will run the other direction a million miles an hour!!
I know I am not indestructible, I am NOT a superhero.
Please make sure you stay real with yourself.  Be honest about what’s going on with your
relationships with other human beings that are not your spouse!  Stay clean,
keep those vows and have a great marriage!!
Your BuffMother, Michelle Berger

5 SIMPLE Tips on How to be “Healthy and Strong”!

5 SIMPLE Tips on How to be “Healthy and Strong”!

1. BUILD your body, do things in your workout that cause your body to become STRONGER!

2. BUILD your nutrient stores…feed your body NUTRIENT DENSE foods and Supplements that support your lifestyle and workouts!

3. FLUSH Toxins! Drink water, eliminate toxic substances from your diet and environment. Plus, Sweat, Exfoliate and Massage toxins out!

4. BE CONSISTENT, not perfect! No one is always perfect, just make several more good decisions than bad on a consistent basis.

5. Be your HEALTH ADVOCATE…After implementing 1-4, if results are Stagnant… seek professional help and keep pushing for answers! No one knows you better than you, keep fighting for Solutions!

Here’s a short rough video where I go over these 5~

Get after your health!!

Love ya,




Determined to start blogging again….

Hey Ya’ll….so sorry I’ve been off the grid a bit with my blog.  Social media is anti-blogging these days.  Just quick checkin’ on Facebook, IG or Snapchat have become my norm.  BUT, I MISS BLOGGING!!  I am now determined to start blogging agian.

One of the reasons I stopped blogging was I got bogged down by the “rules” of blogging.  Needing to put in all the tags, featured pics,etc…MAKE IT PERFECT SYNDROME.  Well, I am over it!

Today I had my first article posted on the blog~ It’s how to get your GUNZ with 3 simple DB curl variations.

And today I’m woking on my next article about how Turmeric makes you beautiful.

As for workouts, things are going fine.  I had a bit of an allergy attack on Tuesday, so adjusted my workouts a tish due to that.
Monday- gym day Back, Shoulders, Biceps
Tuesday- ran intervals on treadmill, felt great no ankle pain (sprained it about 3 weeks ago)Wednesday- 20 mins of bike, 30 mins of stretching (I am doing a splits challenge in Oct-Nov…trying to get in the grove for that!)

Today I’ll be doing LEGS!

Eats wise, I’ve been doing well. Trying to stay away from junk and really nutrify myself.
Today I’ve eaten: Kipper Snacks (fish), Cheese burger, onions, pickles, beets, protein shake with flax and spinach in water

Well, gotta roll now~ If you want to connect with me on social media here are my links:

and ON SNAPCHAT, I am buffmother

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Be the change you want in your spouse -marriage tip

So the mantra, “be the change you want to see in the world” is really big right now….
Let’s take it one step further and change that to “be the change you want to see your
Spouse!” all the time as a personal trainer,  I have husbands or wives asked me,  “What can i do
to get my spouse excited about eating healthy,  losing weight and get in shape?”
My answer is …do it yourself,  lead by example, be the change you want to see in them and I bet you pretty
much anything that they’re gonna follow suit!!  They’re going to get inspired.
They’re gonna go start learning along with you. They’re going to see the
results you are having and get jealous for some themselves.  They will think hey he’s looking really good maybe
I should you know get out there and get some work out on myself or lose 15 pounds too!

The great thing about being the CHANGE you want to SEE IN YOUR SPOUSE is that it works for whatever it is you want to see change.
whether it’s fitness, spirituality, being kinder
being a more outgoing
more sexual
more financially responsible
more patient
If you want to see change in your spouse, simply take a little step back to ask, “what can i do to be the change I want to see my spouse?”  Be honest with yourself, are you currently an example they can emulate or are you being a hypocrite?
Take on the change you want them to emulate. Be determined to show them how awesome it is be “that change” and it works!!  It’s applicable to so many different things!!
Be the change yourself!  They’re going to notice, learn and experience through your example.
It might take time, effort and patience but definitely worth it!
Good luck with being your best so your spouse can be their best!!
Please, let me know what you think of this tip below
thank you!

Dating -marriage tip

DATING is another FIT marriage tip for you.  You need to still date your spouse like
they’re your boyfriend or girlfriend!!
You must take the time away from life and just spend time with your spouse. AND it’s got to be just you and your spouse!!  a lot of couples get on in the habit of constantly going out
with other couples on their dates…That is not a DATE!  Going out with other couples is  all good and dandy every now and then but you still need the majority of your dates to be just be you and your spouse.
Dating means taking to connect intimately with your spouse physically, mentally and spiritually. Your not running errands, talking about the kids or your work…instead you should be talking about your life goals, your wishes, dreams and expectations for your future. Special things like that!
Make the time to make sure you go on dates don’t let life get too busy!
Even if you can’t “go out” you CAN do dates at home. Take a night or afternoon where you ON PURPOSE and ANNOUNCE (to the kids) “We are on a DATE” at home.  You must take the time to connect!
Cheers to you having a good marriage and I love you!


Look good for your spouse

Hey it’s Michelle and I’m here another marriage tip for you Look good for your spouse!

it’s very much a two-way street! Ladies and we want our men to look good right?  We need to take it upon ourselves to make an effort to look good.
A lot of times leading by example in this area is the best way to do it!


Try to wear makeup regularly and fix your hair.
Be sure to make an effort to wear nice clothes and hopefully
your husband will follow suit.
Please do this even when you
maybe not even going out ….
For instance, this is my example…. I am not going anywhere tonight. BUT, It’s a Friday night, you know we only have 52
Friday nights a year, so is a good time to take extra effort to look good!!
Put on some makeup, do up that hair a little extra nice…I curled mine today! Which is a pain, but my
husband knows that too!  He knows just looking at me, that I put in the effort to fix my hair the way he like it. He likes my hair curly.  So I’m
going to do it even though it is a pain!  It’s shows him I love him because I’m trying to look good
for him!
Ladies let’s an effort step it up a notch. Let’s try to look good for our husbands and MEN do the
same thing for your wives!!  Let’s get after it and make this world a more beautiful place
because if we all just tried a little harded more we can!  Wouldn’t it be nicer than going to
a Walmart  full of people their pajamas on?
anyway take care!

Pray for your spouse marriage tip

I’m here with another fit marriage tip for you… today’s tip is prayer!  You need to integrate prayer into your marriage, but specifically you need to pray for your spouse!
The book “Power of a Praying Wife” has been a very integral part of my relationship.  A few years into my marriage I got a copy of this book (it wasn’t this one, the original got tattered and torn so I got a new one with a hard cover )!! I read through it and used it over and over and over again!
This book is great because she’s got some real life example stories from her own
marriage, then a prayer and Bible verses that go along with the
prayers. She covers a wide variety of topics including:
  • about his wife
  • his work
  • his finances
  • sexuality
  • spirituality
  • temptation
  • mind
  • health
  • protection
  • reputation
  • relationships

I loved every topic, it hits home in so many different areas not only
in helping change my husband (which I wanted!) but it also change me.
It made me realize so many of the struggles that he’s going through on a daily basis,  that until I read book, I didn’t really understand.  It also opened my eyes as why I was going through so many similar struggles.
Praying to God works and it releases miracles into your life. It releases His love into your marriage. You need to allow Him to work in your life, that happens through prayer.
God wants you to have a great marriage and miracles do happen!! If you i would like a stronger marriage check out this book I highly recommend it!! Stormie Omatian has many other books that are great! Including praying for kids and just all sorts of amazing, amazing and resources.
Please make sure you praying and praying for your spouse. Also, please know that I’m here for you if you have any questions and if you want some personalized interaction simply
just reach out to me.
…and good luck with your marriage!! May it be strong and FIT!
God bless you!  ~Michelle