Drivers licence #2

Hey just wanted to start blogging a little bit more I’m doing this talk to type so forgive me if it’s cruddy. I’d rather do it like this then not do it at all….

So as the title says we got our second licensed driver today. Our little Gracie knocked it out today but despite her freedom, is sitting on the couch with nowhere to go!

Other happening is this week include Gunner quitting his job for the first time, he even wrote a two- week notice and had an envelope to give to his boss. Who said, “I’ve never gotten one of these before!” and cordially let him give his two weeks then I will start working at Jimmy John’s in March.

I had a quiet week for in person training as all my clients were on vacation. Instead, I spent my time doing homework! One of my assignments was to do an elevator pitch for a job the scenario is that you’re in an elevator and someone says to you “hey I see you came to meet with John, what’s your background?”

It’s an elevator pitch and it’s supposed to be shorter but our teacher said we could have it 1 to 2 minutes…I can certainly cut this down and depending on the situation AND definitely make it more customized to the situation. The good thing is is that, I’ve done a lot of talking about myself, so I’m pretty good at ad-libbing and making good conversation with people, lol!