Round up- past couple workouts

Thursday evening run on treadmill

All at 2% grade
warm up @ 6mph for 4mins
run hard @ 8mph x1 min recovery @ 6mph x 1 min x 3
run hard @ 9mph x1 min recovery @ 6mph x 1 min x 4 (2 mile mark at 17 mins)
cool down @5mph for 3 mins
Totals: distance 2.25 miles in 20 Mins


Friday workout at the gym

Shoulder press started light use this as warm up
30×10 +10 backwards
40×10  +10 backwards
Lat pulls with v grip- stretching or abs between sets
30×10 single arms
90×10 x3sets
115x10x2 Sets

Super Set
Hip Adductions 50×20, 60×15, 80x10x2sets various positions- leaning forward, sitting back
Hip Abductions 50×20, 60×15, 80x10x2sets

Super set
Leg curls 80x10x2sets, 100×6+80×6, singles 30x10x2sets
Glute kickaback machine 90x10x3sets

Oblique abs machine
50x10x2sets first 1 half motion, 2nd full rom

Leg extensions

Saturday workout- Tramoline jumps and drills for 20 mins interval style