May is here!!!

MAY is HERE!!! whoohoo!!! Bring IT ON!!

Today was football practice. It went really well despite us practicing in the rain and 45 degree temps.  I was at H-back (tail back, 3 back), Free Saftey and outside linebacker today.  Our first game is MAY 7th!!!  it’s in Bentonville at the HighSchool Track/Soccer Stadium @4pm- Be there is you live anywhere close!!!

I am super exctited for our contest to start tomorrow!!  It’s 6 weeks in length- 42 days~ I am also starting a 40 day prayer/fasting focus with my church.  I may not end up fasting at all…but I will be praying and following a devotional along with the congregation.  I can’t wait!!!

Another thing I’m going to do a EVERY DAY IN MAY personal challenge (I’ve successfully done it in the past)- I will do at least 11 mins of some sort of EXERCISE daily in MAY!!

Gotta go for now…I need to spend some time with my man!!





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