"Energize OTHERS October"- our Monthly theme!!

“Energize OTHERS October”- our Monthly theme!!

You have been blessed with very unique talents, gifts, abilities, opportunities, ideas, thoughts, etc. These can all be described as seeds of energy and nobody on earth, past, present, or future will have access to the same combination of these seeds as you!
Every one of these “energy seeds” can be planted and exponentially multiply exactly like the acorn example. However, you must learn to take the focus off of yourself and these seeds to energize others without expecting anything in return!
“You can have anything in the world you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar
Consider the energy contained in a single “energy seed”:
  • If you plant an energizing deed it can grow into exponential energy.
  • That energy can produce thousands of inspirational actions, kind deeds and good choices.
  • Those of positive actions can grow into hundreds of successful legacies.
  • Those success legacies will be converted into new generation of health.
  • That generation can be used to build an entire fit and healthy civilization!!!
  • I could go on and on but the fact is, there are no limits to what can be produced. from act to energizing another person, give it away! Plant your energy seeds!!
Another way to put it is to GIVE away what you have. Have you ever heard the expression, “It is more blessed to give than receive”? This verse comes from the book of Acts in the Bible. Virtually every religion and or philosophical viewpoint teaches about the importance of giving. Personally, I can’t say that I was inspired or enthused in any way when I first read about giving to others. I didn’t feel I had anything to give and what I did have I need for myself! You might feel the same way.   However, I now believe that nothing has more power to unleash incredible rewards into your life than the act of giving to benefit other people!
Identify your gifts/Passion/Talents
Now let’s take it one step further…..In order to give, you must know what you have to give. In the exact same way that everyone has needs, every person also has been blessed with certain gifts, talents and abilities.   These gifts are your “energy seeds”!!!
Write down every gift, talent, skill, ability, or thing you like doing or are good at.
For example:
  • I am a good at writing.
  • I have always been a great cheerleader.
  • I love organizing things.
  • I am generous.
  • I enjoy manual labor.
  • I have a lot of computer skills.
Can you imagine what will happen in your life if you decide to “plant” your gifts into the lives of others? In time you will experience what can only be described as a natural phenomenon. The energy from every seed you planted will multiply exponentially and flow back to you! It’s so simple, but you need to be willing to take the first step. Don’t sit around thinking, talking and worrying about the things you don’t have. Instead, use what you do have to help other people (plant your “energy seeds”) In time, you will always be rewarded exponentially!!

For the Month of OCTOBER I want you to energize others by planting (giving) energy.
You will experience 2 benefits

1. You will feel instant gratification when you sincerely help someone in need. Giving always feels far better than you originally predicted.
2. Sooner or later, a tidal wave of energy will flow into your life. Every need you have will miraculously be met. Don’t try to figure out how it works. Just go DO IT NOW and find out for yourself!!
**There is one little catch. You must give without expecting anything in return! If you only “give” to “get,” this law won’t have any power in your life and you will be completely wasting your time!
Now that you know what you have to give (your personal “energy seeds”)…WHO do you give them to? We all know that walking up to a stranger at the gym and giving a compliment is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes finding someone who openly wants and will willingly accept a genuine act of kindness is the hardest part of planting “energy seeds”. Well, I have the simplest solution; I’ve created the perfect place for you to plant your seeds, the Team BuffMother Rally Room!!
If you are a member of the Rally Room- plant your energy seeds by commenting on OTHER’s Blogs (shoot for 5 or mor a day)!
If you are not a member of the Rally Room~ consider joining NOW: www.therallyroom.com or STRIVE to comment on other’s blogs, status updates, etc…

Let’s make October all about Energizing OTHERS!!!



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