Slept in!!

I am DYING Laughing about how many SORE BOOTY posts have been here in the RR this week!!! Isn’t it fun to have a sore butt!? Laughing Today my DH let me sleep in until 10am!!  I needed it soooo bad as my cold was still “hanging” on quite strong yesterday.  I feel much better today and I’m ready to attempt going for a run outside here in just about 30mins.

My plan is to finish writing part 2 of my re-cap of the Omaha trip today, but I also need to catch up with some video coaching stuff and have 3 parent teacher conferences this afternoon.  I had my son’s yesterday and felt like I was the one who was the one who the conference was about and that I was in BIG trouble, lol!  The teacher expects me to “check” my son’s math homework each night it’s assigned (twice a week)…which means I have to do the entire lesson myself and figure out the way they want the answers written on my own. It takes at least 30mins each time to do it and I just don’t have that much time in the evenings.  NOR do I want to do math homework…I am over and done with being in 4th grade!   Crazy how much teachers expect parents to be involved with homework and such.  When I was a kid I did my own homework with little to none parental involvement.  NOW I have 4 kids who all need constant involvement from me with homework. The teachers expect it way too much and can’t possibly understand how BUSY it is with 4 kids in elementary school…3 of which are still trying to learn how to read! I’ll get off my soapbox now….Sorry for ranting~ The good news is that I have very smart kids and my son has all A’s except for and 89% in MATH, GO GUNNER!

Last night I had a good time at the gym, I showed off pictures of both Deb and Brenda…then got in a good HEAVY Back workout!  I went ahead and started BOOSTING.  FUN to lift heavy!!  I had planned on doing intervals on the stairmill, but my cough kept me from doing that.  I’ll get those in tomorrow instead.

warm up r-bike 5 mins

Cybex lat pulls

Pull ups- 8

High Lat pull- Hammer Strength
90×10 together
70×10 (one arm at a time) x10

hammer rows-
90×10 (together)
70×10 (one arm at a time)x10

Hammer Bicep curls

Ab Wheel

Lateral raises- high overhead slow and controlled

t-bar rows
45x10x3sets (various hand positions)

Cable  rear lat raises
Cable Front raises
10x10x1 set

Assisted overhand pull ups
40×6 really slow
+4 under hand

Then it was time to go get Gunner from Football….He got moved from Linebacker to Offensive Full Back. Their STAR player/QB broke his collar bone in their game on Tues, so there was a big shake up on the team!  They play a game tommorrow night, so we’lll see how the new offense goes.

Well I am off to get a run done and some LUNGES!! YAY Booty!!


Here’s a pic for you in HONOR of our LUNGE WEEK~ they produce!



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