Thank You Dr. Earl

First off…let me thank my kind DR. , Dr. Earl…he is a good guy!  A couple months back he and I did a little tv news peice  together and today I went to see him.  He is always busy, yet willing to take time to listen to my life’s happenings, etc…  Today I showed him my book and he was VERY supportive of it and excited to help me promote!  Thank You Dr. Earl for being a the coolest Doctor in town!

My resolve for the week is to do “body work” meaning….I am shooting to do a mini full body workout each day. I’ll do push ups, pull ups and squats each day rotating the order of what I do.   Nothing too intense, but enough to keep me on track to making progress. 

So last night I did the first day of my body work-
Push ups- perfect 15, 17, 16 with putting kids to bed between sets
Pull ups- under hand 8, 7, 6 with 2 min u-bike between
Squats- warm up 45, 95#x10 reps+5 booty squatsx3 sets…laying on the bed between sets, lol!

The plan for the rest of my day is this:
load up the van with Helping hands stuff
go to Wal-Mart
come home, work a bit and rest

Have a good one !!!



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