Happy Hummpy day!

Happy Hump day~ …so does that mean I need to HUMPPY TODAY? LOL…

I guess I missed posting my workout from last night…well I ran for about 16 min and then did 6 FAST sprints about (15sec) each…”Do you know how I know I was fast?”
WELLLLL~~~DH was out playing catch with my DS and he said “you looked really fast, I wonder what you would run a 200 in these days”… that just made my day!!! so I guess, I’ll have to try that sometime 🙂

So today I got to the gym around 12:30…lifted chest and tri’s for a half hour, tanned, and then did the elliptical for 40 min 🙂

Have a super night, I know I will (wink! wink!)



2 Replies to “Happy Hummpy day!

  1. I dont get the HUUMPY comment?
    Guess I’m naive. I don’t understand the benefit of the 15 second sprints either.
    And the 200 (meters,yards).
    Thank you for the routines!

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