Pretty Pink

Yesterday turned into a highly productive day!! I love it when things get accomplished!

I started the day with “work time” –adding a ton of videos to You Tube. I’m still a bit behind on the booty workouts though.  If you’ve ever posted HD vids to the internet with a super slow connection, you would understand why. It takes forever!

After/During that I did my chest lifting workout and also packed up a bunch of MY DVD’s with Band workouts to ship out


Then I got dolled up and headed out to lunch with my SIL, Heidi

She gave me the most beautiful pink gem necklace!


Then I got my nails done, ran a few more errands and even got my puppy groomed.

Once I got home I brought Gunner to the DR for his physical and then hit Wal-Mart for food.  We spent the night doing some “target practice” and finished the evening off with a “night hunt”.


VERY good fun day!!

Today is Day 19 of our Hot Hiney contest~ and I will be working MY BOOTY off today~ I’ll be taping the TUNA and the MELT today!

Here’s the post for today:


I’m off to have another productive day!!


p.s. check out my new feature on Pinqii…-disagrees-explains/

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


This year I have 3 resolutions:

1- to KISS MORE!! 2- to take more PHOTOS! 3- to BLOG DAILY!

  1. Kissing more sounds simple, yet when you have 5 loved ones in your family (+ a puppy)  who all need KISSES, it can be a bit demanding.  I am up for the challenge~ it may get sloppy & personal but I am armed with  my puckered lips ready to rock my kisser in 2012!!
  2. More photos is a must…my kids are beautiful and I barely took any good photos of them the past couple years! It’s a shame, but no more– I am going to snap away. I also have beautiful landscapes, animal and plant life all around~ no better way to capture it than with a click of the camera!
  3. Blogging daily is something I’ve slacked at the year….I love blogging– not just using it as a journal, but using it as a place to explore my deep inner thoughts, ideas, strategies, etc…the more I blog the better I feel about everything.  I don’t expect EVERY DAY that my blog will rock, but I do expect inspiration and creativity to flow from time to time!

Don’t be surprised if in 2012 share photos of me kissing others in my blog!!

SMOOCHES!! -Michelle

My kids are gone!

My kids are GONE!! My MIL drove them to MN yesterday…so it’s just Travis, I and Cuji (our puppy) here in Arkansas for the next 11 days or so!!! I’ve not had a kid-less house for almost 12 years!  This is gonna rock!  The only bad part about it is that I have tons of work to do…my vacation will have to wait for when we go to Cancun next month!! I’m excited for that too!!

Okay, so my life totally rocks!!  I KNOW THAT!! I am very blessed and insanely happy!! cheerleaders

Overall the 4th of July weekend was a blast and very busy.  Travis and I managed to workout on Friday, Saturday and Sunday together.  Then Monday was an “off” day.  Tuesday we lifted LEGS and Yesterday, I got a run with 3 hill sprints done. Today is chest/triceps and intervals coming up at 1pm. 

My cycle started exactly when it was supposed to this month (a perfect 28 day cycle) on July 2nd, so I am on cycle day 6 today.  There for a couple days I was SCARED to weight!  But buffing began yesterday with my weight at 125…again today I was 125.  My Buffing goal is to get down to a REAL WEIGHT of 122-123.  Then maintain that through my boosting and end up with a weight around 120-122 for our Anniversary trip to Cancun in August!!!

We just got the trip booked yesterday and I am EXCITED!!! Yeah, I know my life totally rocks!! God is good!!!

have a SWEET Day!!


Beat yesterday~! day 22/70 SSS2011

I was so beat yesterday…It was one of those days where I kept waiting for some energy and it never came. Despite being exhausted I spent the day with my girls running errands and shopping. BUSY, BUSY!! Needless to say I decided to make yesterday a day off of workouts. Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough last night, I was actually in bed early and asleep by 9:30. My sleep was a not the greatest because for a Valentines “treat” …I was sleeping with 4 girls- 3 human ones and a puppy! HA!!

The plan for the remainder of today is to go for a run outside, CLEAN my house, then at about 3 go to the store with the kids to shop for my DH’s birthday. He’ll be 41 tomorrow, poor guy…he’s so old, lol!! Then after a bit of shopping I’ll get to the gym and do a leg workout! Kids classes start at 4 so that should workout perfectly so that we can get home early in the evening.

On my shopping trip yesterday I found some football pants and a helmet!! YES~! now all I need for football is a pair of cleats. I was really sore in my hip flexors and calves/back of knees yesterday from the plyos and drills we did on Sunday. It’s amazing to me how when I’m there doing the drills it’s so much fun and doesn’t feel like a workout. But the next day I can certainly feel it!!

Okay, I gotta go get my running stuff on~ It’s a warm beautiful day here!! Can’t wait to breath it in!!


Looking back at 2010! Day 11/70 of SSS2011

It’s a month into 2011 and I am finally getting my new year mojo cranked up!! I’ve been thinking a lot about what adventure lies ahead for this year, which in turn got me thinking about some of the fun positves from last year:

Took a family vacation to World’s of FUN- I love roller coasters!!

My little brother came to visit

I got to go to AZ to visit my little sister

We got a puppy- Sweet Cuji, my “angel puppy from heaven”

We had our first official “BuffMother” gathering in California- thanks Julie for inviting us there!!

I successfully rehabed my sciatic injury, my legs are stronger now than they’ve been in ages

I started playing tennis and improved dramatically- what a fun way to enjoy the warm summer with my hubby!!

I got to go to VEGAS as the winner of the “Train with Ava” Sweepstakes

My son hit his stride as a true football player- linebacker fit him well!

I became a sponsored physique model- Thanks NRG-X Labs!

I could go on and on…There were a lot of positives in 2010!! Can’t wait for even more in 2011~!!

On tap for today is a leg workout- It’ll be an at home version, but I’ll do my best!

Football practice was canceled last night but I do need to do some catching and drills in my living room tonight to keep my skills improving. I know I can improve on my ball skills! I ventured out for a drive to the PO today and man!! it was icy out there…School is off again tomorrow!

Let’s keep striving for more fun adventure in 2011~!!


Tackle It!

“Tackle it today!!  Take it on, head first and pound it out!”…that’s my mindset towards cleaning my house today.  When I started this morning it was such a complete mess that I was getting ADD from all the messes within the mess.  LOL!

Now a couple hours in I can breath again and feel the progress, YAY!!  As I clean, I’m realizing that I’m ready to TACKLE other items in my life.  I am ready to take on new goals, dreams and responsibilities!! OH yes, I am feeling my MOJO!! WHOHOO!! I’m ready to TACKLE life!!

A few things that have helped me in recent months get to this point are:

  • REST (I needed to good rest- not just sleep, but REST-): stress had really crept into even the “rest” I thought I was getting.  I was stressed out about needing to Do, DO, DO! Go, Go, GO…even when I thought I was resting.  Resting in GOD is my new thought.  I can’t do it all- but He can and HE will If I let HIM.  Resting in GOD is key!
  • Limiting stimulants: oH this is tough!  It can be a vicous cycle~ I had been taking an allergy-D for my allergies.  The “D” was an ephedrine based stimulant….well over time that is not good to always be on a stimulant, I was well aware of my addiciton to it!  2 weeks ago I stopped taking it. The initial week was tough, but now I feel good “real” energy errupting in its place.
  • Supporting my addrenals- I’ve been taking certain supplements to help them and focusing on nutrient dense foods.
  • EASING into my workouts- adding in AEROBIC fitness- working your heart is so good for you and your body’s energy produciton
  • Getting outside (even in the cold)- sunshine!!- thanks to my puppy…I’ve been outside a lot the past month.
  • FUN! — having a focus on keeping life fun- my Cuji (I call her, “my Angel Puppy from HEAVEN”) has helped us have FUN too!

ON to my workout review- I took Wed off but did a great at the gym leg workout yesterday:

Squats 45×15; 95×10; 135×10; 155×8, 175×6; 135×10
Dead lifts 45×15, 95×20, 115×10, 135×10, 135×10 convetionals, 135×10
Seated Calf raises- 90x15x3sets various foot positons
Leg Press- 90×15 together+10single legs, 180×10; 270x10x2
Calf raises 3×10 between leg press sets
Leg Curls- 80×10 then singles 35×10; 30×10+5 x2sets
Leg Extensions 110x10x2 sets;  130x10x2 sets
Walking Lunges- 55# on backx1 set x15 reps

Core during some rests: Knee ups, hanging sit ups, lower back extensions.

Today, I will lift chest @ home and go running outside :)…It’s warmed up a lot here today!! 

wonderful Wednesday!

I am in a great mood today!! It’s really been a wonderful wednesday and I can’t wait for more!!  The day started by getting my kids off to school!! YAY!!  Then I watched a video on netflix “a case for Christ”…interesting stuff.  Meanwhile I had tons of coffee and took care of my fun little Furball puppy! It’s so fun having a real life stuffed animal, lol!!  Next I got to chat with SWEET Shana!! She’s kicking tail in her workouts and life~ I love it!!

Last night I got in another good workout on my home gym…BTW- I added a picture to my blog from yesterday and figured I’d add it here too in case you missed it.  Looks pretty good if you ask me 😉

My workout went  kinda like this-

Bent over rows
Inverted pull up and pull ups
Knee ups
Bicep curls
DB shoulder raises
mish mosh of boxing drills and hip mobility drills
Ball Bounces (for hips)

So today I’ve been diving into my “Education” Resolution and looking into different fitness associations and training programs. IDEA has some really good resources.  I went ahead and created a profile there-

I am a NESTA Certified trainer, but toying with the idea of getting certified by ACE or ACSM also….Another fun cert I’m looking into is

Anyhow…Kids will be home soon.  I gotta go!!