Pretty Pink

Yesterday turned into a highly productive day!! I love it when things get accomplished! I started the day with “work time” –adding a ton of […] Read More


This year I have 3 resolutions: 1- to KISS MORE!! 2- to take more PHOTOS! 3- to BLOG DAILY! Kissing more sounds simple, yet when […] Read More

My kids are gone!

My kids are GONE!! My MIL drove them to MN yesterday…so it’s just Travis, I and Cuji (our puppy) here in Arkansas for the next […] Read More

Beat yesterday~! day 22/70 SSS2011

I was so beat yesterday…It was one of those days where I kept waiting for some energy and it never came. Despite being exhausted I […] Read More

Looking back at 2010! Day 11/70 of SSS2011

It’s a month into 2011 and I am finally getting my new year mojo cranked up!! I’ve been thinking a lot about what adventure lies […] Read More

Tackle It!

“Tackle it today!!  Take it on, head first and pound it out!”…that’s my mindset towards cleaning my house today.  When I started this morning it […] Read More

wonderful Wednesday!

I am in a great mood today!! It’s really been a wonderful wednesday and I can’t wait for more!!  The day started by getting my […] Read More