Dating -marriage tip

DATING is another FIT marriage tip for you.  You need to still date your spouse like
they’re your boyfriend or girlfriend!!
You must take the time away from life and just spend time with your spouse. AND it’s got to be just you and your spouse!!  a lot of couples get on in the habit of constantly going out
with other couples on their dates…That is not a DATE!  Going out with other couples is  all good and dandy every now and then but you still need the majority of your dates to be just be you and your spouse.
Dating means taking to connect intimately with your spouse physically, mentally and spiritually. Your not running errands, talking about the kids or your work…instead you should be talking about your life goals, your wishes, dreams and expectations for your future. Special things like that!
Make the time to make sure you go on dates don’t let life get too busy!
Even if you can’t “go out” you CAN do dates at home. Take a night or afternoon where you ON PURPOSE and ANNOUNCE (to the kids) “We are on a DATE” at home.  You must take the time to connect!
Cheers to you having a good marriage and I love you!


11 is a good number!

Hey Y’all!!
It is day 11 of 70….can you believe we are over 1/7th done with the contest!!! Let’s keep up the great mojo and BE HOTT for the upcoming holidays~ speaking of which Halloween is just 5 weeks away….The perfect amount of time to see some KILLER results and enable you to wear a FUN costume!! I may just have to dress up this year….HMMM………I ‘ll have to get thinking and then find a PARTY to go to!

My peace today was found with DH…he just left now for work, a wee bit late 😉 BUT we had a GREAT POSITIVE conversation, a PINKY SWEAR and a prayer about out future life!!! It is so peaceful to know I have a partner in life- FOR LIFE!!! I found peace in my LOVE and intimacy with my DH!!!

My workout yesterday totally ROCKED!!!!!

I felt amazing for having been so ill this week….I think it may be the raisins I had pre-workout…EVERY TIME I EAT RAISINS I have KILLER workouts!!!

warm up- tanning 10 min only

Incline hammer chest press

Incline Flys
35’sx8x3 (next time I need to attempt the 40’s)

Cable Flys (one arm at at time)

Tricep cable push downs

one set standing high knees- no support
15 each leg

Tricep Extensions
Bicep curls

Front Delt raises (one arm at a time)
paired with push ups
10,10, 6, 10

some abs in between
knee ups 3 sets

Seated calves between some sets too

Then last night we had ROAST for supper–yummy!! and I had a root beer float for dessert and my treat.
Still no bread or grains for me this week except for 2 spoonfuls of macaroni n cheese.

I watched some TV last night~
BIONIC WOMAN!!!! I used to love that show when I was a kid…now they have a new one…I think I may just have to watch it every week!!

And TUF!!! I love cage fighting!!

Now I need to get to work~ but I plan on getting to the gym after lunch for a leg workout!!