Kim our “28 Days of Chirstmas Winner!!”

28 Day Christmas Challenge Contest WINNER!!
HI!! You are the WINNER!!
Congrats and thanks so much for your SUPER participation via my BuffMotherPage on facebook!! You were a stand out during the entire contest and I love your willingness to share your passion for fitness with the world!!
Thanks and Congrats~
Michelle Berger
Kimberly Of NY
I am 41 years old
I have 2 children (13 and 11)
  1. How do I feel the 28 days of Christmas Challenge helped me during the crazy holiday season?
    The contest helped through a lot of stress this time of year. Gave me something to focus on instead of worrying about things I wasn’t in control of right now. I am someone who loves     to give gifts. Deciding, finding, and giving a gift is one of my favorite things to do. We had to cut back a lot this year, so I was unable to ‘give’ as much as I would have liked. The     contest helped me deal with the situation and focus on things that matter more than monetary things. The kids stepped up and helped as well. A great holiday!
  1. Summarize my performance in this contest…
    I realized early on during this contest that even though I was working out most days I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I could. Reading other Buffmother posts helped me see that.     So I began looking for and planning tougher workouts. Now I am trying new gadgets and heavier weights. Trying hard to think outside the box and give it all I got. Thanks,     Buffmothers!
  1. Are you happy with your results?
     I was very consistent and on track with my workouts throughout the challenge. Had a strong start with my eats, but had trouble Christmas week. Getting back on     track as type this. This is my 2nd contest and I always feel that my results could have been better. I put a ton of effort into the contest, but there is always something I could have     done differently or better. Always a work in progress. So overall I am happy with the things I have learned along the way, but I can do better each day.
  1. Encouraged by? Denyse W. and Suzi V.. I love our dynamics as a group. We work well together for accountability and encouragement. Inspired by? Robin W.. I love her enthusiasm, dedication and sense of humor. She has been a great addition to the group. I look forward to seeing how far she can go.
  1. I shared my pics most days on the Team Buffmother and the Buffmother sites. Lots of fun!
  1. In closing: As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the contest. It is an amazing thing to have so many wonderful women to discuss common interests with and help those women when they need a word of encouragement. I enjoyed the workout proof pics. A great add on to this contest. Gave us a chance to show a different side to ourselves, open up and be creative. The occasional questions you passed along to us was helpful to me as well. They made me pause and think. I started a separate journal to keep those answers to look over when I need to regroup or refocus. I’ve made so many great friends these past 6 months. Can’t thank you enough, Michelle Berger, for changing my life. I have my goals set for the new year and a renewed focus on what I want from my life. Thank you!

Here are several of Kim’s “workoutproof” pictures from the contest~

Forgot to post day 1 here, too. Stats done this morning. Eating lots of protein and veggies today. Looking forward to fruit as my treat later. Waiting for DH to come home for some P90X plyo. Wonder if he will come home. Lol! See ya’ll later:)


#workout proof 2…p90x plyo style

#workout proof 3. Love my photo helpers 🙂

#workout proof 5. Almost didn’t happen, but abs are done!!

Hot weights instead of yoga today. Very warm workout with the wood stove going. #workout proof 6 legs and abs day.

Added more reps to my burpee workout challenge. My shoulders were on fire!! Also completed 30 squats for the squat challenge. #workout proof 8, part 1. Everyone keep up the great work!!

Tried something new for abs. DH took video. #workout proof 10. Total of 5 exercises. Love them!

Workout felt great today (except for IT Band)…I am stretching daily. Squats with bicep curls in between sets and ab intervals. Gonna feel it tomorrow. #workout proof 12

Love, love, love Zumba Sentao! Especially with my favorite instructor. #workout proof 13 — with Anna Rivelo.

Ladder drills with DD for some outdoor fun. #workout proof 14

Got ’em! Love my Sassy Socks from Heather Dobbs O’Callaghan. So warm and snuggly. Have to keep an eye on my DD…she wants them:) Thank you so much! #workout proof 16 bis/tris maxed out #buffing phase #Buffmother


#workout proof 17…leg day. #Buffmother and my new favorite shirt. Keep up the great work girls!


Yoga and squat day here with my snowman guy 🙂 #workout proof 18


Abs and squats day! #workout proof 20. Eeked out my workout…feel a little better now. Have a great day!

Elliptical, abs, and 100 squats for #workout proof 23. Sassy socks make working out lots more fun :))

P90x cardio workout. Was finally able to push myself harder. Feel great! #workout proof 22

Was feeling stressed this morning, so I kicked booty with a shoulders, back, bis, abs, and squats workout. Nothing will stop me now. #workout proof #buffmother

#workout proof 27 of shoulders and tris, squats, abs, and a little cardio. Finishing strong!

Hot Yoga & Other Musings of my Mind

Well…Hot yoga was good- not as hot as I expected, the moves were rather painless but the results were a great overall feeling of calm and relaxation in my body and muscles. I would do it again- it’s the perfect “active rest” day activity. I’m happy I tried it- It was also fun to see my friend and visit another gym.  I really wish wish my gym offered the class 🙂

The past 2 days I’ve been dealing with some odd hormonal side effects.  I had night sweats really bad, had muscle cramps yesterday and was very light headed this morning.  Today is cycle day 22…my weight is 130.

I’ve been eating really good today-
proteins: eggs, taco meat, protein powder
fruits: apple
Veggies: carrot, broccoli slaw
others- coffee, cream, sugar, creatine punch, Ester-C

My Sweet Dear Daughters have been talking with me about doing the talent show this spring at school.  They get “groups” together to do dances to songs etc…My hubby sweetly suggested that I help them choreograph a dance.   I jokingly said my dancing would probably be inappropriate for the elementary school stage

I found a video that made me think of my little performer Layla dancing:

It’s very unique and just her style- she does robotic moves quite naturally, she is skinny like this lady, plus it’s funny that her brother’s nick name is Guns. “Son of a Gun”.

In other news:

my sister is coming to visit in less than 10 days.  It’s been several years since she’s been able to come here for a visit!  It’ll be a fun time!  I’d like to get my taxes done before she comes and I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get some “handyman” jobs completed prior to her visit.  I’ll add that to my to do list 🙂

my kid’s spring break got cut down due to snow days- which makes me rather happy, hehe.  I think I’ll enjoy the shorter break much more than a longer one….maybe we can GO somewhere for a couple days- I’ll have to see how the hubby’s schedule shakes out.

I have a new Tuesday workout partner.  She’s a girl on my football team and we’re going to switch off going to each other’s gyms every other Tuesday.  It should be fun- her and I are 2 of the smaller girls on the team- so we both need to focus on maintaining/gaining our strength and weight.

I have some business ideas bouncing around in my head and need to figure out what and how I should attack.  I have been at a indecisive “stand still” for a couple months… it’s almost time for my strategic attack.  My time management focus this month has already helped me realize it’s important to attack projects that have the most IMPACT vs. just being busy.  I am a business owner and should be focused on the BIG VISION, not the little day to day tasks.  Day to day tasks need to get done, but they can be done by others.  Delegation is key to time management.

Kids are home now and we have to go get some groceries, do homework, cook, eat, clean, read, etc…

Have a great evening!!



less productive??

HI!! Wow!! it’s been an interesting week for me~ My March focus was “time management” and so far I feel as if I’ve gotten even less productive because of it, lol!!  Seriously I’ve been really lazy this week- but you know what I’m okay with it.  I’ve been practicing “enjoying” inactivity and I’ve also been sould searching a bit.  I’m at a turning point in my life and feel the need to just “BREATH” a bit and enjoy the little things in life for a while.  I know clarity and some supercharged focus will result in my efforts to just BREATH!

Anyhow- the good news is that my SUPER HELPER Gramma Mary is here and she’s been picking up my slack by helping out around the house a TON!!  It’s been fun for everyone to have her here!

For workouts I’ve been trying to keep rolling strong through this boosting – it’s so much harder for me to have gumption to GO GET IT DONE though….crazy how every month that happens.  Knowing that “it’s just my hormones” is so helpful- Knowledge is truly power!

I had a decent leg workout yesterday and then last night had football practice.  We found out our scheduel has changed and our first game is a whole month earlier.  April 9th in the Kansas City area (I think)…anyhow that means we have less time to get “skills”, lol!  I am playing the “H”-back postion mostly (also known as the Tial back or 3 back) and I’m also playing some wing back and of course defense too at the Free Saftey postion.

Today I am going to meet up with my friend Denise to try “HOT YOGA”…she loves it and invited me to go as her guest.  It should be fun!!

I have to go get some work done before heading out to the class- I’ll be back later to post my bikini pics for this week’s challenge and tell you about what I thought of yoga.

Let’s make this a Terrific Thursday!!!

Love ya’s,


p.s. i had an interesting “conversation” going on facebook on Tuesday about football~
What is your honest opinion of women’s tackle football??
24 people like this.

Larry B. – I love it, actually!!!

Lori H. –  Don’t love it.

Tracey J. -Barry I WANNA PLAY!!! (0:
Tuesday at 12:47pm · LikeUnlike

Larry B. – Yes ma’am!!!!!!

Janienne K. – I would love to play it to get out all this pent up aggression. I think it would be great to have a woman’s tackle football league.
Lauren L. –  YESAH!

Mehdi –  are you talking about soccer?
Then let me tell you that the entire planet loves this game, and the women version of beach soccer is the favorite of all men 😉
Jessica R. – There was a girl on my high school football team back in the day, and it was a huge controversy. Guys were always taking it out on her and she’d get tons of cheap shots etc. I’m glad to see that more females are interested in football (as it’s a wonderful sport) these days and that they can play each other.
Kathy K – I’ll let you know in May after I see you play 🙂

Larry B. –  Thanks Lauren, Ah Mehdi I love women’s soccer to – only over here it is called FOOTBALL!!!
Joe H – Be crazy. I’d love it! Uh may I coach?
Ashley S. – Love it!
Mark S. -I think it can lead to needless injuries and scaring. I have seen some women in Walmart who could make good defensive line women, but no one would want to date them.

Jessica G. – We played tackle football instead of powder puff in highschool (without pads, or permission from the school) and it was a lot of fun..I wasn’t a bruiser or anything I was also taking ballet at the time..I think for those that can handle a little pain its great..I like paintball a matter of fact I have two big bruises from our game this weekend:)

Mark S. – I’m thinking its American football and not soccer..It sounds fun and exciting but in a wee bit of realism there is a lot of hurt and broken noses and bones involved when you get hit and get smeared in the dirt.
BuffMother! Well…I love it and I do worry about injury. I find myself asking: is it worth it???… to me YES it is. My God given talents lie in my physical body- I enjoy sports like many women enjoy shopping or decorating. Until this year a real opportunity for me to play football was never available- I see it as my first and last chance to enjoy a sport I’ve longed to play since childhood…I think is a BLAST!!

Jayetta R. – Well I love football as much as the next person, my husband played against a girl in high school and my son did this year as well… BUT I say leave it for the guys… As much as I would love to play too let the guys do it and save that body for something else 🙂

Judith P – I got my first and only black eye in a pick up game of football in high school (girls against guys). It was the last play of the game and I made the tying touchdown!! I say let ’em play.
Gym S. – If it were to be taken serious, the linewomen would have to weigh 200 pounds or more! Just sayin!
Mark S.- I understand, just want to protect your exquisitely beautiful self from being hurt. There are some cruel jealous people out there. Be careful have fun you’re the best!
Carol C.- Agree with Gym, if they play real ball no one would want to watch them. Isn’t it about the short shorts??
April R. – I think it’s bad ass! LOL! Wish they had it near me! 😀
BuffMother! ‎@ Gym and Carol- You all are thinking of the” Lingerie football League”. I am talking about full pads- REAL tackle football check out ;; , etc….

Jessica G. – I say go for it girl, I think it is a great opportunity. And just like anything else physical there are risks, but you are a strong woman and you could kick some butt 🙂

Ali S. -I played powderpuff in high school. I thought it was fun. I loved ramming people. LOL Is that bad? But I’m not sure if I’d do it, now. I feel injury prone as it is at the moment, so I’m not sure I’d risk it.
But for you…and others……why not?! Have fun!!See More

Maggie M. – Sorry I can’t believe some of these statements are being made in the year 2011. If women and girls want to play Full on Tackle Football. More power to them!

Angela H. – Love it – I have always wanted to be a middle linebacker and think its awesome that my son, who is 14, has played football with one or two girls on his team and doesn’t think about them any differently than his other team mates.
Carrie C – Bring it on!!!

Charles O. – hot … but to be honest I worry about those ladies! 😉
Tim M. -Your old teammate Trina Steffes plays for a team in Wisconsin. She loves it!
Rodney C. – I don’t watch it, so hard to say. If someone of interest to me is playing I might be inclined to watch a highlight or 2 but that would be about it.
BuffMother! ‎@ Tim I found that about Trina a couple weeks ago- she’s played for 10 years now and is the owner of the Wisconsin Dragons!! isn’t that awesome !? 🙂
Mark S. -If they want to play with boys then they have to prove they can keep up/play hard/take a hit. I think with younger girls that may not be a problem but as kids age there becomes a greater discrepancy in size and strength. Then safety is an i…ssue. I am all for empowering women but in some cases the “boys club” should be kept that way. I hope that doesn’t sound sexist. That’s not my intention. There are reasons for estrogen and testosterone. If it’s an all girls tackle football then the playing field is much more balanced.See More
BuffMother! Thanks for all the responses~ I asked for honest opinions and I appreciate that’s what you gave!!
Brenda H. – I think it’s SO COOL you are playing, Michelle! You are a BEAST!! 🙂 A very beautiful one! Proud of you! XOXOXOXO
Leonardo F- I love them!

Last day of Love

Last day of the Love month…and none too soon.  I am so ready for March, for Spring and for more Mojo!  Today we start week #6 in the Susperstar Success Contest- we are halfway done!!!   Time for me to get more serious about leaning up and keep consistent with my workouts.

I am very proud to say that I have been hitting my goal of getting in at least 5 solid workouts each week.  My food goals are not quite so consitently being hit.  More diet focus and MORE AB focus are my goals these final 5 weeks!!

The past couple days have been good workouts:

Saturday- Legs and 1 hour of tennis- totally FUN!!
Sunday- football- lot of hitting, lots of sprinting, lots of learning

Today I am very sore in both my knees as I have bruises on both and my upper body is sore from all the blocking/tackling we did. 

My tenative POA for this week:

M- Run and upper body
T- Legs
W- Run, Massage and Football Practice
Th- upper body and Hot Yoga
Friday- Legs
Saturday- run intervals
Sunday- football

I am starting my boosting phase today (cycle day 19)- this time around I won’t go quite so extreme as last month.  I plan to keep my weight at 130 or under.  I am still taking NOXS, Creatine, Fish oil, Calcium and added in some melatonin and other sleep help supplements called HGH-the dose is 4 but I only take 1 becuase I’ll be a zombie otherwise.

Okay!! I am off to get my day rollin’!! Let’s have a killer “Bikini” week!!


p.s. the mini challenge for this week is to try on your bikini daily!! Let’s do this~ it may be painful, but it’ll give you a good dose of motivation!