I broke into the 120’s!

HOLY COW, I finally, finally saw 129.8 on the scale today!! It’s been since August that I’ve been trying to get a reading in the […] Read More

Shine in 49: Day 25~ Conference Call Recording

We are now halfway done with the contest!! I’m having good success but also know these final 24 days will bring the most results for […] Read More

Workin’ Wednesday

My Wednesday was spent on the MOVE– working hard on mowing, fertilizing, weeding, moving, cleaning, sorting, and then RUNNING!!  I am very proud of myself […] Read More

And the Scale goes DOWN>>>>

Down to 124.8 this morning!! That’s 5 pounds since Sunday, YAY!!  I’ve been taking a capsule of Mangodrin daily since Monday and I know it’s […] Read More

Tomorrow is the DAY!

“Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow!!!….” Tomorrow is the DAY! that I will send my son off to 5th grade!! YAY!! then all 4 will […] Read More

Bikini Week Mini Challenge PROOF!!

SX70 Week #6 MiniChallenge- Try on your bikini daily!!  and for a bonus take pictures daily for your proof!! here’s my proof!! Day 1- Day […] Read More