I am home!! YAY!! I’m so happy to be HOME!!

This is an odd homecoming for me– my “re-entry” has been SPECTACULAR!! I’m rocking it today (except I forgot about our chat)!  Typically it takes me a full week to get back in the groove after time away!

So…Summer is here and I’ve implemented my new chore system.  The kids can make some serious CASH each day if they want!  Every chore pays a dollar. They must do at least 1 a day, If they do not they owe me a dollar.  AND each day has a deadline. Today’s is 5pm, but I for-see most days the deadline being noon.

The bad thing about this summer is my son has football at 6am a few mornings a week almost the entire summer?? That means I have to get up earlier than when school was in session to get him there.  SMH (shake my head)

Our trip to MN was fun! We surpirsed my BIL for his 40th B-day and I also got to visit with my new little nephew, Johnny! He’s a doll!!

I haven’t lifted since last Wednesday– so LEGS are on tap- I have ran 3 times this past week.  Including last night on my trail–

I have 9 days until my birthday~ MY plan is to hit it hard!! My POA is simple yet intense:


W- Lift Legs

Th- Track workout F- Lift upper body Sa- Track workout Su- Lift legs

M- Track workout T- Lift upper body

W-Track workout

Hope JUNE is going well for you too~

LET’s make it GREAT!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


HI Ya!!

Day 14 of our 21 day contest!

Is your Hot Hiney “HURT?”~ Day #14~


Here are mine again:

My butt habit to incorporate~ Lift heavier! I’ve been in “recovery mode” from a neck injury for the past couple months…now that I am healthy again it’s time to challenge myself on the weights.  Lower reps and higher weights~ Heavy lifting provides amazing muscle growth!

My butt habit to eliminate~ Sitting! get off my HINEY! I’ll be using my standing work station

Yesterday was a good day outside.

I got in a Track workout:

Run 2 laps for warm up Run 200m x2 (time: ?, 31) Run 50 acceleration- had Tia video this…looked slow and need to get on my toes! Run 300m- 46sec…during this one my left hip flexor was bothering me

Run 300m- 49sec- ran slower on purpose due to hip

Cut workout short, hip flexor was too bothersome. I’m wondering if it was a cramp?  I’ll be nice to it for a couple days and see.


Then I mowed, brush hogged and weed whipped for several hours.

I also ACCIDENTALLY took some advil I had in my hand to give DH. I went into autopilot mode and swallowed them down with my water– silly! lol!


Anyhow, today I plan to get in a good workout and some sun! Right now I’m watching the UFC event from last night– LOVE MMA!!

Let’s have an AWESOME final Week of our BOOTY contest!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

off my HINEY

Yesterday was cycle day 23…enough said, lol!  No seriously it wasn’t bad at all…I actually had a good day! Today in contrast has already been a hormonal struggle~ I must remember “It’s just my HORMONES!”…Chill out Michelle!


Today is Day #2 of our HH Contest and in the forum post I talk more specifically about ways to really CHANGE your butt: BIG Butt Work


My butt goal~ build up/keep my butt muscles throughout my track training; My visual is of my own butt Hormonal Timing downladed e book 8-5-09.pdf_page_128_of_130


My butt habit to incorporate~ Lift heavier! I’ve been in “recovery mode” from a neck injury for the past couple months…now that I am healthy again it’s time to challenge myself on the weights.  Lower reps and higher weights~ Heavy lifting provides amazing muscle growth!

My butt habit to eliminate~ Sitting! get off my HINEY! I’ll be using my standing work station


Yesterday, I was really  sore and tired from Sunday’s track workout. But I did manage to do a short back workout

Bent over DB Lat rows- 2 sets Inverted Pull ups- 4 sets Ab Wheel- 1 set Lateral and front raises- 10#plates 1 set Bicep Curls- 2 sets Pull ups- one set of 8


Today my plan is to lift Chest/triceps/Abs and run hill intervals. I also need to take my butt starting pictures!


Off to get off my HINEY! I’ll be using my standing work station a lot over the next 3 weeks!

Have a happy day~


Go Time!

Okay ladies, it’s GO TIME for me…, prep for VEGAS PLUS, lots to do in LIFE!

We (my kids and I) plan to hit the track this afternoon for a good workout


Today’s Journal items:

6 Daily Goals– My sexy mindset

  1. cycle day- 7, I feel good~  I have good energy, a decent mood, I feel happy and healthy overall.  I feel like taking a day off workouts yesterday was a smart move
  2. weight- 127.0… great considering I ate salty chili last night prior to bed and that I had a day off workouts yesterday. I can tell I’ll need to start eating a bit more to sustain my track workouts.  I’ll start that AFTER VEGAS, lol!!
  3. To do’s- finish workout program for a client, get bunny food and clean cage, get in some good OUTSIDE time, Do a track workout with the kids!
  4. Workout- Track workout– some long some short– I’ll do a couple 400’s then I’ll focus on running 4-5x 100’s with the kids.  Believe it or not I’m still a bit sore in my feet from Monday– crazy!
  5. Meal POA- M1 done- protein powder+spinach in pineapple coconut water M2: tuna salad with tuna, 1 hb egg, salad dressing, sweet pickle relish and 1/4 c. cooked quona mixed M3: ?  M4: cooking a roast in oven with sweet taters, onions and carrots
  6. Sexy Actions-  get dolled up for the FIGHTS tonight~ They are free on FOX if you are interested!  I’ll wear a bit of extra make up, put on perfume and earrings.  Smile at, touch and flirt with the hubby

booty ~ shake that thing!

HI ladies!! We’ll we’ve made it through to THURSDAY and I’ve made it through to be “BUFFING” once again!! YAY!!  I had a very successful modified boosting– it was all about maintaining my weight and uppping the volume of my cardio. It went really well the first week of boosting– then the 2nd week was more of a struggle, YET I am here starting my buffing at 128#’s.  I expect that in the next week I’ll be down at my goal of 126 for VEGAS!! YAY!!

Fyi- I am still sore from my track workout- especially in the bottoms of my feet and quads/hip flexors.

 Yesterday’s workout was a good upper body day- I did 3 rounds of 7 mins on my upright bike through out the day.

pull ups 3sets x 7 reps

Bench press 95x10x3sets

Rows with my 40# KB 3 serts of 10 Incline flys 30’sx10

Dips- 1 set on bench the other 2 sets of 7 reps  regular dips (on my dip station)

I also did one round of this- it was posted by a BuffMother member Theresa of Omaha— she’s crazy and did this in a hotel in vegas last week.  All 10 rounds with little rest!

I did one round and told her to Give me 10 days, thenI should be able to complete the 10 rounds, lol– did 1 today!! It took 4 mins

I’m getting very excited for VEGAS!! the weather for our trip looks great!!

BIG NEWS!! our next contest will be a BOOTY CONTEST!   I’ll announce it and start promoting it as soon as we return from VEGAS!

right now finishing up the S2S contest results and VEGAS is enough for me to handle–but come May my booty is where my attention will be!!

It’s going to be 3 weeks long– start day may 6th- final day may 26th

Be sure to get your friends to join us!!

Here’s my workout proof pic from yesterday– with my friend “BuffBunny”…she hangs out in my gym!


Let’s all be “BuffBunnies”–much better than the playboy bunny kind!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Formulating a plan


I’m working on formulating a plan for my next couple months of workouts…I’ll be keeping a journal of my track/running training within the forum more specifically if you are interested in that as a resource.  I’d rather keep this venture on the MORE PRIVATE side of things and is a great place to do just that!

I’ve spent the morning in “research” and have really enjoyed the exercise science stuff– I am a nerd!! It’s amazing how we forget so much of the details over time. I forget that it’s been 20 years since I learned much of my “SPORTS SCIENCE” info in college!   I’ll share some of the info I’m re-learning in nice little article summaries for you!

Ideas for the upcoming week):

Running days- I’ll do some other stuff on these days– some plyo type drills, body-weight moves and extra NON RUNNING cardio to work on VO2 max

M- run longer repeats (300’s, 400’s, 600’s)- may or may not be on track W- run shorter repeats (100’s, 200’s)- May or may not be on track Sa- Track workout day– this day for sure we’ll be working at the track.

Lifting Days T- Legs Th- Upper body + non-running intervals


Friday off Sunday off

As you can see I am limiting my running to just 3 days– It’s a must for me too keep my running volume as low as possible due to injury prevention.  My recovery is important too– I can’t train as hard on the weights when I am training intensely in running or I just can’t recover.  That’s much to do with AGE and just how my body has always been I may go CRAZY only lifting 2 days a week, so I may have to up the frequency on that end…I’ll adjust as needed.

Currently I feel like I have a good aerobic base– the best I’ve had in AGES!  I have been running rather consistently over the past year.  I’d really LOVE to get a VO2 max test completed.  If I can’t find a lab here that does it, I’ll do an “at home version” myself.

My overall assessment of where I am at with my 800m fitness is that I am SLOW right now– I’ve not done really any speed-work for at least 6 months.   That’s my major weakness at this point.  Speed will be my main focus over the next month.

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

March is TEAM BuffMother! Rally Room’s 1 year Anniversary!

Hey everyone!!

I am excited for this week and for what lays ahead in the next few weeks…this is truly a wonderful time of the year!! Today on tap I have quite a bit of “work” to get done.
Here is my POA for this week on my workouts:

M- light walk stretch, some light weights
T- track workout– fast striders
W- day off
Thursday- light run (about 12mins) stretch- eat, carb load for race
Friday- Track meet in Joplin, MO it starts at 4:30pm
Saturday- off (may revise this)
Sunday-off (and this)

Monday- START my BACK TO UBER BUFF challenge, lol!

Diet will be key for me this week, I need to have 100% full glucose stores come friday- so lots of oatmeal

AND–For those of you who don’t know…the Rally Room was 1 Year old this March 1st!!
It has grown from just a few charter members to having over 400 members~
It has truly been a success…and we have BIG plans for the future growth of the Rally Room. Just last week I sent several ideas to my web designer regarding updates to the RR. We will see fun new options added and a re-organized forum very soon!!

Currently in the RR we have a fun contest going on–Prizes to the top five essays on”Why I love the Rally Room”. If you are a member there please consider entering–the prizes will rock, I promise!

Have a GREAT MONDAY!! I know I will!!

Kick a$$-


Doubled up on LEGS! Track and lift

Hi Ya~
This is what I did today at the track:

1200m warm up jog- stretch
200m-31warm up basically
4 min rec
6 min rec
600m*- 1:41 splits: 31, 35, 35

*note* I am slowly getting more and more confidence at the track. Last night I started getting nervous to run this 600 today and then this morning I had butterflies in my tummy in anticipation. Weird but true.

10 min recovery
200m- 28 sec…felt slow! so I decided to do a bit of speed work

4-100 at about 14 sec each, the last two I started from a dead stop and the last one was actually under 14 sec….so that made me happy–however timing yourself on a 100 is tough, lol

Then I cooled down shooting hoops at the park and did 8 underdogs on the swings- 2 per child.

Now I ate and am heading to the gym for a leg workout. I need to fit it in sometime and thought I will try it post track workout and that way I have a full 2 days of rest on my legs prior to the next track day.

I can tell that my I am losing some muscle in my legs and my tendons/ligaments get weaker if I don’t lift…so injury prevention is the reason I HAVE TO find a way to fit in lifting leg workout.

I’ll be back to post what I did at the gym…..This is the 2nd half of today’s workout:
warm up r-bike 7 min
Smith lunges
paired with seated calves

Butt squats
last 2 sets paired with roman chair knee ups 40×2

Walking lunges
55# on back
30 steps
46 steps

135×8 sore hip

Dead lifts- romainian

Knee extensions

2 sets paired with leg curls

Thank goodness that was all–I had to get a Gatorade after my walking lunges smile

Now off to shower and drop Gunner off to spend the night at a friends, YIPPIE!!

What’s your POA (plan of attack)?

What a great weekend~
I am full of anticipation for my trip and then when I get home my DH’s fight!! I am so pumped for both, but right now I am just trying to focus on the day/task at hand…Enjoying the MOMENT!!

Last night was good, we went out to eat at On the Boarder and thankfully were seated right away. The kids were good–had to go to the bathroom, like always! But the meal went smoothly and I did fairly well on being good. I had some chips and salsa, a bit of the cheese enchiladas that came with my ranchero steak some rice and water to drink–so 2P,2C, G (salsa) 2F overall for the meal.
Afterwards we went home and watched the PRIDE fights!! Oh that was crazy bad production, but AWESOME fights– two of my favorite fighters Nick Diaz and Dan Henderson both won!! It was
FUN to see!

Today, we went to church–great message again!! and then I worked and just finished intervals.
I tried to run outside–wanted to test my legs after Friday’s track workout–still stiff, so after .7 of a mile came in and did intervals on the bike
1-30sec interval with 1 min recover
then 1-15 sec interval with 1 min recovery
REPEATED a total of 6 times
then finished with a couple min cool down.

It was good enough–and tomorrow I will hit the track again!

Here is my tentative POA for this week workout wise:
M- track
T- workout at hotel- lift legs
W-workout at hotel- lift upper and treddy
Th- off
F- track workout
Saturday- off

What is your PLAN OF ATTACK?

It works if you work it!

Saturday NIGHT OUT!!

Well, we are going out as a family tonight! It should be fun and busy out on the town. Not sure where we are going to eat yet, but I plan to eat whatever I desire, lol!

Oh by the way–I cut Gunner’s (GUNZ’s) hair last week–and finally uploaded a couple pics–he now has stripes on one side of his mohawk:

Today I am taking off from workouts, just trying to save my energy for another track workout tomorrow or Monday–we’ll see how it shakes out. So, my day was spent working on programs and prepping for my trip. I am getting so EXCITED!!

Well off to shower to go out!