i sick :(

I fought the good fight FOR DAYS, but last night my body gave in and got the cold that’s been going through our household.

I’m here sitting inside SICK! BUT the sunny side is that Tons of GREAT THINGS are on TV today– the AFC, the NFC and the UFC!  Getting ready to watch them now.

I ran a killer workout yesterday AFTER cleaning the coop and starting a fire….

15 hills– 5 steep, 5 fast low grade–walking down recovery, 5x 30 sec with 30 sec walk/30 jog recovery.  It feels really good to be progressing with my running again. After the lifting I did some upper body lifting.


On Friday, I did only my biking, but also packed up the the PRIZE PACKS for the 6 to Sexy Winners and sent off my first orders of our NEW HT PILLS!! Speaking of which I am offering YOU a FREE TRIAL OF THEM!!


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My POA for the week is:

Monday- Lift legs even it is wimpy

Tuesday- try running again

Wednesday- lift upper



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The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Sunny Saturday

Sunny beautiful Saturday here!! It’s going to be in the 80’s~ a MUST to get outside today and enjoy.

Yesterday I ended up running outside, then rode bike for another 22 mins after that. Felt so TIRED last night but thanks to some afternoon coffee yesterday I could NOT fall asleep!


Anyhow…up now heading to my bike, then planning to eat some really good food today. I feel like a salad

Last night I got in my bikini pic~ looks like I’m leaning up a bit despite the water retention:


My weight was 135 this morning…something weird is going on with my body right now.  Tons of water retention and stiffness/inflammation.  NO FUN! Mojo is a bit down…Been a bit ill since about Wednesday this week. My bladder is causing me some issues…the thing about it is that I get re-curring UTI infections and typically STRESS is what triggers them. I don’t feel like I have a full blown UTI, but I do feel like it’s on the verge– this water retention is a sign of my kidneys being weird too. Hopefully, it won’t go full blown!


Regardless, I know I’ll feel better if I get moving and get in some sunshine today!!

Off to enjoy, hope you do too!!


p.s. Here’s today’s SEXY POST~

Ball Park fun!!

I got to go to the BallPark today!! We woke up to such a nice sunny day today that Travis decided we needed to go the NATURALS (a local  minor league team) game.  I haven’t been to a ball game in about 10 years- it was a blast!

Here’s are self portrait:

After the game we came home and I got my DAILY BIKINI PIC DONE- DAY #3!

The kids are home now and it’s a cool zoo around here~ and I’ve gotta catch up with you!!  Seems like everyone has spring fever!!

Keep the excitement for summer!! It’s the BEST! YOU are the best!


40 days to FIT~ Day 39

Hey ya Ladies!! Well I feel sooo much better today than yesterda and I DID do the SMART thing and listen to my body by taking it easy on my workout yesterday. I just did a couple sets of push ups…one set of 14 and another of 35. Today is going to be a FUN day~ we are going golfing.

Here’s a quick vlog about it:

Hope you have a fun day!!
~OH and be sure to join our “Sunny Side Group”!!
I am Living on the “Sunny SIDE!!”

Sunny Saturday~

HI Girls!!
It is such a beautiful sunny Saturday here~ I love it!!!
I’ve been keeping busy today with cleaning and soaking in the sun!!!

I also made time to get to the gym for this workout:
Warm up 20 mins r-bike
then this mis-mosh of exercises…I didn’t do them in this exact order, lol

froggy leg curls 4 sets
leg press
smith lunges
leg curls
seated calf raises
walking calves

Intervals on treddy:
15 mins total
4 at 9.5 hard;7.5 easy
2 at 10 hard; 7 easy

finished with 2 sets walking lunges and 1 set light deadlifts

Now we have a BB game and a graduation party to attend, so I’d better scoot.


I love the opposite of cleaning~
Remember back at the beginning of the month, I mentioned that to figure out what you love all you have to do is look at what you HATE and then the opposite of that will be something you love.  WELL I LOVE having someone else clean for me!
I LOVED my cleaning lady, but she’s decided to quit cleaining houses for the time being and NOW I am without and cleaning my own house–icky!!

I do however love having my house clean so that is my motivation to do it despite my disgust … so that’s the sunny side!!  CLEAN houses provide more peace, enjoyment and rest!  I also take pride in my house when it is clean~ so I will be off to clean some more after I finish here!!

I made it to the gym today at about noon…and was suprised that it wasn’t busier then.  Typically there is a LUNCH rush, but i guess it being TIRED THURS everyone just decided to skip.

My workout went sorta like this:
warm up r-bike 5 mins
squat 45#x20 reps…back pain
squat 95×10 back pain…so I abandoned these

Dead lifts
95×12-15×4 (2 sets close, 2 sets wide stance)

Leg press

45degree angle squat machine
just machinex30×2

Hammer isolateral seated leg press
90# each leg alonex10×3

Seated calf raises

Rotary calf

no wtx10

Leg extensions

barbell lunges


time to clean!!

I DECLARE- November “I am Thankful” month!! Entry for November 2, 2006

As the highly successful October–“I am proud Month” is now OVER–I think it would be fun to continue on with the tradition into November.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I am declaring that NOVEMBER is “I am Thankful month” –So be sure to start off your daily posts with a reason you are thankful!!

I am thankful for my brothers and my sissy

Here is a pic of us all together about 2 years ago-

in the back row you see my brothers Matthew (today he is 17!!), James (he’s about 22 now) and David (2 years older than me so 33 now)–he is holding his little girl…then next to me is my sissy Jeanette(she is now 24)

On tap for me today is the TRACK again…today it is much nicer weather here, so I will take my 3 little girlies with me. I am sure that will be an adventure!

Wish me luck!!!

Here is my Track Report:
It was a crazy time at the track, but MAN what a perfect day for it–sunny 60 degrees–perfect!
here is the low down on how it went
Warm up 800m
First 3 400m- 69 seconds with 4 min recovery
4th- 71 seconds–this one almost killed me! so I had a longer recovery of 8 mins then did
5th- 70 secs…would have been 69 but Tia was in the way so I had to yell at her TWICE to move–poor thing!

We went to the park afterwards and I am still dying an hour afterwards…so time to rest, and refuel and think about what I am gonna do in the gym tomorrow and Saturday!

It was a GREAT experience to be running 400 repeats again…I have a huge love hate relationship with them…they are killers, but UBER EFFECTIVE!!