Photo-shoots availiable @ BuffMother Gathering!!

Photo-shoots available @ the” 2010 BuffMother Gathering!!” November 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th

I am very excited to announce that professional photo-shoots will be available at our Team BuffMother Gathering!!!  Please book now so that you can get a spot with my awesome photographer- Emily McAurthur!!  Emily is booking shoots for November 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th.
Emily’s Website:
Emily and I have had several photo-shoots together over the years and most of the photos you see of me online and in my book are by Emily! She is one amazing photographer and by far the most fun photographer I’ve ever worked with!!  Don’t miss this chance to shoot with her while you are at our BuffMother! Gathering in Beautiful Northern California! Purchase now!!  Oh and don’t forget photo-shoots are a great motivator for you to get buff!! Lock in your photo-shoot goal now, Hit is hard for the next several weeks to be photo-shoot ready come November!!!

Purchase Options:


$300 for a 2 hour photo-shoot- all images  are yours to keep including 10 beautifully edited photos (disc sent to you of images), 4-5 outfit changes, option of change of location (inside/outside) and option of change of background for more info about Emily please visit



$170/1hour shoot-  no edits, disc of images, 2- 3 outfits


$85 for a 30 minute photo-shoot: 1-2 outfits & all raw images are yours to keep


Once you purchase Emily will be contacting you to scheduel your shoot.

If you have any questions please contact


Event photos by Emily will be also be available  for sale on an individual basis after the event.

Purchase  now so you get your spot!!!



p.s. feel free to join Emily’s Fan page on face book also :!/?ref=home

Did you go to THAT place?

One of my favorite questions my DH asks me is “Did you go to THAT place?”….by that he means did I go to the point in my workout where I felt the pain, where I felt the burn, where I felt the desire to quit, or where I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it?  Did I go to “that place” where a flood of endorphins rush through my body causing me to experience a “HIGH” which is only attained from surviving an intense challenge?  My husband asks me “Did I go to THAT place?” because  He knows that THAT PLACE is how fantastic results are produced.

So I am asking you…”Did you go to THAT place?”

I didn’t today, but I know I did yesterday and I am excited to try to get there again tomorrow….getting out of my comfort zones in fitness and life is what makes my life exciting and helps me thrive.  I believe that every day we need to TRY and do something that challenges us either physically or mentally.  Daily ask yourself , “Did I go to THAT place today?”

My workout from today:
Warm up r-bike 20 mins
Lat pulls
Hammer strength bicep curls
Pull ups- one set of 12
Standing BB military
BB curls
Inverted pull ups
Front raises
Wide Cable lat pulls
Knee ups on bench for abs (2 sets)

Tomorrows plan-
Run HARD– “go to that place” and  lift chest

Think about it :)

May 11, 2007

Whoohoo!! GREAT week for all the ladies in the RR~
I am so impressed by all of their super great workouts and eating this week!! I think most of us have had a GREAT start to the Consistency Contest!

I am very happy to report that I have made some great progress on several fronts: my projects are moving along very nicely, I am close to fully rested and recovered (part of my POA for the week) and I have been very good on my eating, MINUS the 2 too many treats last night (6 star-bursts and 1/2 ice cream bar on top of my treat of popcorn).

Yesterday I had a Mother’s day TEA with my little guy- Gunner! He is so sweet and it was a ton of fun to see him in his classroom with his classmates and the other mothers. Then this morning I had a Mother’s day “Muffins and Mugs” with the girls at their school. So I already feel spoiled for this Mother’s day!

That got me thinking, we need to register for a BuffMother! Day holiday!!
Wouldn’t that be the coolest!? I think it needs to be the first Sunday of March since March 1st 2006 was when we opened the RR and it is a GREAT time to start the push for getting BUFF for Bikini season…What do you think? is it a good Idea?

My DH now gets to have “summer hours” and is off at 2pm today!! So I am in a rush to get a lot of work done so that we can have some good quality time together. AND did I mention it is beautiful outside!! Finally clear and sunny~ the first day this week…hope it’s like that all weekend!!

Not much else going on here…I am off to get some work done!!

Love you all -Michelle

Terrific Tuesday

I had a super day today!! I feel just peachy 

Here is my workout
Warm up 10 min upright bike
Lat pull machine
90×10 single arms
100×10 single arms

Pull ups
9 underhand
8 straight
6 underhand
5 overhand
10 inverted


Free motion lat pulls*
*paired with military behind the neck

Bicep curls( free motion)

upright rows

One arm DB lat rows 45x8x2

Lateral raises 12.5 x 10 all the way up one arm at a time
Lateral raises 15 x 10 all the way up one arm at a time

Bent over lateral raises*

*paired with Hammer curls
20×8 slow and focus on popping delt out

Warm up on upright bike 4 min
On treddy all at 2%
Min 1-3 warm up at 4,6, 8 mph
Min 4 interval @10
Min 5 recovery @8
Min 6 interval at 10.5
Min 7 recovery @8.5
Min 8 interval @ 11
Min 9 recovery @ 8
Min 10 interval @ 11
Min 11 recovery @8
Min 12 interval at 11.5
Min 13recovery @8
Min 14 interval @ 10
Min 15 recovery @ 8
Min 16- 30 sec interval @ 12
1.5 min recovery @ 8
Min 18 – 30 second interval @12

Then rush off to pick up Gracie from preschool

A super workout all in all!!