Final week!!~ Shine in 49: Day 43

Good Morning– It’s the start of our Final Week for the Shine in 49 contest~ WOW!!!

Here’s a PDF download for you that lays out the final week in detail.


Let’s have a good one!!

My week will be filled with all sorts of “EXTRA” prep besides besides photoshoot prep- I’ve got vacation prep, vistor prep, birtday prep and even tax prep to get done.  Anyhow, my plan is to take each little project one at a time and have a very productive week!!

Let’s finish STRONG!! with a good diet and some amazing final week workouts~ we deserve to see some amazing final pictures and stats!!
SHINE BRIGHT my Friends!!


"Thin in 30"- Day 7

“Thin in 30”- Day 7


#Day 7
“Buffing” Intervals:
5 min. warm up
#1-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#2-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#3-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#4-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#5-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#6-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#7-30 sec hard
1.5 min easy
#8-30 sec hard
2.5 min.+ cool down
This is 20 min total: 4 extremely hard min. total

Today’s Diet focus:

No Dessert- let’s strive to get out of the dessert habit! Break that habit and watch your belly be gone!!


Be sure to DOWNLOAD the attached PDF containing all of  week #2’s workouts.

Thin in 30

Congrats on making it through the first week!! Just about 3 weeks left to get BUFF!! Let’s do it!!

It works if you work it!!

"Sizzlin' in 6": Week 1; Day 1

MONDAY MAY 2nd is DAY 1 of our contest!!!

Congrats!! and THANKS! for trusting me with your body~ Over the next 6 weeks my goal is to get you Sizzlin’ HOT for Summer.

We have a lot of work to do so let’s get started:

Today I’d like you to focus on 3 items:

#1- Getting in a great FIRST workout- Upper body, Intervals and ABS are on tap- please see Sizzlin’ in 6: Day 1

#2- Start improving your Diet- I challenge you to limit  DESSERTS/CANDY/ALCOHOL in your life for the next 6 weeks. For those of you who are really brave you can challenge yourself to completely ELIMINATE them all together!!  In the place of dessert- you can indulge in Fruit.  Let’s make a huge focus on what foods WE CAN EAT!!  You can always eat Fruit, Veggies, Proteins and FAT (yes, I said fat)!!

#3- Take a set of starting photos and stats.  You need to measure your success and you’ll be thankful when you are done that you have proof of where you started!!  Photos: take at least 3- front, side and back.  Stats: take ate least 5:  Weight, Bust, waist, hip, and thigh.


Remember to simply take 1 day at a time…BABY STEPS!  Each and every positive desicion will add up towards your success.

Let’s Sizzle!!


"All Star" Teresa Williams of TX

“All Star” Teresa Williams of TX

Teresa is has has a huge impact on me over the past 5 years.  Her determination and vision have inspired me time and time again.  She BELIEVED she could be Buff~ and guess what happened?? She attained her goal!   Her hard work and determination to succeed is so fun to see…I am very blessed to have her in my life!  Each day I get to witness her learning more, loving life more, and sharing more of herself with others.  She is impacting lives on a daily basis!!  It is fun to see how success is contagious~ Teresa,  YOU my friend are an All-Star for SURE!! Love you! – Michelle

“HI!! I’m Teresa!!

I am BUFF!! I am  50!!
…and I’m not finished yet!!

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. He has always supported everything I do.
He has given me the strength to become the best I can. I have the 3 best kids in the world. I am just proud of them.

I stumbled across the website of  I think my positive vibes connected me to the Buffmother website.  There appeared this beautiful, buff women who was also a Mom.  At that time I was  a 46 year old mother of 3 and I wanted what was right in front of me.  So, I began reading the Buffmother website and blogs everyday. I emailed  and she Michelle set up a workout program for me.
I couldn’t have achieved my success this far without the “Buffmother” website, the Rally Room”, my cool Buffmother tank!!”

PLEASE follow here blog

More about Teresa

Download her Success Story PDF here~ Teresa Williams All Star!!