lost 2

Holy BUSY! I am very late posting today because I fell asleep on the couch after the kids left until 9!  Since then I’ve been GOING like a mad woman trying to regain those lost 2 hours!

I was tired because despite my better judgement I ordered a diet Dr. P from McD’s at about 5:30…I was so tired and had more driving to do– but knew it may keep me up- sure enough I COULDN’T fall asleep last night because of it.  Lesson learned!

Anyhow~ today’s post:

My journal: 6 Daily Goals–
  1. Cycle day– day 19; I was tired this morning, but feel good after my 2 hour nap   I do feel confident and sexy…all this focus is working! I am motivated and being productive.  I felt STRONG in my workout last night
  2. Weight–tues I was 128. yesterday 130…today 129
  3. Sexy To do’s- I put on my heels yesterday– that worked! my feet are sore today because of it.  I need to take our SEXY day 4 pic!  GET THAT BIKINI ON!!
  4. Workout– Chest/triceps + outdoor run today– tomorrow will be LEGS!  I am technically now boosting, but I’m modifying it a bit– keeping diet still to bare minimums and still be striving to do more intervals/cardio…. my upper body lifting is still not 100% due to my neck, so It’ll be more like buffing lifting==I will however be BOOSTING my legs!!
  5. Meal POA– I’m making chicken for tonight– probably to put on a salad– that sounds GREAT to me right now!
  6. Sexy Actions- Washing my bedding~ clean sheets are sexy! Going to try on some dresses to see if I need to shop for Vegas or not.  Hoping NOT…trying to save some $$   Is being thrifty sexy? YOU BET!!

Here’s a my bikini pic from yesterday~908883_10152711246175055_586813050_n

And my workout proof pic too!


My workout was back, shoulders and biceps–

Inverted pull up 3 sets of 15 Hanging Hip arches 2 sets

Pull ups 2 set of 5

preacher curls,

abs, dancing hip drils,

sit ups,

bent over rows,

curl bar,

21’s with 10#dbs- lateral, front and uprights

plus I also got in my morning fasted cardio on the upright bike!! YAY!!


Have a super productive day!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Fun with my Man!

First off, I must congratulate BRENDA!!  She had a spectacular showing at the Max Classic in Nebraska this weekend!! CONGRATS on all the first place trophies!! Brenda You rocked the stage with your best body ever!! Congrats!!!  Friends

The past 4-5 days has been all about having fun with my MAN…since my kids are in MN~ all my attention has been going to my man. What a lucky dog!! Anyhow here’s a quick recap:

W: ran outside, Out to eat- On the Boarder!! YUMMY CHIPS!
Th: I worked out with a friend (upper body) then that night DH and I tried to play tennis- no courts, so we opted to go for an hour long walk instead
F: Workout: Lifted chest and Tennis- then ate out at Ruth’s and Chris- YUMMY STEAK!!

Sa: Workout Back, sh, Biceps and TENNIS!!  Then ate out again…this time wings at Beef O’Brady’s~ Yummy!
Sunday: Canoe trip in the 105 degree temps and wind- massive workout, low water made us have to paddle a ton!  It was fun, but seriously exhausting in the heat!! Thank God I wore a lot of sunscreen…Travis skimmped on it and got BURNT! Poor guy!


Today I feel like I need a break from the action!  I may take the day off from the gym and just get in a good run after it cools off??  I could seriously take a nap right now! Sleeping  BUT…I am pressing through… Time to get some massive work done! Maybe all I need is a BIG GLASS of H2O!  Water does a body good!!



Time to get TOUGH! ~ S6 Day 4

Time to get tough…cuz’ it’s “Tired Thursday”!

Thursdays are notoriously the most “tired” day of the week for my clients and myself – that’s why we call it:  ” TIRED THURSDAY” ; Thursday is one of the hardest days of the week PERIOD!

But not just the day of the week alone causes all fatigue…-For example,  Last Thursday I figured out that my tiredness was due to 3 key factors beside it being THURSDAY:

  1. I was on my period, c-day 4 today to be exact and I had  been ignoring that and basically trying to kick it into fat loss gear too fast.  I KNOW better than that and should let my body rest a bit more until about c-day 5!
  2. I stopped taking NO2 and Gamma-O (a supplement that naturally helps hormone production)  about a week earlier so that I’d loose the extra water weight they cause me to retain. I felt the energy from taking them…and now without I feel like I could SLEEP at any second. I think the 2-3 pounds of water I retain from taking them is worth it; I hate feeling so tired!!!
  3. I also hadn’t  been sleeping so good. I’ve had a bit too much of afternoon caffeine, so I’ve had a hard time falling asleep at night. I need change that habit…I preach keeping caffeine intake to the am hours and I need to follow that advice!!!

What should you do when you have a super TIRED day like I experienced??

Well, you could take a nap or ADJUST, I adjusted:

I went for a walk with a good friend of mine. Emily is my favorite photographer and she designed my book layout…(she’ the one who made it pretty)!! She had her first son last September and he’s so CUTE!!! OMGoodness, for the first time since my babies were little I held a BABY!!! and It was GREAT!!! His blue eyes memorized me!! Emily is going to do a shoot with me in about  around my birthday~ Anyhow, My workout was perfect for my tiredness…

Don’t be afraid to listen to your body a bit, adjust your workout if you need to, because you do need rest in order to REBUILD your body.

Remember it’s never too late to get BUFF, but at times it can be TOUGH!!!!
Keep focused on the positive and BELIEVE that you can attain your BEST body, life and legacy!!!

You ROCK!!!

Today’s workouts:

Day 4- Thursday-Repeat Day 1’s workout=

Upper body, Intervals and ABS (PDF for download)

UPPER BODY-Circuit-do all exercises upper body in the order as listed;repeat the circuit 3 times. #1 then immediately #2 then immediately #3 etc…then the entire series again for 3 rounds* 3 sets of each exercise total

#1-Chest press or Push ups regular or on knees
3 sets total* to failure

#2-Rows-machine or bent over holding dumbbells
3 sets of 10 reps

#3-Tricep machine or Chair dips-for triceps
3 sets of 10 reps each

#4-shoulder press machine or DB Shoulder Press
3 sets of 10 reps

#5-Bicep machine curls or DB Bicep Curl
lbs.3 sets total of 10 reps

#6-Cable tricep push downs or Tricep extension
3 sets of 10 reps

#7-Standing Lateral/Side shoulder Raises (flies) with DB’s
3 sets of 10 reps


Then Intervals:
BuffMother Intervals S6 Phase 1:

20 min is always the goal

5 min. warm up -WALK

1 min. hard- JOG

2 min. easy-WALK

1 min. hard -JOG

2 min. easy- WALK

1 min. hard-JOG

2 min. easy-WALK

1 min. hard-JOG

5 min. cool down

This is 20 min total: 4 hard min. total

*If you don’t feel exhausted by the end, increase the intensity of all hard and easy min.


ABS–CPTME….SIMPLE 7 for 7 – REFER to my book “AFTER BABY ABS” for an explanation of these exercises and terms
Passive Abs
Sit ups- hands on hammies
Vacuumes!! 10- 10 seconds daily
Knee ups- roman chair are best
Traditional AB crunch
Ball Crunches

Now on to Christmas!

Now that my Daughter Gracie’s birthday is done, I can think clearly about Christmas! 

Yesterday I got in a good intervals/cardio workout

Here’s how it went by minute:

1-2 walk @ 4mph 2% grade (kept this elevation entire first 22 mins)
3-5 run @6mph
6 run @7mph
7 run @6mph
8 run @7mph
9 run @6mph
10 run @7mph
11 run @6mph
12 run @7mph
13 run @6mph feeling tired here…heart rate at 165 or so after the min of recovery.
14 run @7mph
15 run @6mph
16 run @7mph
17 run @6mph
18 run @7mph
19 run @6mph
20 run @7mph
21 run @8mph ending heart rate 180
22-23 walk @4mph @ 3%
24 walk @4mph @ 4%
25 walk @4mph @ 5%
26 walk @4mph @ 6%
27 walk @4mph @ 7%
28 walk @4mph @ 8%
29 walk @4mph @ 9%
30 walk @4mph @ 10%
31 walk @4mph @ 11%
32 walk @4mph @ 12%
ending heart rate 170- amazing how intense that walking got!

Some ABS and lower back/booty extensions after- then I went B-day shopping quick while baby puppy was tended to by Travis.

my BUTT is actaully sore today from the combo of walking on incline and lower back/booty extensions

Puppy Cuji is doing good…she just woke up from her puppy nap

Pickles & Peanut Butter!

Pickles and Peanut butter!! have been a consistent snack of mine these past few days…it’s so YUMMY!! You must try it!!
Anyhow…I am FREE!! My kids went to school Monday~ yay!! I just love the peace and quiet. I even took a nap – I came home from dropping the kids off, did a load of dishes, cooked myself 4 sunny side up eggs and some sausage, then SNUGGLED in for a 2+hour nap! It was the BEST way to start this week!!!
I’ve determined that my back/butt/sciatic issue may actually be a bulging disc issue…I didn’t think it was at first due to my butt muscles being so tight- BUT now that the injury is older and my symptoms fit, disc issues seem to make the most sense. I’ve been in a lot of pain for over 2 months now with this nerve issue and It’s affecting my entries life. With that realization and REGRET, I am going to be taking it REALLY EASY on my workouts for the next several weeks. I plan to take many days off entirely- I feel REST is the only way for me to heal
I hate to have to take time off not so much because I love to workout (I don’t actually like working out); I just HATE the thought of losing my current fitness level. I hate the “starting over” stage of working out. It makes me so sore and tired, etc… Avoiding that pain is huge reason why I consistently get my workouts DONE!
At least for the moment I have can celebrate the fact that I hit my end of Buffing Goal- I weighed 125 this morning!! It’s cycle day 17 and I’m going to start Boosting immediately (more in my diet and supplement routine- as I am NOT going to be working out much). I am going to take CREATINE again as it has really seemed to help my back in the past.
here are the list of nutrients I WILL take to help me heal also:
NOXS- AKG form of l-arganine
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C
Boosting Pill
Multi- Adult Chewable
Move-Free by Shiff (Joint Supplement)
Fish Oil (anti-inflammation)
Vitamin E
Sodium (sea salt)-3 1/8tsp daily with water to help hydration
Wow…that’s quite a list, but I am DETERMINED to get this back healthy and KEEP it healthy!
I’m going to miss finishing the “Just Do It” contest with you…but I expect we’ll repeat the contest in the future…maybe this summer- and I’ll be HEALTHY for it that time!
My DH is home (an is EXHUASTED) from his hunting trip to MN. He WALKED a ton on DEEP snow trying to kill some Coyotes and Fox. NO LUCK though- he thinks the snow was too deep…But he still had a blast. Today is his 40th Birthday~
We are going to HANG out all day. I plan to give him a lot of LOVE AND probably go bowling too…that should be fun!
I’ve already cooked him eggs for breakfast in bed…just waiting for him to wake up…And I’ve been baking chocolate cup cakes. I plan to make a “40” design with them
AND in other “Gifts” I’ve been painting while he’s gone. I painted our room a nice aqua blue and got some new curtains. It looks great! I’ll take some pictures for you soon.
But for now~ I am OUTTA HERE! Have a great day, see ya tomorrow!!

Reduce Me to Love!

“Because God IS Love. Loving and being loved is what makes life worth living. Once you learn how to truly accept God’s unconditional love for you and walk in love like Jesus did, you will discover the sweet peace, deep joy and unfailing strength that come with being willing to say, ‘Lord, Reduce Me to LOVE!’ ” from the back cover of Reduce Me To Love by Joyce Meyer

I love this book…Joyce Meyer really boils down love in it and Every time I read from her book I am inspired to LOVE others more and more. Life is really all about LOVE!!

I had a sick child at home again today, poor little Gracie can’t seem to shake this tummy bug. She has been sick on an off for the past 2-3 weeks with it :cry:
But I also had my 2 helpers BIL and MIL~ so I was still able to get quite a bit done. I went to Wal-Mart and to Sam’s and to Gunner’s 2nd Grade Muscial and even took a nap. But I didn’t workout as I am a tish ill feeling myself~ so I don’t wanna wear myself down too much :)

I am heading to bed and I think I’ll pray myself to sleep asking God to “reduce me to LOVE!!”

That’s SWEET~

UFC tonight!!!

A couple hours after my workout I got SOOOO Sleepy, so I went to bed and got a nap!! Thank GOODNESS!!

BECAUSE– we are watching the UFC PPV in 10 mins!! So it will be a late night again….

here is my leg workout
warm up 11 min

Dead lifts (stiff leg)

1 set walking calves
2 sets seated calves- 90#x12

45degree hip sled
no weight except for sled aprox 100#x30
140x15x2 shorter motion, shorter stance booty focus

knee extensions

hip flexor (multi hip)

Overall it was a good workout~

Have fun tonight I am excited for these fights!!!


Happy Monday to you!

This morning after I read a friend’s blog post about Nattitude…I was dying for a nap. I was mentally set to go workout at right about 2 pm, I thought I will get more energy if I go work- but then suddenly I found myself snuggled up in my bed Napping. It was just what I needed!! Thanks DARCIE!

If you are wondering…Nattitude (nat’y-tood’) n.: a proud attitude about one’s napping. The art of Napping article

So now I am doing a home workout (between sets typing this)

warm up stair master 5 mins
Bowflex rows
60 warm up
120x10x3 (tried to go lower reps, but it’s impossible to lift heavy on bowflex resistance for me)

seated sideways bicep curls
laying bicep curls

shoulder bowflex press
Bicep curls standing lean forward
60x 10 alternating x3

pull ups 6, 6

Curl bar bicep curls
50×8, 10
60x 5.5

Bent over rows

Then some various ab work
Good workout considering I hurt my neck/shoulder the last back workout I did…I kept it a bit lighter today and hopefully will have no pain from it!

Thanks everyone for your “WHY I love the RR contest entries!!” They ROCK~

Free Wallpaper!!

Hey ya,
Everybody look at this!
a wallpaper of me!

Cool huh?

I had a Tiny Tuesday workout today and I am proud of myself for making time to call my Mommy on the phone today while laying in the tanning bed, multitasking at its best!

Ran on the treddy for only 7 mins…my knee started being all weird again…so I then hopped on the elliptical for a tish.

Then lifted back and bi’s–not much as I was starving. I had to stay fasted this morning for a Dr. visit and hadn’t eaten anything yet when I was at the gym… SO I cut my workout short to eat!

That fasting must have made me tired because I took a cat nap this afternooon. NOW I am off to go for a walk in the beautiful fall weather! AND I might get some intervals in on the upright bike right after that.


Sleepy Sunday Oct 1st

October is I am Proud month—so being Oct 1st…let it get the positivity rollin’

I am Proud of myself today for getting to church…we’ve missed going for the last 3-4 weeks–so it felt good to go. Our regular pastor was not preaching, which is hard for me, becuase I LOVE my pastor. BUT I did “grab” a few postitive points from the sermon.

BUT,What is up? I am so sleepy today–I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open…It may be something to do with me being really sore…I had a little too long off of really lifting about 2-3 weeks….and now that I am back at it again–I am pooped! PMS doesn’t help much either. The weird thing is I took a nap yesterday, slept for 8 hours last night and still am hankering for a nap. Maybe I need some fresh air.

We are going to go out to eat as a family this evening…and maybe go to the mall…we’ll see on that part. DH wants to get an upright bike if we can find a decent one at a decent price today–so that would rock! If we had a bigger house, I’d have a home gym for sure. The “plan” is to get a bigger house in about a year…I can’t wait–Can you say Claustrophobia???

Yesterdays workout was running 3.3 miles with 3- 3 mins hard/1min off intervals and about 3 other 1 min intervals. Then DH and I lifted chest, tri’s and bi’s and of course I did ABS too!