lost 2

Holy BUSY! I am very late posting today because I fell asleep on the couch after the kids left until 9!  Since then I’ve been […] Read More

Fun with my Man!

First off, I must congratulate BRENDA!!  She had a spectacular showing at the Max Classic in Nebraska this weekend!! CONGRATS on all the first place […] Read More

Time to get TOUGH! ~ S6 Day 4

Time to get tough…cuz’ it’s “Tired Thursday”! Thursdays are notoriously the most “tired” day of the week for my clients and myself – that’s why […] Read More

Now on to Christmas!

Now that my Daughter Gracie’s birthday is done, I can think clearly about Christmas!  Yesterday I got in a good intervals/cardio workout Here’s how it […] Read More

Pickles & Peanut Butter!

Pickles and Peanut butter!! have been a consistent snack of mine these past few days…it’s so YUMMY!! You must try it!! Anyhow…I am FREE!! My […] Read More

Reduce Me to Love!

www.BuffMother.com “Because God IS Love. Loving and being loved is what makes life worth living. Once you learn how to truly accept God’s unconditional love […] Read More

UFC tonight!!!

A couple hours after my workout I got SOOOO Sleepy, so I went to bed and got a nap!! Thank GOODNESS!! BECAUSE– we are watching […] Read More


Happy Monday to you! This morning after I read a friend’s blog post about Nattitude…I was dying for a nap. I was mentally set to […] Read More

Free Wallpaper!!

Hey ya, Everybody look at this! a wallpaper of me! Cool huh? I had a Tiny Tuesday workout today and I am proud of myself […] Read More

Sleepy Sunday Oct 1st

October is I am Proud month—so being Oct 1st…let it get the positivity rollin’ I am Proud of myself today for getting to church…we’ve missed […] Read More