Today’s been a great day. Perfect for this time of the month. Kinda laid back, low stress, lunch with the hubby and now off to a football game!

I’ve even  got a lot of work accomplished today!

Be sure to read today’s contest post and CRYTAL’s AWESOME ARTICLE!!

6 to Sexy~ day 18: Branded your SEXY?


Crytal’s Sexy Article:

Sexy Body Secrets


For workouts I got in my morning bike and just finished a super quick back/shoulder/biceps circuit of about 20 mins worth of lifting.  Not what I had planned, but in a time crunch!  At least I did something!!


I’ll catch up more tomorrow!




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!


Hi Ladies!!

Today is another day of filming “PHONE IN THE ATTIC”…so I’m up early, Drinking Coffee.

Before I hit the shower I wanted to share the new video I got posted yesterday:


Foundation #4: Postive Mental Attitude


And in honor of KISSABLE March– here’s some benefits of kissing:

  •  It can help reduce dermatitis and blemishes.
  • It can also help fight tooth decay because the extra saliva it produces cleans out your mouth.
  • Kissing for a minute can burn up to twenty-six calories.
  • And practiced regularly, kissing may even add a few years to your life. One study claimed that men who kiss their wife every morning before leaving for work live five years longer.



Have you been more kissable this month and/or kissing more this “Kissable March”???




Accountability August

ACCOUNTABILITY August starts today– join in by posting proof of your actions towards your goals this month with workout pictures, healthy eating photos, status updates about activities accomplished, etc.!! Let’s be accountability partners!
Feel free to post here in the Rally Room, or Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest– feel free add the hashtag #buffmother or to your post, your support means the world to me.  THANKS!!
“Sow an action and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.” -William James (1842 – 1910 Pioneering American Philosopher)

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

One Month!

I’ve got one month before my birthday~ so the count down is on, but honestly I am not in a “DIRE” mode to get in shape for my special day for once! It probably been about 5 or 6 years since I’ve felt this good about my fitness a month away from my Birthday! It feels GREAT!

Sorry I didn’t make the chat my internet was down


Today’s Hot Hiney post is here:

I’m heading out for a run in just a couple mins~ then I’ll be taping our next couple of HH sandwich vids- the BLT and the PBJ! YUMMY!
Have a great day!

Enter this GIVE AWAY!!

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My kids are gone!

My kids are GONE!! My MIL drove them to MN yesterday…so it’s just Travis, I and Cuji (our puppy) here in Arkansas for the next 11 days or so!!! I’ve not had a kid-less house for almost 12 years!  This is gonna rock!  The only bad part about it is that I have tons of work to do…my vacation will have to wait for when we go to Cancun next month!! I’m excited for that too!!

Okay, so my life totally rocks!!  I KNOW THAT!! I am very blessed and insanely happy!! cheerleaders

Overall the 4th of July weekend was a blast and very busy.  Travis and I managed to workout on Friday, Saturday and Sunday together.  Then Monday was an “off” day.  Tuesday we lifted LEGS and Yesterday, I got a run with 3 hill sprints done. Today is chest/triceps and intervals coming up at 1pm. 

My cycle started exactly when it was supposed to this month (a perfect 28 day cycle) on July 2nd, so I am on cycle day 6 today.  There for a couple days I was SCARED to weight!  But buffing began yesterday with my weight at 125…again today I was 125.  My Buffing goal is to get down to a REAL WEIGHT of 122-123.  Then maintain that through my boosting and end up with a weight around 120-122 for our Anniversary trip to Cancun in August!!!

We just got the trip booked yesterday and I am EXCITED!!! Yeah, I know my life totally rocks!! God is good!!!

have a SWEET Day!!


Sizzlin' in 6!! Contest

“Sizzlin’ in 6”

Sizzlin’ in 6 (S6)- Our New 6 week contest…officially starts May 2nd. And is open for anyone to join the entire month of MAY!! Join us and invite your friends too!!



*Please note- the day AFTER  you sign up on this form is your Day 1.(for example: If you sign up on May 1st your you’ll start on MONDAY May 2nd )


  • 6 weeks of intense focus on getting you fit, buff, sexy, hot and just plain SIZZLIN’ for Summer!!
  • 42 days of email support
  • Daily features include: articles, videos, exercise plans and inspirational success stories.
  • Conference calls each Thursday at Noon
  • Additional encouragement and support will be a click away  in
  • Open to everyone to join in during the entire month of May!!
  • Prizes will be given away for final entrants

Join us, what do you have to lose except for some FAT!!

Let’s get Sizzlin’ in 6!!!

Your friend,

Michelle Berger




Weekly Q! ~ Week 5, 2009

In keeping in the Spirit of LOVE for this month of LOVE! all our questions of the week this month have to do with LOVE.

Where would you LOVE to live?
I’m not sure where I’d love to live, but I have some ideas:

Colorado, for the mountains and airport (easy travel)…but it may be a bit to cold for me during the winter.
Or some other Western state like Utah, maybe Idaho, Montana, etc…
I was born in Colorado and lived there until I was 12…I didn’t know how great it was until we moved away to the tundra of MN. There are some really good things about MN too, but I wouldn’t want to “live” there for more than maybe 2-3 months a year.

I could possibly love to live in California, for the variety of climates (beaches, mountains, dessert, forests, etc…) and for the proximity to the entertainment industry.

I’d like to visit Florida a bit to see if I’d like it there, I’ve only been there once for a very quick business trip. Miami looks like a very cool place to visit, but I am not so sure about living there?

or a Tropical Island! I dream of the beach!!!

maybe I’ll have to have several homes

Do you live where you’d love where you live? OR have you lived somewhere you loved in the past? Or have you visted anywhere that you’d just LOVE to live?

I’m curious, Where would you love to live?

We WIN!!
My son played his first football game for the season, he’s on the same team as last year…the 2nd and 3rd graders play together…so he’s a captain and quite a leader on his team this year.  I was nervous watching him today and I felt helpless as I wanted to get out there and “HIT”!!!   Anyhow…their team did great only allowing the other team 1 first down and winning 22-0.

At the game I took a little time to chat with Deb who is competing in Kansas City at the Gold’s Classic NANBF Figure contest…she was just getting ready to do her final preparations before going on stage.  I know she ROCKED it, she was born to be on STAGE!!

I am still in awe about how much she’s changed over the last year…I met Deb last October when I went to Omaha for Lisa’s first contest.   Deb was far from figure contest shape at that time…she had at least 35 pounds to lose and needed desperately to rebuild some muscle.  Then in January when she decided she to compete this spring I honestly didn’t know if she’d be able to do it that quickly…BUT she soon proved to me that she was willing to do everything I advised and hitting it hard!!Within our first month of training together she had already had  some amazing results…then two months after that she went on to place high at her first contest and a few weeks later win the title at her next show.  Over the summer she was diligent with her workouts and now has her best body ever to bring to the stage today and again in 2 weeks for the same show I attended for Lisa last year, the Council Bluffs show.  Deb has had an amazing journey over the last year and I know it’s just the beginning for her!  She is destined for GREATNESS!!

Here are some pictures of Deb and her progress~
Deb 2 years ago

Deb now

I am so proud of DEB and all my client’s success stories, It is so rewarding to see the transformations that take place in not only their bodies but also their minds, attitudes, lives and legacies through training with the Hormonal Timing program!!
I can’t wait to be able to help even more women get the same success!!

Believe you can live the life of your dreams!!!