Massages are GOOD!

Hey ladies, Sorry I missed blogging yesterday. I was busy getting a massage for a couple hours yesterday…don’t be too jealous, LOL!!   I was […] Read More

Feeling the MOJO

My Mojo towards being SEXY is rising!  I had a much better day yesterday…feeling good about life right now! Next week we’ll really be able […] Read More

Web Brain!

Oh my…I have WEB-BRAIN…I’ve been reading, learning, searching, testing, website stuff for the past 2 days~ YUCK! LOL!! I am trying hard to figure out […] Read More

It is SOOOOO worth it!!

  Hey Ya’ll… Just thought I’d report in really quick. Life is so GREAT!! God is so good~ I just wanted to share with all […] Read More

Garbage day~ Hey Ya… Today is GARBAGE day in the Berger household and guess who took out the trash again? ME!  I don’t understand it???  It […] Read More