Pray for your spouse marriage tip

I’m here with another fit marriage tip for you… today’s tip is prayer!  You need to integrate prayer into your marriage, but specifically you need to pray for your spouse!
The book “Power of a Praying Wife” has been a very integral part of my relationship.  A few years into my marriage I got a copy of this book (it wasn’t this one, the original got tattered and torn so I got a new one with a hard cover )!! I read through it and used it over and over and over again!
This book is great because she’s got some real life example stories from her own
marriage, then a prayer and Bible verses that go along with the
prayers. She covers a wide variety of topics including:
  • about his wife
  • his work
  • his finances
  • sexuality
  • spirituality
  • temptation
  • mind
  • health
  • protection
  • reputation
  • relationships

I loved every topic, it hits home in so many different areas not only
in helping change my husband (which I wanted!) but it also change me.
It made me realize so many of the struggles that he’s going through on a daily basis,  that until I read book, I didn’t really understand.  It also opened my eyes as why I was going through so many similar struggles.
Praying to God works and it releases miracles into your life. It releases His love into your marriage. You need to allow Him to work in your life, that happens through prayer.
God wants you to have a great marriage and miracles do happen!! If you i would like a stronger marriage check out this book I highly recommend it!! Stormie Omatian has many other books that are great! Including praying for kids and just all sorts of amazing, amazing and resources.
Please make sure you praying and praying for your spouse. Also, please know that I’m here for you if you have any questions and if you want some personalized interaction simply
just reach out to me.
…and good luck with your marriage!! May it be strong and FIT!
God bless you!  ~Michelle

Your husband’s a little boy- Marriage tip 1/23

“I ain’t your Mamma”….but that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of you!

There is a little boy inside every man (and a little girl inside every woman)…It’s easy to forget but all of us are shy, insecure, needy, helpless, mischievous, playful, annoying, stubborn, etc…. All men are little boys that grew up!

I’ve found that taking a step back to look at my husband as a little boy helps me have more patience, more sympathy and take more time to simply care for him. It’s eased the frustration that comes with thinking “you are a grown man, can’t you take care of it yourself?”

It’s particularly helpful when dealing with the lack of his ability to do basic jobs that a MOM may have once done for her “little boy”….food prep, household chores, laundry, making doctor appointments, etc… AND don’t let me forget to mention when he is sick! Men are certainly little boys when they are sick!

What do you think?

Oh and men don’t forget there  is a little girl inside your amazing wife!

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