14 days to Go…Kicking the Haibt!!

14 days to GO!! Well, 1 week of the contest is over and we are ready to rock the next 2!! There are 14 days […] Read More

15 days to GO!!…PLAN it!

15 days Submitted by BuffMother on Sun, 2006/02/12 – 10:52am Hi ya gals…. You all seem to be busy beavers today 🙂 I hope you […] Read More

POA~ week #6 consistency challenge

I believe in the power of REST!  In looking back at this week, I had a GREAT one.  I took a couple extra days “off” […] Read More

7 week countdown is on!!!

Alright!!! it is starting to get close to “CRUNCH” time for the contest….I know that every day I get more and more intense and nervous […] Read More