Rays of LIGHT!

We’ve had very little sunshine here this month…the forcast keeps calling for sunshine, but then it’s overcast all day or decides to RAIN? BUT today, right now it’s sunny!! YAY!!

Today is Day #6 of our contest– “FEAR of Bulking”?? ~Day #6 HH~

My plan is to enjoy the outdoors for several hours today, then get in a good solid BACK workout + some intervals.  Not sure what the intervals will be except for that they will not be RUNNING.

Yesterday, I did fasted cardio on the upright bike for 25mins; then did some walking and jogging on the treadmill followed by some plyo work- lots of jumping!  Then, I ran hills– Did them a bit different.  I ran to the bottom of our hill, then up for 1 min/down for 1 min x5 times then upped my recovery time to 2 mins (1walking/1running) in between the final 3 hills.  It was a good fun different way to do it! After the run I did some HIGH KNEES, a few lunges and booty pops in the mirror.

Yesterday’s topic was below the butt!

I also tested my hip flexor a bit– I think it’s ready to try sprinting again!!

Thursday got crazy busy so somehow I ran out of time to do my full leg workout– the good news is that I did get in my HEAVY Squats.  My best set was 175×6 after which I thought- I’m gonna try 185#– only did it 1time…but IT COUNTS!! My knees and hips can tell I upped the weight.

Have a good one and be sure to share/promote the BuffMother’s Day Special!!


Love, Michelle

New Treadmill

HI Ya!!

I’m not sure if I told you but I got a new treadmill…I have never owned a treadmill in my life– amazing for a runner/fitness guru like me– but it’s true.  I got a TRUE brand used treadmill and it’s great!!

I used it for the first time today since it was COLD and VERY wet outside~

So the time was 40 mins total– I didn’t run the entire time and had a couple breaks in there~

2% Incline:

6 mins walking 4 mins at 6mph 1min@6mph 1mim@7mph 1min@8mph

Then I paused the tread mill so I could go change my shoes- My Addidas have been hurting my foot the past 3 months when I try to run in them– I tried and they failed me again.

I put on some other NIKE’s that i haven’t hardly worn- I bought them last year

1.5 min@ 6mph 1mim@7mph 1min@8mph

Then I paused the treadmill AGAIN, so I could change my shoes once more– I went to my “stand by” worn out pair of R4’s– I love them! Nike stopped making them and I’m in a shoe crisis!

Got back to it~

1 min@ 6mph 1mim@7mph 1min@8mph

3:20 @9mph (6:40/mi pace)= 800m after 1 min @6mph HR was still around 140

1 min@ 6mph 1mim@7mph 1min@8mph

1:40 @9mph =400m; HR @ 150-160

2 min@ 6mph Increased Incline to 3% 1min@7mph 3:45min@8mph(7:30/mi pace)=800m finished at the time of 36:35 HR @ 160 final 3:15 @6mph and 2% grade

Total of 40 mins on treadmill

So…to combat my shoe issues I

Found some r4’s to buy tonight– they are girls’ size so we’ll see if they work~




After the run I did Dead Lifts, Squats and some Abs.

I did 3-4 sets of each with only 95#’s– I’m still so sore from Monday I didn’t want to “push it” too hard.  Next week’s training will be much better.  I also realize I can’t handle only lifting 2 days a week.  More than likely I’ll switch to a full body workout plan where I’ll be lifting 3 days a week in addition to my track training.


FYI~ I’ve named our contest– “ASS ASSAULT”– sorry for the “bad word”…but I don’t actually consider it a bad word– I like asses!

Abs and Ass are My two favorite topics

— invite your friends to join in May for our next contest “Ass Assault!”





Today’s plan is to get some important work done and then off to the races for the evening– all kinds of stuff going on tonight!


See Ya later babes!!


p.s. thanks so much for all the super kind compliments on my S2S entry!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!