A bit slow, ready to chat!

I’m a bit slow getting rolling today—I’m SCARED to move much, due to my neck.  I am doing better so far today!! YAY!!  I am […] Read More

"All Star" Kathy K. of NE

Kathy of NE! I was introduced to BuffMother by my friend and fellow chiropractor, Lisa Staudt.  At that point in my fitness “career”, I had […] Read More

"All Star" Lisa Staudt

“All-Star” Lisa from NE! This woman knows how to hit it hard and be a success in whatever she does.From the moment I met Lisa […] Read More

Do you have Energy? Or NRG?

HI!!! How’s everyone doing today?  I am good and being good….I’ve rested from working out since Sunday~ and I’ve been icing my back too….improvement with […] Read More