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An off day

I actually took a complete day off of workouts yesteday!! ….probably the first day in about 40 that I had done nothing

Instead i spent my time cooking a big turkey dinner for us. I made homemade stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, gravey, etc…. it was yummy!!

All those carbs out yesterday made it a little rough going this morning… had a headache and stomach issues but that’ll be out of my system soon and trust me, I’ll back be to no carbs!

And also it was cycle day 1, yesterday so that’s good always nice to get that done with!

I’ve been having 26 day cycle the last 3 months, a little shorter than what I want but at least they’re consistent.

I’m closing in on one week until my birthday still not at my goal, but inching closer!!

something I mentioned on FB yesterday…. it takes a long time to lose that last 10 pounds. literally I’ve been trying to lose 10 pounds since the beginning of the year and so far I have lost about 7 that’s about a pound a month…. kind of frustrating pace but at least it’s coming off and the body fat is dropping!!

I’m pretty happy with where I’ve gotten and expect that by the time my anniversary rolls around (8-28) I’ll be really content with my physique!

My goal for the week is to get in some 3 solid runs- 1 hills, 1 sprints and another hard intervals and 5 solid lifting workouts, at least 2 of them at the gym.

During this last boosting phase, i laid off of running a little bit…seemed to help give that extra Focus to my lifting

Let’s have a great week!!#justdoit

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

Just 5

So today I’m going to go into Bentonville to workout at the gym there and how do some errands. I have to bring a weight bar and bunch of Weights into my husband. he is setting up a squat rack at his office so he can Squat and bench there.

I also need to pick up groceries…

My workouts this week have been good:

yesterday I ran and did some push ups, bench and abs

Tue: legs

Mon: interval run

Counting today that will be three lifting workouts so far this week…

F- upper body, run abs

Sa- lift legs

Sun- run or off

I have just five days left until my birthday. It is next Tuesday, we decided to celebrate it the next weekend with a short trip somewhere. I’m not sure yet where we’ll go… I’d like to go to Eureka Springs but I think there’s some sort of Festival going on there so be tough to get a hotel room.

I feel like I’m still making progress although am struggling with fatigue. I’m not sure what’s going on with my energy but many days it seems only energy I have is for my workouts then that’s about it!

I’m going to attach

a short video that I took yesterday and one of my new favorite suits.


Just doing it

Hey everybody just do it June is going great!!

I decided today to just do it and get a short upper body workout in

push-ups, kettlebell swings, ball sit ups and hip thrusts as a circuit 3 Rounds

then 3 more rounds of bench, hip ups, KB lat rows and a few other abs in between

Finishing on the bike now with cardio…so far 29 mins.

Yesterday was a long cardio day I did 35 minutes on the bike and intervals on the treadmill I ran a little faster on my recovery minutes went up to 6.5 for those

Then spent the rest of the day outside it was really nice got some good tan going on now.

Friday ended up being an unexpected day off of work outs… all four of us Berger girls got our hair done and it took forever! by the time we got home it was too late to even think about doing a workout

I attached some pictures of the before and afters for my girls….been about 4 years since they’ve gone to the hair salon. Gracie got highlights for first time and Tia And Layla got layers put in.20160610_11451520160610_11570320160610_124243

Good Morning!

Today’s my bday!! Gunner and I started it off with a breakfast out at a local diner.  Thankfully I slept much better last night and my throat is way better today!!  Thanks for the prayers.

I’m not sure what else is in store for me today…it’s kinda a weird weather day.  My girls are at basketball until 11…I’m sure they’d be up for doing something fun with me!

Plans are set to celebrate more this weekend, so I am content to do whatever today

Hope you have a great day too!

Bday was good

Thank you all so much for my sweet birthday wishes!! I was overwhelmed with love and kindness and from everyone����!!

I had a good day it was one of those where I was just totally content to do whatever happened!  I started off the day with breakfast with Gunner then in the afternoon I got out of the pool out and get some sun actually quite a bit of sun and then we went out to eat at therestaurant. Then camehome and just hung out outaide, relaxed and had a really good evening!!

Today I feel like I’m just been recovering mode still getting over the little sore throat thing I had on Tuesday and Monday and all the action yesterday made me tired so I slept in but I was determined to get a workout done got in a short little leg workout and some biking done today, not much but just enough to get my mojo rolling for a even better workout tomorrow!!

Also did a couple coaching calls which was awesome!!

Megan and Bonnie both posted every day in May so they were awarded that is part of their prize. I expect both of them to do amazing on the training program that I gave them.

I also talked to the guy about an app… it’s called evolve. it’s a video Based training system… I think it should be a good app it’s free to everyone they’re launching at the end of July

I’ve attached a couple pictures from yesterday…. posted several different places on  Facebook Instagram and Snapchat.



Chest Tri Abs and some Bi

warm up bike 10min
Squat 135×10
Bi curl 45×10

Bench 45×10, 95×10, 115x6x3sets, 95×10
Fast knee ups 20repsx2sets
lateral raises 10’s x10 + front raises 10’sx10

Bench Dips 15reps x sets (5 full, 5 with plank, 5 short)
Bicep curls 55×12 (6full, 6short)
crunches 15 reps
V’s (adductions) 10 reps

Incline flys 35’sx8x2sets, 35’sx6
Hanging Knee ups 12 reps x 2sets

Dips 5, 6, 5
Bicep curls bar 55×10
Abs between- turkish sit ups 2sets 10 ea arm, side knee ups

Finished with 5 mins on the treadmill, was thinking about doing intervals, but my body didn’t wanna do it– I’ll save them for tomorrow

We all need a BREAK sometimes!

Hay, Hay!! I took last week rather “off” from my diet and strict exercise routine. It was the first real break I’ve had since Jan.  It was very nice to just chill out a bit.

We spent last Sat and Sun night in a hotel and I wasn’t even tempted to use the workout room, LOL!!

Today I am in full prep mode for leaving to go to MN tomorrow.  I do plan to workout on the trip and eat as healthy as I can

I’ll be offline quite a bit over the next few weeks, just know I am still here, still working hard and still a BUFFMOTHER!!



Back from vacation!!

Hey ladies I’m back!

I was up in Minnesota visiting my family and enjoying some relaxing time away from the computer. Today I’m back to work, back to workouts, back to eating healthy and back to regular life!  I am working towards my next goal of looking good for my anniversary which is August 28th!!

Right now I’m on my bike and plan to do a chest, triceps and abs workout little later.  Today is also cycle day 1.

Our trip was good, I took the girls while Gunner and Travis stayed home. We did lots of driving and fun activities like tubing and paddle boarding and eating a lot!! I’ve been totally off diet since before my birthday so time to get back on!!

The time away was good I didn’t even open my computer while I was gone plus our Wi-Fi always so bad that I couldn’t do much. I’m looking forward to catching up with here with’s fun to know that you’re still working hard even when Momma buffmother’s away

Let’s rock our goals this July!!imagejpeg_3FF summer 201620160701_21160120160630_22293020160629_17051920160628_16063920160625_121643

Teaching bench

Yesterday I got off to a good start by riding the bike for 25 mins then later did Chest, Triceps, Abs with Tia. She had never benched before but picked it up quickly!!

I also got my lab results back. In Jan I found out that my T3 levels were low and since then have been trying to remedy them.  Started taking cytomel with little result, then moved to taking Armour.  None of it is working, my levels were 2.3 in Jan and now only at 2.4  Now the Dr. has decided to switch my meds to compounded sustained release T3. Hoping that will provide more results.  Thankfully I do feel better than I did in January, but I am still really struggling to have much energy.  For example I slept in until 10am yesterday morning and by 10pm was BEAT and went to bed!  Sleeping 10-12 hours a day is quite typical for me. It’s sad that I need to sleep almost more hours than I am awake   It’s hard to be buff when your metabolism is in the trash, ha!

Other than that we shot a bobcat last night. It’s the one that’s been killing all my chickens. Did I tell you I only have 1 left?  Poor thing, she is so lonely! Anyhow we were sitting on our back porch and I saw something in our trail. Then it jumped into weeds, luckily it came back out on the trial and Travis’ shot it.  It ran off and we couldn’t find it last night. I searched for it again today with no luck.  Travis is very confident he killed it, but it would be nice to find it.

Today’s workout plan is to do legs….but the more I think about it I may run on the trail. I mowed it yesterday and really feel like getting outside rather than doing legs.  I really need to do legs too, so I am torn.  Either way I get it done!!

I’ve got a call at 3pm with KFM Brands about the social media posting I do for them and by the way I am giving away 4 bottles of REGEN PM– be sure to enter it!!  Just like, comment and share the giveaway video I have on my page

Time for me to get some other work done! Have a great HUMP DAY!!

August 1st CLOSING of this site!

I’ve made the decision to shut down our Rally Room  private team site. Social media groups like our Team BuffMother facebook group have made private online gathering places less needed.  It is simply a different era than 10 years ago….as of August 1st this site will be closed.  If you have any items you want from your blogs please log in ASAP to copy and paste from your blog history.

Ahhhh….. workout love!


I am feeling so much better~ got in a good little workout yesterday…It was my First workout since a run on Sunday– did a tiny, light workout. Lat pulls, rows, shoulder press, knee ups, lower back extensions, chest press, calf raises and leg curls. Neck is feeling so much better!! #workoutproof


I am excited to get in another easy workout completed today. The plan is to do some legs and bike.

The topic of proper training and injury prevention is totally on my mind and our contest topic feature today:

S2S~ Day 27: Fitness level, weight training and Injuries


Have a happy Saturday!!



Beautiful Easter!

Happy Easter!!

I celebrated with a fasted run out in the beauty God created and redeemed for us by the blood of His son– who rose signifying Eternal Life… We have Victory!!!

The run was Good…fasted 3 long hills; 3 short steep hills; 3 short gradual hills + warm up and cool down road to bridge– fished with 10 mins continual running total time was 37 mins (7 of those was walking down hill after the 6 shorter hills).



After my run I did about 60-70 walking lunges split into 3 sets and then rode my upright bike for 20 mins.  Overall I got in my “long cardio” day with a tally of 57 mins of cardio.  When I was done on the bike I DANCED for 10 mins and finished with a set of old school sit ups.  I was a sweaty mess when done!

Today’s contest post~

S2S- Week 5 Challenge and RECAP


My plan for today is to plan at least 10 trees.  I have been working on clearing out a little “tree garden” so we can extend our grass into that area.  Should look nice when it’s done!  My shoulder and neck are feeling great and I’m so HAPPY about it!!


6 Daily Goals–

  1. Cycle day- 15 I feel great, happy, healthy, good energy.  Just a tish bloated– should be gone by tomorrow.  VERY good and SEXY past few days!
  2. Weight- 130..I didn’t end up weighing yesterday, but this number being down again is nice to see.
  3. Sexy To do’s– took a shower already, does that count?  I don’t have any sexy things planned…but I’m sure I’ll get dirty planting trees– is mud sexy?
  4. Workout- done
  5. Meal POA- cooking a ham…haven’t done that ever before. I’m also going to make sweet potato salad, corn, green bean casserole– should be a yummy “luper”–MY favorite meal of the day!! (at about 3pm today)
  6. Sexy Actions– I’ve got a date set with the hubs~!  Gotta mentally prepare and be sure to take an extra afternoon dose my NO2 Supplement today–that helps!!

Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!! keep in mind the true reason behind it== WE HAVE VICTORY over sin, death and over the devil thanks to JESUS!! whoohoo!!


xoxoxo~ Michelle


I am so excited…I get to have a massage this morning!  AHHOOOM!!!


For now, I wanted to be sure you see today’s contest post- Just 2 weeks left:


And don’t forget this week’s challenge is to try on your bikini daily– It’s a great eye opener, motivator and accountability check!


I’ll post more later, Have a good MONDAY!!