Baby Calves that is 🙂   They are everywhre here in the fields and so CUTE!!  I just love how they are always running around and full of spunk! 

I had a good day yesterday- I took it off and feel so much more refreshed and energized today because of it!!  Hubby got back into town last night- It’s so good to have him home.  Right after I picked him up we HIT the OUTBACK for some filet, ceasar salad, green beans and of couse some coconut shrimp!! YUMMY it was perfect!!

Today, I just got done with an appt. at the accountant, have a coaching call at 12, a trainining session @ 1 and then another call at 3pm- BUSY, BUSY Friday here!!  Maybe at 2 I can get in a run and then later workout with my hubby, and at some point also work on my passing/catching with my son and/or hubby.  It’s gorgeous here today- I’ve gotta get outside and enjoy it some!!

I’ve been having 26 day cycles the last few months ,but this month I went a bit longer- YAY!! Eating more, supplementing and consisten workouts are to thank for that!  It was 29 days–  I hope I stay at 28-29 days for next cycle too….A great app that I use for my I-phone to track my cycle days is : FMC Menstrual Calendar by Tamtris Web Services

Today is cycle day 1- weight 129
tummy upset- very normal for me on cday 1
pain- medium, I have a bit of sciatic irriation- normal for me this cycle day
last night had night sweats and had to get up to pee 2x’s- expelling water!!
no zits
clear head
a bit tired this morning- but good energy now

C.Date Mood Stress Anxiety Pain Craving Bloat Fatigue


happy medium low med-low low- no hunger upset tummy but low bloat Needed some extra sleep- but now feel good energy

Well, I have not eaten anything yet today- I’ve only had coffee with some sugar and cream! So I MUST go feed myself!



Hot Yoga & Other Musings of my Mind

Well…Hot yoga was good- not as hot as I expected, the moves were rather painless but the results were a great overall feeling of calm and relaxation in my body and muscles. I would do it again- it’s the perfect “active rest” day activity. I’m happy I tried it- It was also fun to see my friend and visit another gym.  I really wish wish my gym offered the class 🙂

The past 2 days I’ve been dealing with some odd hormonal side effects.  I had night sweats really bad, had muscle cramps yesterday and was very light headed this morning.  Today is cycle day 22…my weight is 130.

I’ve been eating really good today-
proteins: eggs, taco meat, protein powder
fruits: apple
Veggies: carrot, broccoli slaw
others- coffee, cream, sugar, creatine punch, Ester-C

My Sweet Dear Daughters have been talking with me about doing the talent show this spring at school.  They get “groups” together to do dances to songs etc…My hubby sweetly suggested that I help them choreograph a dance.   I jokingly said my dancing would probably be inappropriate for the elementary school stage

I found a video that made me think of my little performer Layla dancing:

It’s very unique and just her style- she does robotic moves quite naturally, she is skinny like this lady, plus it’s funny that her brother’s nick name is Guns. “Son of a Gun”.

In other news:

my sister is coming to visit in less than 10 days.  It’s been several years since she’s been able to come here for a visit!  It’ll be a fun time!  I’d like to get my taxes done before she comes and I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get some “handyman” jobs completed prior to her visit.  I’ll add that to my to do list 🙂

my kid’s spring break got cut down due to snow days- which makes me rather happy, hehe.  I think I’ll enjoy the shorter break much more than a longer one….maybe we can GO somewhere for a couple days- I’ll have to see how the hubby’s schedule shakes out.

I have a new Tuesday workout partner.  She’s a girl on my football team and we’re going to switch off going to each other’s gyms every other Tuesday.  It should be fun- her and I are 2 of the smaller girls on the team- so we both need to focus on maintaining/gaining our strength and weight.

I have some business ideas bouncing around in my head and need to figure out what and how I should attack.  I have been at a indecisive “stand still” for a couple months… it’s almost time for my strategic attack.  My time management focus this month has already helped me realize it’s important to attack projects that have the most IMPACT vs. just being busy.  I am a business owner and should be focused on the BIG VISION, not the little day to day tasks.  Day to day tasks need to get done, but they can be done by others.  Delegation is key to time management.

Kids are home now and we have to go get some groceries, do homework, cook, eat, clean, read, etc…

Have a great evening!!



Thinking about my hormones…

Thinking about my hormones…

The past few days=

Wednesday- cycle day 26- weight was HIGH @ 130 and I was STARVING with a crazy appetite- all food looked and sounded good to me!
had night sweats and low motivation for workouts- just wanted to hang with family- a very content attitude

Thursday was cycle day 1 (came early this month- I did ovulate early this month so I thought it may happen- I am thankful cuz I was sick of getting my period every 28 days month on Saturday) and my weight was down 3 pounds- 127 often times my weight drops a day or 2 prior to my cycle.  This month it didn’t but that may be because my cycle was short (only 26 days vs. the recent average of 28).  Had a good Leg workout.

Friday- cycle day 2- felt good early in the day- I even had the energy to get dolled up nicely for going out shopping.  I put tanner on, curled my hair and made an extra effort with my make up….we went shopping to Academy and then spent the afternoon shooting our bows in the back yard.  I hit the wall energy wise in the late afternoon- laying in bed watching football last night was so awesome!  I was also flirty with the hubby which is not the norm for cycle day 2. 
Slept hard and long.

Saturday- groggy- but feel some good mental mojo- typical for cycle day 3…

The near future=
Sat (cont.)….I am going to hit the gym for my last boosting upper body workout and some cardio and walking lunges.  My lungs are still recovering from my cold- so I’ll see how they feel and go from there.
Sunday- OFF day- Church day- Expecting a rough energy day tomorrow- cycle day 4 is usually low energy and a hormonal day for me.

Monday- BUFFING BEGINGS!! I love it!!! Can’t wait to get ripped!!! Goal is to workout hard, eat right and regain my fitness level after dealing with my hormones and a cold for the past couple weeks!!! YIPPIE!!!

The future is BRIGHT!!


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