Success Stories

You have the power to inspire others with your success! Please share your BuffMother success story.  Send a before photo, an after photo, your thoughts/feelings about your success, weight lost- or measurements if desired -to:

Here is a video playlist highlighting just a few of my BuffMother Success Stories!


Brenda H

Buffmother, the wonderful friendships I have made in the Rally Room and Michelle’s Hormonal Timing has made such a difference in my life!



Susan S

I have discovered I am much stronger than I even believed I was, I feel like a rock star.



Amber S

The HT program makes sense. I just had never seen anything that incorporated my hormones and working out.



Lisa S

I owe it all to hormonal timing, Buffmother Michelle, the girls in the Rally Room, and of course a lot of hard work!



Suzi V

It is so MUCH MORE than just looking good…it’s a way of life!


Michelle H

This 28 day Slim Angel Challenge, along with Michelle’s training and the support of the Rally Room, has literally changed my LIFE!



Danielle O

Knowing that I am not alone with many of the internal issues that I face myself has been a game changer for me. I have women that I have never meet encouraging me and rooting me on, in a contest that we are all working to win.


Jenny B

I was able to find myself again through BuffMother.  The knowledge I gained about eating, hormones, and workouts will stay with me for years.