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Hormonal Timing Training Secret

My "Hormonal Timing" book will show you exactly what I did to transform my body from a stretched out, flabby, stressed out mother of 4, into an energized, confident, bikini model!!

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Hormonal Timing Pills – No Subscription


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Hormonal Timing Pills ONE Time Purchase

60 day supply


$42.90 + S&H

…I discovered that my body needed specific nutrients in order to function optimally….my body wasn’t making my hormones the way it wanted to simply because IT was MISSING certain vitamins, herbs and minerals. My body needed the nutritional support that’s contained in the HT(Hormonal Timing) Pills.


It took me nearly 4 years to finally perfect the formulas for the Hormonal Timing Pill .I experimented with countless different supplement combinations until I was finally happy with The Hormonal Timing Pill (HT pill).

The key breakthrough came when I realized that the female body requires special supplementation depending on each particular phase of her monthly cycle. The HT Pill uses next generation technology to capitalize on both phases of your monthly cycle, Buffing & Boosting.

The HT Pill gives your body body exactly what it needs when it needs it! You will have peace of mind knowing that your body is getting proper nutritional support in each phase of your cycle. You take the PINK Buffing pill for 2 weeks out of the month and the PURPLE Boosting Pill for the other 2 weeks of the month.

It’s a next generation smart pill and I believe it will revolutionize women’s nutrition. There is no doubt in my mind; the results I’ve experienced are due in large part to this revolutionary advancement in women’s supplementation! Pictures don’t lie.

After you take the pills for a couple months, please let me know what you think! Thanks!!

Your friend,
—BuffMother, Michelle Berger

Please NOTE~ without the information in the “Hormonal Timing” book you won’t KNOW how to properly apply Hormonal Timing to your training, diet and supplementation routine. please don’t use this option if don’t have the “Hormonal Timing” book.




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