Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved (printed version)


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My “Hormonal Timing” book will show you exactly what I did to transform my body from a stretched out, flabby, stressed out mother of 4, into an energized, confident, bikini model!!

There is a secret strategy that very few women know about and it’s called HORMONAL TIMING.

I’ve been teaching the Hormonal Timing Lifestyle to private clients for over 2 years at a cost of $1200!!  This book contains all that info for just 29.95!!

I wrote this book so that every woman could have access to this powerful information without spending a fortune. I believe that Hormonal Timing is the next generation of women’s diet, exercise and supplementation. Every woman needs to learn about it! The techniques in this book are worth more than 10 times the cover price. If you don’t agree after reading the book and applying the principles, I’ll gladly refund your money.

About the Book: 

  • Packed with over 170 full color pictures and illustrations.
  • Testimonials from women, including 2 Medical Doctors, who’ve experienced success on Hormonal Timing.
  • 10 foundations critical for radical physical transformation.
  • 10 success tools; each success tool is a simple exercise designed to help you implement each foundational principle into your life.
  • This book takes an in depth look at the psychology of fitness success. It will teach you how to overcome the mental barriers which often sabotage success.
  • If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation and/or revolutionary information, Hormonal Timing has it all, plus much more!
  • Your hormones can make you FAT and they can also make you FIT. Hormonal Timing by BuffMother! will spell it all out for you.

There are no limits with Hormonal Timing. The proof is in the pictures and testimonies.






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