12 week~ Training Plan with DIET


Beginner Level: 12-14 Week Hormonal Timing Training Plan Download Printable PDF with DIET* includes:

  • Exact workout prescription
  • detailed phase by phase instructions
  • handy over-view calendar
  • daily workout logs
  • interval training guide
  • full diet information
  • meal plans
  • and more!

*Please note, This is NOT a customized program.

The program does utilize weight training so please have some equipment at your disposal. At the bare minimum you will need dumbbells, a bench (one that inclines preferably), an exercise ball and a good pair of shoes.

This program is based on my book “Hormonal Timing” and should contain enough information for you to succeed without any additional info, however, the plan may make more sense if you have read the book. (printed or e-book version)




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