What Makes A Woman Special?

Women are special creatures- we are different than men
and that difference must be taken into consideration
in our training and nutritional programs.

What is it that makes women special?

  1. The obvious physical characteristics
  2. Our monthly hormonal cycle

At different times over the past couple years, I noticed myself having extreme mood changes, symptoms of depression, complete physical exhaustion and total lack of motivation.

After realizing that these symptoms came at the same time each month, I finally connected my symptoms to PMS. My PMS was negatively impacting every aspect of my life for about 2 weeks of every month! As I researched the subject I found that many women, as they have children and enter into their 30’s, have more PMS symptoms. Up to 85% of women suffer some of the 150 symptoms called PMS.

What caused my PMS? I am very healthy and fit, so why was I suffering so badly? My knowledge of nutrition led me to a possible nutrient deficiency. I started simple supplementation of key “hormonal support” nutrients including: B-6, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E and B-12.

Three months into my faithful supplementation I had my first symptom free cycle!!

Every female needs to realize the important role that vitamins and minerals play in supporting our natural hormonal cycle. Regardless of weather or not you suffer negatively from PMS, the female hormonal cycle affects every woman. As the mother of 3 young girls, I believe that from birth there is a “time of the month” for every female.

If you do suffer PMS, there is hope before turning to an antidepressant or taking the pill for relief, please try following Hormonal Timing and taking The Hormonal Timing pill. My key breakthrough came when I realized that my body needed required special supplementation depending on each particular phase of my monthly cycle. The Hormonal Timing Pill uses next generation technology to help minimize the negative effects we feel from our hormones each month (PMS).

Remember YOU are in control of your body, life and legacy.