The First Step to becoming a BuffMother! Is to Believe!

Just believe It!! I am living proof- I believed I could do it and I did!!! So many women want to be in shape and confident in their bodies as a mother, but they never let themselves believe that they can.


First off, society has told you over and over and over again that you can’t. I’m sure you’ve heard it, “I wore a size 5 when I got married and then after having my baby, I’ve never been smaller than a size 10.” Or, “I workout a lot but my body will never be the same now that I’ve had a baby”. On the other side of the story we hear husbands saying, “My wife looked great, before she had kids” and mothers saying to other mothers “Getting fat and staying fat afterwards, that’s just part of having a baby”

NO! NO! NO! Don’t’ believe it. Instead believe in yourself and that your body is an awesome machine. Your body is capable of almost anything your mind tells it to do. So don’t let society tell you, that you can’t have your pre-pregnancy body back (or better). Instead you need to tell your body that it will be buff and beautiful and it will believe it!!!!



Secondly, you feel that there are just too many obstacles or excuses. There are obstacles (excuses) for everyone. As mothers, we have even more to overcome. Often times we aren’t selfish enough to take time out for ourselves in order to workout. It is important to learn that the right 30-60 min workout is priceless. There is so much gained in this time that carries over to the other 23 hours a day that you must be determined to get your workout in regardless of the obstacles.

The excuses are endless: I have no time, I have too much weight to loose, My kids don’t like going to the gym, I’ve never been “buff”, I don’t have the discipline, I have a bad back, I have no money to go to a gym…. The list goes on forever. Don’t listen to your excuses. None of them are true!

  • There is time, you just have to be determined to make it.
  • You can be ‘buff’ all it takes is time, knowledge and effort.
  • Your kids will be fine. They don’t like a lot of things. That’s how kids are.
  • You have enough discipline to do anything otherwise you wouldn’t be a mother.
  • Working out will help your bad back turn good again.
  • You don’t have to join a gym
  • You will overcome any excuse if you just set your mind and believe you will.

You need to believe that you will be buff and beautiful as a mother. Believing it is the only way you will achieve what you desire!

How to Believe:

– Believe before you do believe:

I know it doesn’t sound like I’m making any sense, but listen. In order to believe something that you don’t see you need to tell yourself over and over that you believe it. Tell yourself , “I will have a flat stomach again.” “I will feel energized and good from working out.” “I will wear my pre-pregnancy clothes again.”

The possibilities are endless. It is all about believing that it is possible and that will lead to consistent action toward your goals.

– Believe in baby steps (pardon the pun) to your main goal:

It is very possible for you to accomplish a lot in even one week of effort towards better health. Give yourself new things to believe daily and weekly. For instance even two days after delivering a baby you should start believing that your still huge belly will go back to its pre-pregnancy shape. I would tell myself this every time I caught a terrifying glance my belly in a mirror or window reflection. My constant positive belief lead me to “suck it in” and that was crucial to regaining my waist.

– Simply believe despite everyone telling you “no”  

Many people don’t come right out and tell you “you can’t be a buff mother”, but they will imply it with questions, or complaints, or jealous remarks toward mothers that are trying to be buff.  Just, remember I am living proof. I followed this system and I became more fit than I’ve ever, ever been within 9 months of having my 3rd and 4th child by C-section. So take a close look at the source of the discouraging remarks and don’t let people that don’t understand , detour you on the way to your goal.  Just believe that you can accomplish everything I’m asking you to do and you will be a BuffMother!

JUST Believe!!!!!